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The ma.s.sive sphere of essence above Fatty slowly started to orbit around him.


“Hm, that sphere is made of water essence. Looks like this kid will awaken to the water element.”


Elias softly muttered next to Calron.


At the side, Calron intently observed Fatty’s awakening. His own awakening was unusual and bizarre, so he was curious as to how a normal awakening occurred.


“Master, how long does a normal awakening take?”

Raising a curious eyebrow at his student’s question, Elias simply answered.


“It should be over in a few minutes. As soon as he absorbs that essence, his core should be stabilized.”

Calron gave a noncommittal nod and focused his attention back on Fatty. It seemed as if his awakening really was different from everyone else’s. Fatty did not seem to be going through any pain right now, but Calron clearly remembered the agony he had went through when he awakened to the lightning element.


Meanwhile, the water essence above Fatty started to be slowly consumed into his body like a vacuum. Faint tendrils of cyan colored essence spread around Fatty until finally the whole ball of essence above him was completely devoured.


In a flash, Fatty opened his eyes and started laughing wildly.


“Haha, so this is how an essence feels like? Truly amazing!”

Looking at the silly boy’s antics on the ground, both Elias and Calron let out a wide smile.


“How do you feel, Roran?”

Elias questioned.


“Master, I feel incredible! Huh?”

Just as Fatty was stood up and was replying to Elias, he realized that his body had completely changed!


Fatty could actually see muscles on him!


With a gaping mouth, Fatty touched around his skin and by every second, his face grew brighter and brighter.


“This…what happened to my body?”


“Once you inherit the Blood Legacy, it will change the very const.i.tution of your body and since your original physique was much worse than Calron, there were some obvious changes to you.”

Elias replied as he folded his hands behind him.


“Hehe, so that means I’m stronger than big brother, right?”

Fatty gloated as he glanced at Calron.


Seeing the look on his new disciple’s face, Elias felt highly amused. This will be good practice for Calron, as he will finally understand what it means to be the Prime Inheritor of the Legacy. Furthermore, in future, Calron will be the one to discipline the Inheritors.


“Oh? I agree, Roran. Why don’t you try sparring with Calron here then?”

Elias asked Fatty, while giving Calron a secret wink to the side.


Seeing the amused look on his Master’s face, Calron knew what Elias wanted from him.


Although he did not want to put down Fatty’s spirits, he could not remain silent anymore and pretend to be weak. It was one thing to hide the Blood Legacy from outsiders, but now as Fatty was a part of it as well, there was no need to hide his true Martial strength!


Elias knew that Calron had been disgruntled with hiding his strength while taking abuse from others, so this spar with a fellow disciple would finally remove all those constraints. Since Fatty was just a normal Inheritor of the Blood Legacy, his body was not put under as much stress as Calron, so he should be in his prime condition even after the vigorous transformation.


Giving a wide smile to Fatty in front of him, Calron cracked his knuckles as he slowly walked towards him.

“Yo, Fatty! Why don’t you show me your new awesome strength?”


As Fatty saw Calron walking towards him, he immediately started drawing source energy from the legacy’s pool.

“Hehe, big brother, I will be more than happy to!”


Fatty was completely oblivious to the previous sarcasm in Calron’s voice and continued to be arrogant.


Feeling all the physical changes in his body and the surge of power that his newly awakened core provided, Fatty felt truly invincible! However, if he had noticed the mischievous glint in Calron’s eyes, things might have gone a bit differently.


Sensing the powerful energy fluctuations around Fatty, Calron was momentarily surprised as Fatty was definitely a lot stronger than an average First rank elementalist, but in the end, that level of power was still nothing against him.


Calron had been diligently cultivating everyday since he broke through the Third rank, and he had long ago solidified his base at that rank, and was now closer to breaking into the next rank!


This kind of cultivation speed, along with his extremely pure liquid essence was already a terrifying existence within his age group!


Seeing that Fatty continued to look down on him, Calron gave a soft sigh.


This Fatty… he already loves poking fun at others, and after his awakening, he will probably get into more trouble if I don’t teach him a lesson. Besides, this will be good practice for my Formless Fist as well! No matter how much I practice, I just can’t seem to control the source energy like Master.


With these thoughts, Calron activated his source energy.



Within Calron’s conscious, the source pool was surging like a violent ocean! The blood waves unceasingly crashed against each other and even the blood seemed to be slightly thicker than before as well. The pressure Calron felt from the source pool was much more intense than he had ever felt since he inherited it, and it seemed to be a lot more uncontrollable as well.


Could this have something to do with the addition of a new Inheritor? I’ll just ask Master later. I need to focus on this Fatty first!


After pondering these thoughts, Calron put the strangeness of the source pool aside, and willed the source energy to come to him.




A dense bloodthirsty aura emanated from Calron as he drew from the source pool. His eyes turned slightly crimson along with the rest of his body!


This was the first time that Calron had unleashed the complete power of the Blood Legacy and even he did not know his true potential yet!


Feeling the raw power coursing through his muscles, Calron felt slightly stunned, as it seemed that the power of the source energy had suddenly increased by leaps!


While Fatty and his Master were previously talking, Calron was at a distance away and training his Formless Fist, so it had only been a few minutes since he last used his source energy and now it had suddenly gotten more powerful! Calron was sure that this had something to do with Fatty becoming the second Inheritor.


Seeing the violent aura around Calron, Fatty felt his heart being slowly crushed under its pressure. This was it! This was the exact same aura he had felt around Calron when he first saw him!


However, after finding out that Calron was a lightning cultivator, Fatty put it to the back of his mind. Only now did he realize how frightening his big brother really was!


Suddenly, Calron moved.


Gathering the source energy within his palms, Calron rushed towards Fatty. The most striking scene was that his palms were actually emitting a blazing crimson mist! And even the bloodthirsty aura around Calron appeared to have intensified as well!


Realizing that there was no choice but to face the monster he stirred, Fatty inwardly shed some tears and prepared to block the attack.




A disheveled figure was forced back as a crisp cracking of the bone could be heard while the figure groaned in pain.


This figure was none other than Fatty!


As the smoke dispersed, the silhouette of Calron slowly emerged out and started walking towards the miserable looking Fatty in front of him. In the first strike, Calron had gone easy and just wanted to test the toughness of Fatty’s body.


“Eh? Big brother, I was only joking! How could this junior ever compare himself to you? Why don’t we sit down and chat for a while? Remember when I gave you that extra piece of chicken…”

While Fatty continued to splutter and babble excuses as he gingerly held his broken hand, Calron just turned his grin even wider.


“Haha, Fatty, don’t worry, this big brother of yours will definitely go easy on you! Come, we’re just exchanging some pointers!”

Noticing Fatty back away from the fight, Calron gave a low chuckle. This kid really was too mischievous, as he was the one who first provoked Calron, and now wanted to sit down and talk after the very first strike.


Seeing how Fatty even made up an excuse of giving him an extra piece of chicken, Calron did not know whether to laugh or cry at Fatty’s shamelessness.


Meanwhile at the side, Elias felt his heart trembling. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Just now, when Calron attacked, he saw the crimson mist surrounding his palms! Calron should definitely not be able to evoke the Blood Legacy’s crimson mist so soon! Could it be that this kid…


Without finis.h.i.+ng his thought, Elias abruptly stepped forward.


“Calron, end this fight now. It’s clear who the winner is, and Roran, you must never underestimate your opponent, especially when that someone is a genius like Calron.”


Hearing Elias’s words, Fatty felt his mind go numb.


“Big brother is a genius?”

Just as Fatty was stunned by the news, Calron groaned at his Master.


“But Master! I wanted to play around with Fatty a bit more!”

Unknowingly Fatty shuddered as he heard those words.


“No need, you will have a new sparring partner from now on.”

Elias calmly stated to the pouting skinny kid in front of him.


“Eh? Who?”


Just as Calron asked his question, he felt a thick viscous aura oppressing him, as Elias answered with a smile.



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