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Chapter 28

Lin Yu Fan was a soldier, and the thing he regarded as most important integrity. At first, he thought Tang Xin Lian was going to be like every other woman sooner or later, becoming Zhong Zhen Dong’s woman for his money or his looks. However, he didn’t expect that these two incentives wouldn’t shake her resolve, making him can’t help but have a whole new level of respect for her.

In this day and age, resisting the temptation of brand names and fame, as well as being a woman with an unyielding character, were very few. Furthermore, this woman also had to take care of a son, relying on her own competence to raise a child.

“She’s a good woman, you shouldn’t play with her.”

Lin Yu Fan rarely spoke for a woman, but because of this sentence, Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes instantly became sharp.

Zhong Zhen Dong still had a smile on his face, but after all these years of friends.h.i.+p, Lin Yu Fan could already guess what he was thinking, becoming aware of Zhong Zhen Dong’s bad temper.

“She’s mine, so don’t you dare have a crush on her.” Zhong Zhen Dong smiled as he warned him.

Lin Yu Fan furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m not like you, treating her like a prey. This woman has a backbone, stands on her own feet, and is very kindhearted. You shouldn’t toy with her, I hate men who bully the weak.”

Zhong Zhen Dong spread out both his hands. “Who said I wanted to bully her? I’m treating her like a treasure. I want to keep her for myself and properly love her.”

“She’s different than the women you’ve dated in the past, she’s a family oriented person. If she doesn’t care about money or outward appearances, it means she values sentimental bonds. This type of woman’s heart shouldn’t be played with.”

Zhong Zhen Dong picked up his cup and clinked it with Lin Yu Fan’s cup in salute. “You’re right, the thing I’ve set my sight on is her heart. I’m also very sincere.”

Lin Yu Fan silently cursed in his heart. According to Zhong Zhen Dong’s character and the way he handled things, it didn’t resemble a man who would say romantic things. It’d be weird if he were genuine, since this guy had the heart of a wolf. It’d be more accurate to say he had a desire or pa.s.sion for her.

If Zhong Zhen Dong was sincere about Tang Xin Lian, then when she was kicking him out, or when she returned the present, he should’ve been hurt, not happy.

Not feeling sad meant he didn’t care. Didn’t he consider her his prey?

Actually, Lin Yu Fan really misunderstood Zhong Zhen Dong. The reason Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t sad, was because he already considered the little white rabbit within his reach. Reeling her in was only a matter of time, and Zhong Zhen Dong just didn’t want to force the little white rabbit.

If it was any other woman, Zhong Zhen Dong wouldn’t have this much patience. If a woman was unwilling, he would magnanimously let her go.

But towards the little white rabbit, he developed a “must have” determination.

Seeing Zhong Zhen Dong so interested in Tang Xin Lian, Lin Yu Fan sighed for this woman in his mind. Being pursued by Zhong Zhen Dong, she was doomed to be unable to escape this fate.

“Say it, why did you come here?” Zhong Zhen Dong changed the topic.

“The commission has already been transferred into your account. My superior also wanted me to have you look at this.” Lin Yu Fan took out a black case from his portable bag. Opening it, there was a microchip inside.

Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyebrows raised, and after recognizing it with quick glance, the corners of his mouth turned into a drop dead gorgeous smile. “An anti-radiation microchip.”

“Yes, this type of microchip is capable of operating satellites and missile launches, and it also protects computer programs from nuclear radiation threats. According to our intelligence, the other countries overseas are looking for a way to acquire this type of microchip made by Americans.”

Zhong Zhen Dong nodded. “That’s right.”

“But there’s someone who’s trying to illegally transport it overseas, do you know who it is?”

Zhong Zhen Dong slowly leaned back in his chair. With one hand holding his cup and leisurely taking a sip, he replied, “It’s not me, I’m not interested in this type of business.”

Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t stupid. He never took part in this kind of risky business, this was also the reason why he had a good relations.h.i.+p with every country. Money had to be earned, but it shouldn’t make life difficult to live. Even though this time of microchip business had huge profits, but this business was as dangerous as chemical warfare. A moment of carelessness could ruin the entire world, and earning a lot of money would then be useless.

“I know it’s not you, that’s why I came to ask you. We need to know who it is.”

“The people who are the most worried should be the Americans, why are you worried?”

“Because according to our intelligence network, the person stealing and selling the microchip is a Chinese person. The Americans think it’s one of our people.”

“A traitor?”

Lin Yu Fan shook his head. “We believe it’s not our people, but the Americans are insistent. They want to create difficulties between both sides and force us to cooperate in finding that person. You should know, the Americans have always been like gangsters, always taking and demanding.”

Zhong Zhen Dong’s finger tapped the armrest. Although he had an American citizens.h.i.+p, a part of the blood flowing through his veins was Taiwan blood.

His grandmother was Taiwanese, and married to an American. His father was like his grandmother, marrying a later generation of a Chinese immigrant. Finally, when it came to him, although his outward appearance resembled one from an Eastern lineage, he was actually a person of mixed blood; it just wasn’t that obvious. Moreover, his facial features were more solid than Eastern people.

Zhong Zhen Dong was born in the United States, but he studied in France, and then returned to the United States to serve in the army. During his time as a soldier, he travelled around the world, and as a result, he had a worldly outlook. His opinion on nationality, was that it was a tool that differentiated territory.

He’s always been watching the world work, and on top of that, he’s been engaged in weapons and ammunition business, so he even more deeply understood that politics was a game of power.

Lin Yu Fan’s tone while speaking tried to entice him into helping, but just using the influence of national sentiments wasn’t going to work. In his eyes, there were only things he wanted to do, and things he didn’t; the difference between things that were worth it, and things that weren’t. In addition, many matters were in balance right now, and if the equilibrium was lost, then it wouldn’t benefit anyone.

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