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The number of students enrolled in the Paris' National Conservatory of Music each year never exceeded a thousand members. When divided among departments, the number seemed dismal. However, just because there weren't many students, didn't mean their opening ceremony performance wouldn't be grand. For a century-old college like they were, as long as there was a large-scale performance each year, many alumni attended.

Located on the north side of the campus, the concert hall had a history spanning over 50 years. Under the moonlight, the hall's baroque dome reflected their unique silver-marble architecture.

Excited and curious new students filtered in with the old alumni, who were full of nostalgia as they joked with each other. They all walked along the colorful cobblestone path to the concert hall. Once there, all they needed to enter was an existing or old student ID. 

The college also invited some non-alumni musicians. All in all, it was a celebration of the college, for the college, with very few outsiders allowed in. 

The number of graduated maestros wasn't small in the past few years, so when excited freshman saw familiar faces, they couldn't stop shouting their surprise at seeing an idol!

Instead of going backstage, Akkad sat in the front row, waiting for the concert to begin.

Today, the stern, old master wore a tuxedo with a delicate tie clip. Appearing very formal and solemn… his actions were far too casual for his dress. 

Akkad typed on his phone——

Reed: 【The concert is about to begin! I can go to Seven's house this evening for dinner, it's wonderful!】

Farrell: 【… I taught Angel for a while, too! Why didn't he ever invited me to dinner? I'm really disappointed… 】

Min Chen: 【Haha.】

Daniel: 【… What are you laughing at! Min! You come back right now! Prepare for tomorrow's rehearsal!!!】

Reed: 【Back? Where did he go?】

Min Chen: 【Try guessing.】

Reed: 【…】

Ignoring the man who exuded the feeling "I can't eat Seven's cooking, and I'm full of vinegar," Akkad exchanged a few words with the other professors from the violin department and thought: You want to eat Little Seven's cooking? Dream on! Humph, I'll just take a picture tonight for you!

The old man didn't notice that just two rows away, a handsome man bowed his head, huge covering most of his face.

He wore a black hat and big for good reason. He didn't want anyone to find out who he was. 

Even so… A few minutes before the concert began, a young girl went up to him. In German, she timidly asked, "Excuse me… Are you Mr. Auston Bertram?"

He stared at the girl through his dark In fluent French, he asked, "Excuse me… What are you talking about?"

The girl and her companion immediately bowed their heads and apologized. "Sorry, we got the wrong person." Then, they returned to their seats in a hurry before the performance began.

As she walked away, the girl whispered to her companion, "The man speaks French, I've never heard Mr. Bertram could speak French before. I think we're thinking about this too much…"

Through the thin layer of his lenses, the man's dark eyes didn't fluctuate. He didn't take the episode to heart. Even when the professor seated next to him stared at him, he only asked casually, "What's the matter?"

And so, the man who practically screamed "Don't get close to me" sat in the middle of the audience like it was nothing.

Just wanting to hide, he didn't realize the hat and only made people more curious. 

When the first cello student's performance ended, Akkad applauded. Curiously, another professor sitting next to him asked, "Hey, Professor Akkad. Do you see the weird guy sitting behind you? Wearing a hat in a concert hall, what a funny guy!"

Akkad turned to look in indifference. Seeing a strange man in a hat and, he shrugged and said, "Professor Maes, there are many strange people in our field. There's nothing strange about him." 

Maes shook his head. "No, I think he's familiar… Don't you think he looks like Auston Bertram?"

Akkad: "… ?!"

Looking back again, the man calmly waved at him. The corner of his lips twitched, and he covertly went over to the man, taking advantage of the buffer time before the second performance. He changed seats with another violin professor.

"You brat! How did you get here?! Didn't you say that you'd stop meeting so often with Little Seven before his graduation? If this is discovered, what would if someone wanted to start something?"

The four students onstage already started their ensemble. Facing Akkad's whispered questioning, Min Chen quietly typed something on his phone and handed it over to him.

Akkad: "…"

When the short ensemble performance ended, Akkad urgently whispered, "Leaving just after the concert is finished? What the h.e.l.l are you doing? Daniel said that Bai Ai will start rehearsal tomorrow. It's going to take you more than 20 hours back and forth, it's a waste of time!"

A long silence answered Akkad. Min Chen didn't speak a word in reply.

After a long while, Akkad received only a short reply. "I want to."

Akkad: "…"

Onstage, Langston of the piano department finished his performance of Bach's 《English Suite No. 5》brilliantly. Akkad clapped his hands gloomily and sneaked a peek at the man beside him under the dim light.

He couldn't understand. Why did Min Chen come here over a ten-hour flight knowing that he needed to leave right after the show ended?

… Single dogs naturally couldn't understand this kind of behavior.

The broad brim of his hat covered the man's profound face, only leaving his prominent jaw visible. When the host announced the next performers, the college's orchestra, would be performing two of Haydn's symphonies, Min Chen's lips curled into a smile. His cold face softened.

Why did I take a ten-hour flight to come?


『I miss him very much.』

After an hour-long production featuring the cello, violin, piano, and all the other departments, the curtain finally rose for the orchestra. It was the main event of the evening.

Members of the college's orchestra had always been the best students in the academy. Each one of them carried their instruments to the stage and walked to their seats in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

The members represented the highest level of skill in the academy, so they had to show their strengths in a grand concert.

Countless lights flashed. When a handsome young man entered the stage, the atmosphere warmed. Especially amongst the violin students, there were quiet gasps of shock from the audience.

The name "Qi Mu" had widely circulated in the university ever since the first a.s.sessment, last semester.

The college a.s.sessment had been held for a hundred years, and no one had won the first place multiple times in a row. Only one outstanding piano master from 70 years ago did it seven times and graduated with honors.

But the maestro didn't get 90 points every time, let alone…

Get full marks from the main judge.

The bright, dazzling spotlights illuminated the stage as thunderous applause seemed to have torn off the hall's roof.

Under the lively applause, the outstanding young man gracefully shook hands with the orchestra's conductor, Kawaguchi. He was calm and confident, not disturbed by the audience's enthusiasm.

When the youth led the orchestra to bow to the audience, Min Chen's grip tightened against his wooden armrests. Hiding his thoughts and love beneath the dark, only his upturned lips revealed how he felt——

His favorite person stood where the lights gathered, the audience applauding him. 

"Little Seven… is excellent." Akkad's whisper came from his side. "When I saw him for the first time, I thought he'd be something special. Just like now, he led a large orchestra all on his own."

Min Chen nodded and whispered back, "I know, he's always been outstanding."

On the stage, having bowed to the audience with the members, Qi Mu took his place at his seat. Placing his bow on the strings, he was ready to play. 

His head raised, he watched Kawaguchi on the podium. The older man gently raised his baton and——

A soothing melody resounded!

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Editor(s): Empress, Ayn, Bet

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