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Chapter 27

“Take good care of it and don’t lose it, or I’ll be heartbroken.” His whisper gently blew against her hair.

Tang Xin Lian stiffened. In front of her son, she could only reluctantly squeeze out a smile, not replying.

She decided to continue enduring for her son, and after dinner, she waited for him to be worn out from playing. After coaxing him to bed to sleep, she finally had the chance to have a proper discussion with Zhong Zhen Dong.

“Thank you for the gifts, I’m very grateful. I didn’t want to let Cheng Cheng feel sad, so I waited for him to sleep first. Can you move out tonight? This is the salary I said I was going to give you from the agreement.” She took out an envelope, inside was a thick stack of money. Although Zhong Zhen Dong said he didn’t want her money, but in order to not owe him anything, she was resolute in giving it to him.

Zhong Zhen Dong’s defeated face held a look of inconsolable grief.

“Do you have to calculate everything so clearly between us? Haven’t we been like a family these days?” His tone was very gentle, very soft. Playing the affection card, he knew that the little white rabbit was softhearted. He hoped he could make her change her mind.

When he showed a dejected look, it was usually enough to melt a woman’s heart. Every woman had a maternal instinct where they couldn’t bear to see a man brokenhearted, however, he underestimated the little white rabbit’s determination.

“Sorry, please move out. But we’re still friends, so if you aren’t willing, then I can give you this house. I’ll leave with Cheng Cheng tomorrow.”

She was serious about her decision. Towards his soft disposition, she wasn’t the least bit softhearted.

Zhong Zhen Dong stared at her abnormally firm expression. Perhaps he stared at her for too long and was silent for too long, that it caused her to begin to feel restless.

What if he flew into rage? Yuan Jun Hao was already giving her a headache, and if Zhong Zhen Dong was added into the mix, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to cope.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t make it difficult for her this time.

“Okay, I’ll move out.” He turned around and directly went to pack his things.

Actually, he didn’t have a lot of things to pack. Finis.h.i.+ng up, there was only a big suitcase and a light, portable bag.

Zhong Zhen Dong left the little white rabbit’s house and went to stay in a hotel. The next morning, Lin Yu Fan came over.

Opening the door, Zhong Zhen Dong was only wearing a bathrobe, with his hair slightly wet. He just returned from the hotel’s gym and had a shower.

“I went to that woman’s apartment to find you, just to find out you didn’t live there anymore. How come you’re in a hotel now?” Lin Yu Fan thought it was strange. This guy lived at that Ms. Tang’s house so happily, why would he switch places? He didn’t believe that this guy had suddenly changed to be a vegetarian.

“I was kicked out.” Zhong Zhen Dong quipped as he walked towards the bar cabinet and took out a bottle of already opened wine, pouring two

“Tired of playing?” Lin Yu Fan doubted that woman dumped Zhong Zhen Dong, because ever since he knew this guy, it’s always been him dumping women, never the other way around.

This guy was an expert who flirted with women, and even if they broke up, there has never been a woman who blamed him because this guy had the ability to tame them. That’s why, once he heard Zhong Zhen Dong say he was kicked out by a woman, Lin Yu Fan only thought he was joking.

“I’m not lying to you, I really was kicked out.” Zhong Zhen Dong handed him a gla.s.s of wine, a smile hanging on his handsome face. It looked like his mood was very good, not the least bit vexed or dejected from getting driven out the door.

Lin Yu Fan still didn’t believe it, firmly believing that Zhong Zhen Dong ate his fill and was afraid that the other party would nag, so he left. (other party = Xin Lian)

“Here, for you.” Lin Yu Fan placed a package onto the table.

Zhong Zhen Dong glimpsed at it and asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s what Ms. Tang asked me to give you.”

Zhong Zhen Dong opened the package. In it, was actually the diamond necklace he gave the little white rabbit yesterday. In addition, there was also a letter and some money.

After he finished reading the letter, he suddenly gave a hearty laugh. He laughed very joyously, his whole body trembling. Lin Yu Fan was very curious as to what made him so happy.

Zhong Zhen Dong handed him the letter, and after he finished reading the contents, Lin Yu Fan was surprised.

This letter was written by the little white rabbit for Zhong Zhen Dong. Written in the letter, she thanked him for the present and appreciated his kindness, but she still thought it would be best to return the gift to him. Furthermore, because she didn’t want to hurt her son, the money inside the envelope was the money for the model helicopter.

Lin Yu Fan stared at the necklace. He was a perceptive person, and he knew that Zhong Zhen Dong wouldn’t buy counterfeits, so this necklace must be a real diamond.

“She really kicked you out?” Lin Yu Fan was finally convinced that Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t joking.

“Of course. The little white rabbit was very serious.”

Lin Yu Fan had already known earlier that Zhong Zhen Dong had given Tang Xin Lian the nickname of “little white rabbit.” He put the letter back onto the table.

“How come you aren’t the least bit angry? Even going as far as to put on a happy expression?”

“Of course I’m happy. The little white rabbit isn’t enticed by money or my handsomeness. This type of woman is the best, I have to get her.”

Lin Yu Fan was astonished. “You still haven’t touched her?”

Zhong Zhen Dong lightly chuckled as he tenderly said, “The little white rabbit is always on guard, never giving me an opportunity.”

Lin Yu Fan was really surprised. He recalled her clear and attractive appearance, and thought that Tang Xin Lian was very beautiful. Even if she didn’t specially dress up and deliberately dressed conservatively, Tang Xin Lian was indeed very attractive from a man’s perspective.

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