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Her approval was the most important. And n.o.body objected because they all shared the same opinion as her.

Rong Yan lowered her head to drink tea, but her fingers whitened as she grasped the cup tightly. She believed that she would be the winner today, and never antic.i.p.ated that Yan Ziyuan would be the star instead…


She also was City Lord Yan's daughter! Although an adopted one…

But didn't her mother get married to City Lord Yan, right?! Mother still was Madam Ping! And even though Mother was treated like a Concubine, but she wasn't unable to enter in Yan Mansion!

Mother has caused Madam Yan's death in order to become a respected Wife. They never expected that even Yan Ziyuan would be an obstacle now. Her life and death won't hold them down, though.

After City Lord Yan moved them out from the residence, he has never visited them once in those years. If she hadn't been smart and lovely, getting G.o.dfather's liking, maybe they wouldn't even have had their daily income. They may have been bullied by the Junior and Senior servants to death…

Even though Rong Yan was polite every time she saw her, but she loathed her and wished her to die quickly!

She also talked bad about her in front of Gu Ziyan, so that his impression of her would drop lower and lower…

Suppressing the hatred deep down in her heart, she joined the people who congratulated Yan Ziyuan too. But Yan Ziyuan seemed to be ignoring her, acting as if she didn't notice her.

Rong Yan's face was sad and helpless, but she was coldly laughing in her heart.

Many partic.i.p.ants came from average families. Therefore, the more Yan Ziyuan was uncourteous towards her, the more everyone would be dissatisfied with Yan Ziyuan…

In fact, Rong Yan secretly took a look around. Most of the musicians were looking at her pitifully. Some even seemed disappointed in Yan Ziyuan…

She then searched for Gu Ziyan with her eyes, convinced that he would either defend her or comfort her.

But…! Nothing!

Gu Ziyan looked absent-minded, continuing to drink tea. Moreover, his face was pale.

Behind the judgers were standing the contestants who pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment.

And then, the last turn finally came: precisely Ning Xuemo's.

It was midnight right now, so everyone was sleepy. But as soon as Ning Xuemo walked on the stage, they all became excited, because she has helped so many people and finally it was her turn.

However, a lot of people were all talk and no action. Who knew if Lady Xue was really an amazing genius?

Unfortunately, Ning Xuemo didn't bring her own zither. After she reached the stage, she slightly smiled: "I was in a rush when I came here, and didn't take my own zither with me. So, who can borrow me theirs?"

Everyone quietened down.

They all knew that musicians were supposed to play their own instruments, as they were accustomed to it. No one would have swapped it as they pleased. Especially when it was a compet.i.tion, they had to pay even more attention.

In fact, all the partic.i.p.ants have chosen the musical tool they were most familiar with. However, Lady Xue unexpectedly asked for someone else's zither!

Did she not put them in her eyes, or were her skills so high to the extent that she didn't need any specific zithers anymore?!

A sly glint flashed in Rong Yan's eyes. She was about to offer her own instrument when someone she trusted spoke out loud: "Use mine"

With a wave of a hand, a child standing behind Gu Ziyan carried his zither to Ning Xuemo, who was waiting on the stage.

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