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Chapter 2934 Establis.h.i.+ng an Independent Guild

“Brother San, that person is terrifying.”

Mu Qingyun’s expression was grave. After the previous battle, her mental realm had sharply increased, so she could clearly sense that Chu Yang was concealing immense power.

The gulf between him and Chu Kuang was huge. If the two were compared to swords, Chu Kuang was a blunt sword, while Chu Yang was fully sharpened and s.h.i.+ning.

“Yes, he could be considered a real opponent. He knows how to reserve himself and test other people’s weaknesses. He is daring yet scrupulous, being careful not to let himself fall into danger. However, this person schemes far too much. After scheming and scheming, your attention is drawn off of the path of cultivation. He’s nothing to worry about,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Aren’t people who are skilled at scheming the most frightening?” asked Li Cai.

Long Chen shook his head. “You have to realize that scheming is something that people learn. No one is innately born a master of this. As long as someone teaches you, then anyone can learn it. The only difference is who can scheme deeper and further. However, the path of cultivation is ultimately one that competes with power. In front of absolute power, those schemes are meaningless. For example, in this compet.i.tion, Chu Kuang schemed deeply and arranged every detail. But didn’t he still lose his life? No matter how someone schemes, as long as you simply focus on cultivation, then who cares about their schemes? Just break them with a single slash of your sword. Furthermore, with their little intelligence, any schemes that they can think of are simply shameless tricks. As long as you experienced enough schemes, you’ll find that they’re all similar and you’ll learn how to use them. But these schemes can be thought of by anyone. Power is different. Power is something without any tricks to speak of. It is something slowly acc.u.mulated over time. Thus, when you encounter schemes, just learn from the experience. Don’t go researching such things in depth. That will simply delay your own cultivation. The gains are not worth the losses.”


Li Cai and the others nodded. Although they didn’t fully understand, they knew that their Boss Long San couldn’t possibly be wrong.

“Long Chen, why don’t you join our Luo Alliance? We can all work together against Chu Yang. If that happens, our odds of success will rise, and it will be safer for everyone. With my understanding of the Chu family’s people, the Chu family will not just target you. They will also cast their anger on everyone who partic.i.p.ated in the battle,” warned Luo Bing.

However, before he even replied, Luo Qingyang said, “For junior brother Long Chen to join the Luo Alliance would definitely be no problem. But we will still have to discuss it amongst ourselves first.”

“You…” Luo Bing stared at Luo Qingyang in disbelief. She didn’t know what was going on with this person who had always been highly regarded by the family. Not only was he not friendly with Long Chen before, but he even said such a thing now.

Just what kind of person was Long Chen? He was the genius who had slain Chu Kuang, and he had limitless potential. Such a genius was something they couldn’t pull in even by begging, but Luo Qingyang actually wanted to discuss it first as if Long Chen was the one begging?

Despite not being close to Long Chen for long, Luo Bing was deeply aware of just how proud Long Chen was. Luo Qingyang’s words had essentially shut him out, no?

Right now, even Luo Ning was enraged. She had seen some of the clues. However, even if this was a matter of pursuing a woman, it should be an aboveboard and honorable pursuit. Such a petty response that didn’t care about the big picture was deplorable.

Furthermore, Long Chen was mortal enemies with the Chu family partially because of the two of them. And now that Chu Yang was targeting Long Chen, Luo Qingyang actually said such a thing.

Long Chen frowned and eyed Luo Qingyang. He indifferently said, “I, Long Chen, slaughtered my way out of a sea of blood and mountain of corpses. I didn’t do it by relying on someone else’s charity. It didn’t happen in the past, and it won’t happen in the future.”

Long Chen had noticed that Luo Qingyang liked Luo Bing, and he had expressed that he had no such intentions when it came to Luo Bing through his actions just now. However, this person’s words and actions were all so petty that Long Chen already detested him. It was no wonder that Luo Bing hadn’t fallen for someone with such a narrow heart.

Even Mu Qingyun, Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, Li Cai, and the others were enraged. His words just now sounded like they were begging to be protected by the Luo Alliance.

Long Chen directly left and Mu Qingyun followed. But as she left, she icily turned back and said, “Your ignorance will harm your Luo Alliance.”

“Long Chen, Qingyun…” Luo Bing panicked, not knowing what to do.

“Bing-er, ignore them. Our Luo Alliance is currently strong enough that we don’t need outside forces. Let’s go back to the Luo Alliance. We’ve already prepared a celebration for you…” said Luo Qingyang.

“Shut up!”

Luo Bing frowned angrily. “Do you realize that if it weren’t for Long Chen, the two of us would have long since died in the lava cave? Do you realize that because of us, Long Chen ended up building a sea of blood in terms of enmity with the Chu family? Your actions are essentially a betrayal. Do you realize just how important Long Chen is to the Luo family? You’ve actually thrown away such an important opportunity to the Luo family.”

Luo Bing was so angry that tears flowed out of her eyes. The pills that Long Chen refined could stimulate the Luo family’s bloodline power, and that was immensely important to the current Luo family. But Luo Qingyang had actually driven him away.

“Luo Qingyang, I know that you like my big sister. But if you like someone, you should do it aboveboard. This scheme of yours? Despicable,” spat out Luo Ning.

Luo Bing was startled to hear this, along with some experts of the Luo Alliance. They didn’t dare to look at Luo Qingyang.

“What nonsense are you spouting?! I do like Bing-er, but I… I’m just acting according to the rules! Long Chen’s origins are unclear. Who knows if he’s a spy from the Chu family? What’s wrong with saying that we need to discuss this first? It’s not like I directly refused him!” raged Luo Qingyang.

“Hahaha! A spy from the Chu family slaughtered the successor of the Chu family’s head? Luo Qingyang, I’ve always respected you, thinking that you were talented and smart, and that you would become one of the pillars of the Luo family. But I didn’t expect you to be so petty. You actually harmed the family for your own selfish reasons. I misjudged you.” Luo Bing turned away from Luo Qingyang disappointedly. She had never thought that he was actually such a person.

“I order you as your senior apprentice-brother to return to the Luo Alliance!” shouted Luo Qingyang.

“I won’t go with you. I, Luo Bing, will establish my own guild.” After saying this, Luo Bing walked away with Luo Ning and the rest of her alliance.

Luo Qingyang remained standing where he was, grinding his teeth. He had never expected things to turn out like this.

“Long Chen, this is all your fault!” Luo Qingyang clenched his fists, his eyes blazing with unconcealed rage.

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