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Chapter 4775 The Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor Appears in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven

Yue Wuxu’s attack shocked all the experts present, but they were even more taken aback to see Long Chen catch the enormous crescent fang with a single hand.0

In front of that giant crescent fang, Long Chen appeared as small as an ant. However, this terrifying attack couldn’t shake him in the slightest.0

Ripples spread from where the blade was pressing on Long Chen’s palm, like furious waves cras.h.i.+ng against heaven and earth.0

Long Chen’s robes and hair fluttered, but he stood strong like a boulder, causing numerous jaws to drop.3

On the other hand, the expressions on the Dragonblood warriors’ faces were flat. When Yue Wuxu suddenly attacked, not one of them reacted because they had absolute confidence in Long Chen. With Long Chen present, they didn’t need to worry about such an attack.0

“The same move?” Startled cries rang out. The people who had crossed the pa.s.sageway had seen this exact same scene play out.0

“Don’t use the same move in front of me twice. Even if you add some fanciness to it, it doesn’t have any meaning.”1

Long Chen’s hand suddenly clenched and shattered the giant crescent fang, causing everyone to stare at him in disbelief.0

Yue Wuxu had unleashed an attack without a sign of him acc.u.mulating power at all. Such an attack was usually unblockable, but Long Chen had blocked it easily. The crushed crescent fang shattered into runes, falling like a rain of light around Long Chen. At this moment, his expression was completely apathetic, like he was a G.o.d far above all others.0

Even the Heaven Overseer was moved by this. “Long Chen’s talent doesn’t seem lower than his father’s.”0

“If he wants to join the Long clan, will our Long clan produce a fifth Heaven Saint in a few decades?” probed the Sage King who wors.h.i.+ped Long Zhantian.0

The one who had argued with him had a dark expression now, but he wasn’t so foolish as to say anything against it.1

“Hahaha!” Yue Wuxu laughed. Just as he was about to speak, the sky darkened, and a giant black saber slashed down.0

“To not reciprocate would be rude. You can have a taste of my saber as well.”0

Evilmoon split through the sky, filling the world with a heaven-shaking killing intent. This attack was also unleashed without any sign of acc.u.mulating energy, just like Yue Wuxu’s attack.0

The only difference was that Long Chen’s attack didn’t contain any flashy divine light or any resonance of the Heavenly Daos. There was only boundless killing intent.0

Yue Wuxu was startled, not expecting Long Chen to imitate his attacks. He had been about to say some words to get back some face, but Long Chen directly unleashed an attack out of nowhere.0

Having no chance to gather energy, Yue Wuxu merely swung his sword in front of him, seeking to exploit a moment when Long Chen's attack had not reached its peak in an attempt to disrupt it. His aim was to block Long Chen's a.s.sault with minimal expenditure of energy.0


The giant black blade descended, and Yue Wuxu met it head-on with his own ma.s.sive sword. Their clash reverberated throughout the world, causing the very fabric of the world to tremble. Despite his best efforts, Yue Wuxu couldn’t withstand the force, being pushed back four steps. With each step, the void collapsed, and the ground beneath him fractured and crumbled.0

Finally stabilizing himself after the fourth step, Yue Wuxu coughed up a mouthful of blood.0


“Yue Wuxu is injured?!”0

“It’s the same kind of attack and defense, but Long Chen is fine, and Yue Wuxu is injured.”0

“No, it’s not the same. Yue Wuxu used his weapon to defend and even interrupted Long Chen’s attack midway, not letting it reach its peak. However, Long Chen firmly withstood his full-power attack barehanded. The difference between them is huge.”0

“What does that mean? Is Yue Wuxu really much weaker than Long Chen? There’s no way that’s true! He’s a native expert of the Sovereign Emperor Heaven!”0

This scene left countless people stunned, as they had antic.i.p.ated an immense battle between the two formidable experts.0

However, the expected gradual exchange, with each probing the other until unleas.h.i.+ng their full power, did not happen. Instead, they witnessed just one move from each combatant, essentially the same move, yet Yue Wuxu was the one left coughing up blood from the impact. It was a sight that defied common sense, especially for the Celestial race's experts.1

Among the Celestial race’s experts present, the senior sage Kings were all native experts, while the new generation of disciples came from outside realms. To them, Yue Wuxu was akin to a G.o.d, an unrivaled figure in their eyes. For someone from the same realm to best Yue Wuxu was beyond their wildest imaginations.0

After forcing back Yue Wuxu, Evilmoon spun in a beautiful arc before resting on Long Chen’s shoulder once more. Long Chen then sneered at the shocked Yue Wuxu. “How foolish. You should have taken seven steps back, which would have allowed you to fully dissolve the power behind that attack. However, you just had to care about your face so much that you forcibly stopped yourself on the fourth step to prevent yourself from being blown back so far. Looks like you underestimated my Split the Heavens. You should have been able to last ten moves against me, but now, you’ll only last three.”1

Long Chen’s voice was cold and emotionless, but filled with confidence, to the point that others couldn’t even bring themselves to doubt him. They stared in shock at the injured Yue Wuxu.1

Yue Wuxu's demeanor no longer exuded its previous calmness. Veins pulsed visibly on the back of his hand, while a surge of killing intent emanated from his eyes.0

“You’re the foolish one. This little wound is nothing more than a mosquito bite to me, but you have managed to anger me! Now, you can face my wrath! Man and Heaven as One, Essence of the Ten Thousand Laws!” declared Yue Wuxu.1

“Waning Moon Reflects Heaven and Earth!”0

A giant crescent moon manifested behind Yue Wuxu, mirroring a similar mark that appeared on his forehead. This was Yue Wuxu's manifestation, and it amplified his aura exponentially.0

Yan Wuxu roared, his face contorted with rage. The crescent moon behind him radiated with divine light, while his sword trembled as if stirred by an awakened beast.2

“Waning Moon Celestial Slas.h.!.+”1

Advancing decisively, Yue Wuxu unleashed a powerful slash with his sword. In an instant, the crescent moon behind him and the one on his forehead dimmed.0

In front of this full-power attack, Long Chen shouted, and a majestic dragon cry echoed throughout heaven and earth.0

“Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor!"

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