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Chapter 4880 Heavenly Fate Disk

Two destructive forces smashed into each other, causing the experts who had just come out of the channel to flee for their lives.

Seeing those wild qi waves, the experts who were still crossing the channel immediately turned around.

The collision echoed through the air as the ten thousand Daos wailed, causing the barrier around Heaven Screen Mountain to shudder. The next moment, the channel exploded, expanding hundreds of times over.

The experts inside the channel screamed as astral winds buffeted them, sending them shooting out. At first, the experts outside the channel were clueless about what was happening, but they soon witnessed the experts going before them expelled from the channel, followed by qi waves erupting like a volcano.

The power of these qi waves startled even the Heaven Saints. Seeing those talented disciples coughing up blood from the impact, they were all concerned.

“What happened inside?”

“Long Chen and Qianwu started fighting. We can’t get in,” answered one of the disciples. The majority of them actually had no idea what had happened as only those near the exit of the channel had seen the two of them fighting.


Originally, they thought there had been a change in the laws of Heaven Screen Mountain. However, it turned out that this big disturbance was caused by Long Chen Huo Qianwu.




Just then, the channel started to shake, forced to expand again until it looked like a collapsing ice hole. Now, the spectators were vaguely able to see two figures through the channel.


Suddenly, the channel exploded, and the barrier around Heaven Screen Mountain shattered, becoming as thin as a cicada’s wing. Now, they could clearly see what was happening inside. Ne/w novel chapt?rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

They saw Long Chen, who seemed like a heavenly G.o.d, repeatedly attacked Huo Qianwu with his saber. Every clash caused ripples to erupt in the void, distorting the very laws of the world.

“Heavens, what kind of power is that?!”

Seeing Long Chen fighting, most of the experts here were stunned. Long Chen wasn’t displaying any divine abilities, nor had he summoned any heaven and earth manifestation. He was fighting purely with the power of his physical body.

For the power of the physical body to be able to exceed the laws of the world, it was practically the stuff of legends. The spectators had not witnessed it before.

Xing Wujiang smiled when he saw this. In truth, he had been extremely worried for Long Chen and Mo Nian. What concerned him wasn't their ability to obtain the corpse, but their ability to contend with someone of Huo Qianwu’s caliber. He was well aware of how terrifying experts like her could be.

However, seeing that Long Chen could still gain the upper hand against Huo Qianwu, he finally relaxed. Although this was just a temporary advantage, it demonstrated that Long Chen wasn't intimidated by Huo Qianwu’s Doyen power, nor did he fear her status.

After all, Huo Qianwu was a Heavenly Chosen, an existence that all Doyens felt a natural inferiority toward as they had no choice but to submit to her. It wasn’t that they weren’t brave enough, but they just couldn’t go against her. This was an example of the unfairness of the Heavenly Daos—Doyens had no choice but to submit to Heavenly Chosens.

Seeing that Long Chen could still fight so freely and ruthlessly without being affected by this pressure, Xing Wujiang finally felt less worried.

However, Huo Qianwu could not be looked down upon. Her Blaze Dragon Bone Whip repeatedly tore the void apart, turning this world into a sea of flames.

Even through the barrier, the spectators could feel the heat; it was absolutely suffocating. A portion of the flames gushed through the channel, causing even Heaven Venerates’ expressions to change in front of that tongue of fire.

With Long Chen and Huo Qianwu fighting in front of the channel, those disciples couldn’t get in, so they could only watch.

“I’m begging you, fight somewhere else! We want to search for treasures!” cried a disciple with a pleading tone.

When Long Chen and Huo Qianwu started fighting, tens of thousands of lucky experts had managed to squeeze their way through. Although they were burned, it wasn’t a serious wound. They hurried off in search of treasures, leaving the remaining disciples to fret like ants on a hot plate.

However, Long Chen and Huo Qianwu completely ignored everything happening outside, unable to hear their pleas. The two of them were peak experts, so none of them was using anything beyond their basic energy and weapons.

After all, they had their pride as peak experts. As long as the other side didn’t use another kind of power, they also wouldn’t, or it would be like admitting their inferiority. This kind of fighting style was an unwritten rule in clashes between peak experts. With just one saber and one whip, they transformed the surrounding world into a scene straight out of the apocalypse.


The Blaze Dragon Bone Whip and Dragonbone Evilmoon once more clashed. Long Chen and Huo Qianwu glared at each other with killing intent.

“I possess a Heavenly Flame body. As long as this world’s flame energy exists, my power is bottomless. What can you use to win against me?” sneered Huo Qianwu.

“I don’t have any other strong points other than beating people who think they’re unbeatable,” replied Long Chen.

Evilmoon and the Blaze Dragon Bone Claw clacked against each other, emitting ear-piercing sounds that raised people’s gooseb.u.mps.

All of a sudden, Long Chen pushed down with his hands, and with an explosive sound, both of them retreated. When they regained their balance, Huo Qianwu’s expression changed.

“Do you admit defeat yet?” asked Long Chen as he rested Evilmoon on his shoulder, looking at her coldly.

Just now, the two of them competed in pure power, and when they knocked each other back, Long Chen took five steps back, while Huo Qianwu took seven.

It was only a small difference, but the result was unacceptable to Huo Qianwu. Her face was ashen as he shouted, “Ignorant fool, I’ll show you a power that you could never control even if you trained for ten thousand years!”

Huo Qianwu spread her hands, and the s.p.a.ce behind her twisted, revealing a full moon. At this moment, heaven and earth changed, seemingly becoming an entirely different existence after this moon emerged.

“That’s... a Heavenly Chosen’s... Heavenly Fate Disk!” the experts outside the barrier shouted in shock.

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