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Chapter 348 Everything Was Clear (2)

After leaving the hospital, Shen Yuechuan quickly went to re-investigate, and the recent movements of Kang Ruicheng were also checked out. The results proved that what he had investigated before was only the “truth” that Su Jianan wanted him to know.

Everyone thought that Su Jianan had betrayed the marriage, and Lu Boyan divorced her in anger. In fact, Su Jianan was threatened by two people, Kang Ruicheng and Han Ruoxi.

Even Su Jianan entering the same hotel with Jiang Shaokai was designed by Kang Ruicheng. The room was opened by Kang Ruicheng. The registration record was tampered with, so he only saw the name of Jiang Shaokai.

On that day, Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai went to the hotel just to see Kang Ruicheng.

As for the matter of Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai being together, according to Mrs. Jiang, it was a small transaction between her and Jiang Shaokai. If she cooperated with Jiang Shaokai to perform this show to the media, he would promise to try to date Zhou Qilan.

Su Jianan asking Mrs. Jiang to stage the performance was only for the purpose of making Lu Boyan let go. After seeing each other in the Jiangyuan Hotel that day, he did not go to see Su Jianan again.

It was only a little bit lacking and Su Jianan almost succeeded.

In the afternoon, Shen Yuechuan rushed back to the company to tell Lu Boyan everything he had investigated.

After listening to it for a long time, Lu Boyan only said one sentence, “Postpone the meeting this afternoon until tomorrow, you can leave now.”

Shen Yuechuan thought he was good at taking things, but it took him a whole morning to accept the truth. Lu Boyan, as the one involved, might need more time.

Shen Yuechuan nodded and left the office. By the way, he told the secretary to not bother him with phone calls or people before he left.

Inside the office…

Lu Boyan got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and took out the ring that Su Jianan said was meaningless.

From Su Jianan’s divorce to the present, he had always suspected that she was hiding something, and he did not want to believe that she had really betrayed the marriage, so he asked her to stay, over and over again, but Su Jianan was more and more cruelhearted.

His heart died more thoroughly every time.

The truth was that the things that disappointed him or even made him despair were all false.

It was only a show between Su Jianan and Jiang Shaokai and she did not kill the children in her belly.

Suddenly, Lu Boyan’s heart felt like it was punched heavily, his hand tightened as he took a jacket and went outside—

He wanted to see Su Jianan right away!

When he walked to the door of the office, his phone call to Su Yicheng was connected. Lu Boyan directly asked where Su Jianan was. He did not expect the answer to be: “Jianan is gone.”

“What did you say?” Lu Boyan’s footsteps suddenly stopped and his eyes looked gloomy. “Isn’t she staying at your home during this time?”

“The investigation of Yuechuan is not thorough enough.” Su Yicheng sighed. “This time, Jianan has been hospitalized.”

Lu Boyan suddenly remembered the Su Jianan that he had seen in the mall a few days before. She looked very haggard, and her hands were covered with needle holes. Her bright eyes of the past were even more radiant, showing a pathological condition.

He realized something then his heart suddenly tightened. “What happened to Jianan?”

Su Yicheng told Lu Boyan about the serious morning sickness of Su Jianan, and then said, “After returning from the mall, she vomited more seriously. She can’t eat or drink. She can only rely on an IV to maintain her strength. The doctor suggested that she should get rid of the children. I don’t want to see her suffering this kind of torture, so I asked her to have the surgery today.”

“And then?”

“She promised me, then made me go home to sleep. No one in the ward kept an eye on her, and she ran,” Su Yicheng said. “I have already looked into some places I can think of, and all the hotels have been checked out. I can’t find her, so I went to see you this morning.”

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth sooner?!” Lu Boyan’s voice was filled with some anger.

“Jianan is willing to do all this for you, and I don’t want to interfere with her decision,” Su Yicheng said slowly. “Moreover, you have not yet reached the point of divorce, so why do I need to come in between you?”

Lu Boyan squinted. “You knew?”

Su Yicheng smiled and said, “Jianan does not have common sense, but that doesn’t mean that her brother does not have common sense.”

Lu Boyan: “…”

Su Yicheng continued to say, “Now the financial crisis of Lu Enterprises has pa.s.sed. I originally planned to tell you the truth in a few days. Now Jianan suddenly disappeared. She said that she is very good. Someone is taking care of her. I guess that only you can think of where she is. After finding her, call me and let me know.”

After finis.h.i.+ng, Su Yicheng hung up the phone.

Lu Boyan walked back to his desk and sat down, contemplating.

Although Su Jianan grew up in City A since childhood, there were not many places where she could hide.

She said that she was very good, someone was taking care of…

Lu Boyan guessed where she probably was.

And he didn’t need to be in a hurry to find her.

Thinking, Lu Boyan dialed the phone of Mu Sijue.

“What a coincidence, I also wanted to contact you.” Mu Sijue quickly answered the call. “I found one thing, something that might lead to your divorce.”

Lu Boyan looked serious. “Tell me in detail.”

“Do you still remember that when Lu Enterprises was just founded, there was a shortage of funds for a while, and I gave you a means?” Mu Sijue said with a playful tone, “I accidentally discovered yesterday that someone was investigating the matter. Moreover, some evidence is likely to flow to Kang Ruicheng. But Kang Ruicheng did not use it to threaten you, and the police did not make any move, but Jianan divorced you.”

“Kang Ruicheng used it to threaten Jianan,” Lu Boyan said with the tone of a statement.

“Yes, these things would ruin the original innocent Lu Enterprises, so that Lu Enterprises would be suspected of breaking the law. At that time, because of the tax evasion and the collapse of Fanting Garden, Lu Enterprises was undergoing a test. If it were to be exposed and investigated by the police again, even you would not be able to save Lu Enterprises’ decline,” Mu Sijue said. “Kang Ruicheng took the opportunity very well. Jianan could only compromise with him when he took out the information at that time.”

“Did you find out who leaked the information?” Lu Boyan asked.

“Who else can it be besides the undercover agent that Kang Ruicheng has placed around me?” Mu Sijue finally laughed, and obviously did not finish.

Lu Boyan understood him, knowing what his last laugh represented. Then he asked, “Who do you suspect?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Mu Sijue’s calm voice revealed a coldness. “I will tell you and take care of her.”

After that, Mu Sijue hung up.

Lu Boyan put down his mobile phone and his focus was placed on a certain point on the table. He seemed to be thinking about something but didn’t make any movements for a long time.

After he came back to his senses, it was already time to get off work. He put the ring back in his pocket and left the office.

A group of secretarial a.s.sistants outside had not left, and they thought that it was an illusion when they saw that Lu Boyan was rus.h.i.+ng to the elevator. They asked Shen Yuechuan, “Special a.s.sistant Shen, Boss Lu really left so early today?”

“It seems he will leave early from now on.” Shen Yuechuan put together a doc.u.ment and calmed them. “You don’t have to be cautious and tremble at work, everything is fine!”

Daisy made a bold speculation. “Is Boss Lu remarrying his wife?”

“Remarrying what?” Shen Yuechuan rolled up a doc.u.ment and tapped Daisy’s head. “They don’t need to remarry at all!”


An hour later, Lu Boyan’s car drove into Orchid Gardens and headed straight to Tang Yulan’s home.

In the spring of City A, it always got dark so early. At this time, there were already thousands of lights. The street lights on the sidewalk were dim and chilly, making the coldness of the spring night even stronger.

Lu Boyan sat in the car for a while before getting out. As he entered the house, Tang Yulan was knitting a sweater in the living room. When she saw him, her face changed and she stood up quickly from the sofa. “Boyan, why didn’t you call me in advance? So that I can wait for you to eat.”

“I am not hungry.” Lu Boyan quietly swept his gaze over the entire first floor, not seeing Su Jianan.

That’s right, the first place he thought of that Su Jianan could hide and not be discovered by Su Yicheng was here. The reaction of Tang Yulan when she saw him could confirm his guess enough—Su Jianan was here.

Lu Boyan sat on the sofa next to Tang Yulan and looked at the sweater that was just being knitted. “So small, is it a scarf?”

“Ah, it’s a scarf.” Tang Yulan could only follow the words of Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan took the scarf and looked at it carefully. “I remember you said that this pattern is suitable for boys, what if she is pregnant with a girl?”

Tang Yulan was stunned and immediately relaxed. “You know.”

“She came here and Yicheng couldn’t find her, so he went to find me,” Lu Boyan said. “I already know it all.”

Tang Yulan let out a long sigh. “I had been asleep for a long time yesterday. She suddenly rang the doorbell and called me. I came out and was shocked when I saw her. I hadn’t seen her for only less than a month and she was so thin. Her face was so pale. If it wasn’t me asking about it, she probably didn’t want to tell me the whole truth.”

Lu Boyan returned the sweater to Tang Yulan. “I’m going up to see her.”

“She just fell asleep, don’t go up.” Tang Yulan pulled Lu Boyan. “Sit down and listen to me.”

Lu Boyan had to sit down again.

Tang Yulan put the sweater aside and thought for a while before she said, “She vomited very seriously. From last night till now, she has been unable to eat anything and can only drink water. I asked Dr. Chen to come over and see her. The doctor’s advice is the same as her previous doctor’s—to make her give up the children. But she refused, no matter how I advised her. I was afraid that she would sneak away like she did in the hospital, so I didn’t mention it again. Now that you know about it, go help persuade her. It’s too dangerous to let her continue to suffer like this till the labor.”

Before this, Lu Boyan only heard from Su Yicheng that Su Jianan’s reaction to the pregnancy was very serious. Now even Tang Yulan wanted Su Jianan to give up the children.

Perhaps Su Jianan suffered much more pain than he had imagined.

“Let me talk to her.”

Lu Boyan went upstairs.

Before the age of 16, he lived in this place, and he had gone up the stairs leading to the second floor many times.

But at no time was it as heavy as this one. Every step he took made him feel like there was a knife inserted into his heart, and the pain was at the maximum.

Finally, he stopped in front of the door, and he slowly pushed open the dark wooden door.

What greeted him was the shallow breathing of Su Jianan.

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