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Chapter 361: Yun Fei and Yun Xian's Corpses Are Already Cold
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"What's the situation?"

Jiang Yi and He Lao were both shocked. Jiang Yi's eyes flickered two times before he asked, "Yun He and Yun Lu are dead. Wouldn't Yun Fei's younger brother be most qualified to ascend the Crown Prince position? Why would they dare to make a move on the siblings? Isn't Yun He's faction afraid of incurring the wrath of Heaven Mystics Kingdom's King? Do they want to kill all the princes so that no one will ascend the throne?"

Zhan Wushuang once mentioned that if Yun Lu was dead, their faction wouldn't have any more princes; and there wouldn't be any more obstructions for Yun Xian to ascend to the Crown Prince position. Now that the plan had succeeded, why were things even worse?

"Is this information reliable? When is the evil sorcery lineage preparing to make the move?"

He Lao asked with a dignified expression. He was clear how much Zhan Wushuang liked Yun Fei; and with all the turmoil in the Divine Martial Kingdom, the Heaven Mystics Kingdom was a great route for a retreat. If Yun Fei was to die—not only would Zhan Wushuang be in grief, but the Zhan and the Qian Clans would also lose a way to retreat. All the sacrifices would be in vain.

"The new is definitely accurate!"

Zhan Clan deacon spoke firmly, "Twelve days later, the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom is going to offer a tribute to the Witch G.o.d at Mt. Witch G.o.d which is outside of Mystic Heaven City. The evil sorcery lineage would definitely make a move on that day. Now that Princess Yun Fei and Prince Yun Xian are still under house arrest—if the evil sorcery lineage is truly going to make the move, they are certainly going to perish. The news came from the Huo Clan's Young Clan Head, Young Master Huo Shu. Lord Regent should have an impression of him, right?

"Young Master Huo Shu's soul seal is in Princess Yun Fei's hands, and if Princess Yun Fei is going to die, he will too. This is why he risked his life to relay this information to us. We have taken reference with the various pieces of information in Mystic Heaven City and determined that the information is accurate.

"As for… the reason why the evil sorcery lineage is trying to kill Princess Yun Fei and Prince Yun Xian…"

The Zhan Clan's deacon paused for a moment before he continued speaking, "I think he should be fearful of Prince Yun Xian from ascension. Yun Fei and Yun Xian had an elder brother who was killed because of the evil sorcery lineage. Thus, Yun Xian is filled with absolute hatred for the evil sorcery lineage. The King of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom is frail and might just pa.s.s away in a few years time. If Yun Xian was to ascend the throne, he would definitely cleanse the evil sorcery lineage with blood…"

"I see."

Jiang Yi nodded. He had heard of the issue where Yun Fei's elder brother death was due to Yun He. He could also feel the hatred Yun Fei had for the evil sorcery lineage. If Yun Xian was given the authority as the King, he would definitely cleanse the evil sorcery lineage with blood. This was a good explanation as to why they were behaving so desperately.

"Does the King of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom know this? Is he going to look on as Yun Xian perishes?" Jiang Yi went silent for a moment before he asked again.

"Not sure!"

The deacon pondered for a moment and said, "The Witch Empress… who is Yun He and Yun Lu's empress mother, also cultivated evil sorcery and is also proficient in charm arts. She is an extremely powerful woman. She currently has complete control of the chamber of concubines while the King has been staying in the depths of the palace during this period of time. Huo Shu, who was a lowly young master, has no chance of relaying this information to the King. The mastermind of this scheme is this Witch Empress."

"This is going to be troublesome…"

He Lao was feeling anxious. There were only twelve days left. Even if the Zhan Clan had the intention to rescue them, it was too late to a.s.semble a group of experts to head towards Mystic Heaven City. The Zhan Clan and the Qian Clan's martial artists who were hidden in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom were all weaker martial artists that were in charge of relaying information. There were very few first stage Soul Travel Realm experts; hence, there was no way to conduct a rescue.

Yun Fei and Yun Xian were under house arrest, and when the King was out to offer a tribute to the Witch G.o.d, all the experts in the city would be accompanying him. Even if Yun Fei and Yun Xian had some formidable guards, the evil sorcery lineage was powerful. Under the meticulous planning of the Witch Empress, the two of them were definitely dead.
"Twelve days, twelve days!"

He Lao was wandering in the hall, and there was this vicious expression in his eyes as he yelled out, "Immediately send the message for all the Zhan Clan's experts to infiltrate Mystic Heaven City and wait for my orders! No matter what happens, I will rescue Princess Yun Fei and Prince Yun Xian. Otherwise, Young Clan Head would be in grief."

"Elder He…"

The Zhan Clan's deacon was anxious. He Tieshu had been behind the scenes for decades and not a lot of people knew about his prowess. The deacon was clear of how much Zhan Clan Head valued Elder He. Elder He was the one who witnessed how Zhan Wushuang grew up and had deep feelings for him.

If he was to enter the Mystic Heaven City alone, it was possible that he might not return. He might even self-destruct and demolish his remains during the crucial moment, just so as not to expose the Zhan Clan.


He Lao had this immense expression as he spoke in a cold voice, "With all the experts from the Mystic Heaven City out—if I have a thorough plan and coordinate with Huo Shu, Gu Te, and the others, I might have a chance to rescue Princess Yun Fei and Prince Yun Xian."

After finis.h.i.+ng his statement, He Lao bowed to Jiang Yi and said, "Young Master Yi, you should return to Summer Rain City first. Old He will not be accompanying you."

Jiang Yi remained silent, and just as He Lao was about to rush out, he suddenly reached out and grabbed He Lao's hand. Jiang Yi lifted his head and said indifferently, "He Lao, I will go with you."

"You can't!""Absolutely not!"

He Lao and the deacon yelled out at the same time. It was fine if He Lao went by himself as even if he failed, he could self-destruct and blow himself up into pieces, leaving no evidence behind.

What was Jiang Yi's ident.i.ty again?

Furthermore, his attack abilities were too unique and would be easily exposed. Once he was exposed, the Vajra Realm martial expert would definitely be alerted. Jiang Yi would have nowhere to run, and no one would be able to save him. After all, he was the one courting death; Shui Youlan, the Demon Empress, and the others would not interfere.


Jiang Yi smiled with confidence and shook his hand as though he didn't mind. "He Lao, you should know of my trump, and you seemed to have forgotten my special ident.i.ty! If I am to go to any other va.s.sal kingdom, I might die. If something was to happen in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, I will not die. You said it, too… as long as there is a thorough plan, it is possible to rescue Yun Fei. If I went along, my possibility would be a few folds higher than yours."


He Lao was stunned while his narrow and polished eyes quickly lit up. Jiang Yi's trump was indeed powerful, which was the peak-grade demon king! Not even the Heaven Mystics Kingdom's Vajra Realm martial expert would have an easy time.

Most importantly…!

Jiang Yi was now the successor of the Witch G.o.d, and the Witch G.o.d had the utmost authority and prestige in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom. Every king of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom would have to go offer a tribute to the Witch G.o.d on Mt. Witch G.o.d on the Witch G.o.d's birthday. It was imaginable how esteemed the status of the Witch G.o.d was in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom. If Jiang Yi was to present his ident.i.ty as the successor of the Witch G.o.d, all the experts in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom—not even the Vajra Realm martial expert would dare to touch Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi also had the instant s.h.i.+ft, Zouwu Beast, and the Ma.s.sacre Intent which could slaughter Soul Travel Realm experts like livestock. If he went to rescue Yun Fei and Yun Xian, it would definitely have a higher chance.

He Lao stayed silent for a long time and still shook his head. "No. This is too risky. If anything is to happen to Young Master Yi, it wouldn't be enough even if we are to die…"


Jiang Yi snorted and walked straight out and summoned the Zouwu Beast. He spoke in a cold voice, "Are you going? Any more delays, Yun Fei and Yun Xian's corpses are going to be cold."

Zhan Wushuang and Jiang Yi had a relations.h.i.+p that tied their lives together, and Yun Fei helped him a lot in the Ghost Woods, too. Jiang Yi always had such a character: if someone treated him well, he would treat them ten folds better. After knowing that Yun Fei was going to die, how could he watch with folded arms?

"Alright then!"

He Lao understood that once Jiang Yi made his decision, nothing could stop him. He gritted his teeth and gave some instructions to the deacon, asking him to send a message to Zhan Wushuang and get ready to provide support at any moment. He Lao then hopped onto the Zouwu Beast.

"Big Huang, go. Go to Mystic Heaven City!"

Jiang Yi let out a roar, and the Zouwu Beast dug into the ground and quickly vanished from the sights of the Zhan Clan's deacon.

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