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Finally home after 3 weeks… I just want to lay in bed after this week x.x
A reader commented in the last chapter that they wanted the little white rabbit and the little rascal to appear… Careful what you wish for !

Chapter 29

If the chip fell into the hands of China, the Americans would definitely stomp their feet in anger. The two countries would then go to war, which would be beneficial, yet also troublesome, for arms dealers. This time however, it was evidently more harmful.

The expression on Zhong Zhen Dong’s handsome face was one of a businessman doing business. It was crafty, making people unable to understand the situation. His smile was friendly, but it made people feel cold.

“I’ll get my people to investigate, and I’ll let you know if there’s any news.”

Hearing this, Lin Yu Fan gave a relieved exhale. He knew Zhong Zhen Dong’s capabilities, so long as he promised to help, everything would be okay.

“Thank you. After this is over, the government will owe you a favor.”

Zhong Zhen Dong laughed. “Speaking of favors, I hope you can help me arrange a house in Taipei.”

“No problem, how many square meters do you want?” Lin Yu Fan straightforwardly gave his consent. His superiors explained that as long as Zhong Zhen Dong agreed to help, they’d do everything they could to fulfill his demands.

“Approximately 200 square meters sounds good. Oh, that’s right, it has to be near a school district. Find a house with an excellent elementary school in the vicinity, and it’d be best if there’s a school bus too.”

“It’s not for you?”

Zhong Zhen Dong’s cold and sharp gaze disappeared, replaced with a lecherous expression. “It’s for my wife and son.”

Lin Yu Fan wanted to say something, but ultimately refrained in the end, only giving a disdainful look to Zhen Dong as he mourned for the little white rabbit. Then he got up and left.

It was only natural Zhong Zhen Dong wouldn’t let the little white rabbit slip away. He surmised from the other day, that there must certainly be a reason for the little white rabbit to suddenly request for leave. He also recalled that when he entered the apartment, she was very alert. Consequently, he specially ordered people to go investigate, and sure enough, he found out about her past.

Apparently, she once had an entanglement with a man named Yuan Jun Hao, and this man just happened to appear recently. This gave him the perfect chance to be the hero. He could take advantage of this situation to make the little white rabbit understand how important she was to him. This way, the little white rabbit will understand his good intentions.

Three days later, Zhong Zhen Dong’s opportunity came.

Tang Xin Lian just got off work, picked up her son from school, and was about to unlock the door. Not given enough time to turn around and close the door, a person behind her seized the opportunity to charge into her house.

By the time Tang Xin Lian saw Yuan Jun Hao, her face paled in fright. She stood in front of her son while grabbing a baseball bat, pointing it at Yuan Jun Hao.

“Get out!”

“Honey, I went through so much trouble to find you, and you don’t invite me in for a cup of tea?” These past few days, Yuan Jun Hao waited idly for his chance, and finally got it. He stealthily followed Tang Xin Lian to her home, and after waiting for her to open the door, he immediately rushed in when she least expected it.

He took two years to find this woman, and at long last she was found.

“Get out! Or else I’ll call the police!”

“You thought you escaped from me? Let me tell you, Tang Xin Lian, you can’t hide from me. If you want to break up, you’d have to wait until I agree first!” Yuan Jun Hao gave a wicked smile, the evilness in his eyes showed his pride. For him, looking at Tang Xin Lian was like looking at his own private property.

“Don’t come near us.” Tang Xin Lian trembled as she gripped the baseball bat with both hands because she feared Yuan Jun Hao. During the time she a.s.sociated with him, she got more acquainted with his viciousness.

Yuan Jun Hao was a lunatic as well as a Tae Kwon Do master. She simply wasn’t his opponent! But she still had to summon her courage to confront him. Even if it wasn’t for herself, she had to do it for her beloved son.

“You wanted to hit me with the baseball bat? Okay, hit then!” Yuan Jun Hao stepped forward and calmly smiled, firmly believing she wouldn’t dare to do it.

She was being cornered. Watching him advance forward, she fiercely struck at him, but Yuan Jun Hao dodged her swing and suddenly stepped forward, grabbed her hand and took the baseball bat, throwing it to the side. Caught in his arms, Tang Xin Lian screamed from fright and desperately struggled.

“Don’t bully my mom!” Cheng Cheng rushed forward to beat him and kick him. He opened his mouth to bite Yuan Jun Hao as hard as possible.

“Brat, you dare bite me?”

Feeling pain, Yuan Jun Hua reached out and slapped the little demon, causing the little demon to fall to the floor. He let Tang Xin Lian go and grabbed the little demon’s hair, making a fist to hit him.

Tang Xin Lian threw herself forward to catch his hand. “If you dare hurt him, I’ll go all out fighting you.”

Yuan Jun Hao casted the little demon aside, grabbed her instead and pulled her towards the room.

“Let me go!” She struggled, not willing to comply with him. She knew what he wanted to do. As long as they entered the room, she’ll be finished.

Abnormal men like Yuan Jun Hao only dumped woman, not allowing the other way around. Once he finds the other party, he’ll mercilessly torment her.

He dragged her into the room and reached out to tear open her clothes, enjoying her desperate struggles. The more she struggled, the more it caused him to feel the need to quickly subdue her.

Just when he could do whatever he wanted to her, he didn’t notice that a person was standing behind him, watching everything he did. He thought that he was the hunter, but didn’t expect there to be an even more savage hunter waiting for him.

Yuan Jun Hao was about to indulge in his beastly desires, but was abruptly pulled up and violently pushed to the side.

Tang Xin Lian was in extreme panic, thinking that this time, she was done for. However, she didn’t expect that in the next moment, she would find herself in another person’s familiar embrace.

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