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Chapter 436: 436

Kaifeng .

The place where willows were first born, I don't know why, when the first wave of willows came, it didn't destroy it, making it almost the only surviving city in Henan .

However, the dilapidation here is also obvious . In the last ten years, when the first wave of doomsday came, the number of people here decreased by more than 75% . Ten years later, the city, which once reached nearly one million people, had only two or three thousand to talk about .

The people who survived were lucky . The winter was nearly four years, and nothing could be planted in the city . All the people were forced to eat the fruits of willows .

On that day, a man who was nearly 30 years old was outside picking the fruit of the willow tree . If Liu Chang was here at this time, he would recognize that he was actually his high school cla.s.smate w.a.n.g Bin ten years ago .

One went back to high school and had hundreds of students in four . Now there are only two who have survived - one is Liu Chang, the other is w.a.n.g Bin .

In the last ten years, he lived in the southern suburb military region from the first day of his last life . He didn't want to stay for ten years . He lived a b.u.mpy life until now . He is an ordinary person, ordinary to no more ordinary people, in the case of no means of transport, he can not cross the dangerous forest, so he is very safe and has never left the city .

Six years ago, he had seen the storm of willow trees, and the images of the mountain fall had always been imprinted in his memory, causing deep fear .

But even if the fear is still there, in the face of the pressure of survival, he is still eating willow fruit for four years .

As soon as the fruit was eaten for four years, there was no reaction . When he was already used to the present life, the accident came without warning .

Today, w.a.n.g Bin, who was picking fruit, suddenly felt a sudden change in his normally peaceful wicker . Just as he was picking the fruit, the willow suddenly went mad without any sign . This scared w.a.n.g Bin - he knew that the willow would move, but the willow had not moved for several years . This time, he convulsed violently . Just as w.a.n.g Bin was scared to escape, the branches of the willow tree were withered again .

As if water and nutrition together, something is taken away, absorbed and opened, and the whole willow, including the fruit growing on it . They shriveled together . Then w.a.n.g Bin suddenly felt as if there was an electric current pa.s.sing through his body . His whole body was numb . Then the current gradually increased to a point where the naked eye could see everything around him .

"Have you started?"

It's not only Kaifeng, but also the whole Eurasian and African continent, including Henan and China, that are s.h.i.+ning brilliantly in the Eastern Hemisphere - because at this moment, at this moment . The light from the whole eastern hemisphere has changed the brightness of the sun . It seems that the whole Eurasian continent has been turned into a bright incandescent lamp, telling everyone that something is wrong .

"The willow has begun!" Li Qingshui held his fingers in front of his eyes to avoid being stung by the light from the other side of the Bering Strait .

"Are you ready?"

"For four years, everything that should be prepared has been prepared, and G.o.d has helped me . Isn't everything waiting for this day? " Liu Chang laughed and his body began to have a strange change .

For four years, his body has never stopped the pace of extraordinary change every minute . For four years, as the protonuclear elder said, he has been extremely lucky, and his body has evolved so fast that he can't imagine that any medicine has no side effect here . With the help of the protonuclear Presbyterian group, Liu Chang has evolved into a situation he can't imagine .

Behind the wings slowly grow huge plump wings, wings above the page distribution is full of veins like plants . Liu Chang's body surface has gradually become the hard material of ants, and his muscles have completely become the tissues of arthropods like micro dynamo . The skin is constantly creeping, as if every cell has its own life .

"Try to capture the willow's source of consciousness . " Li Qingshui said, the brain waves into Liu Chang's mind, let the two people's consciousness carry together .

"Do you have this, too?" The elder of prokaryote said, and handed Liu Chang a long strip of stone of strange material . "We have 500 prokaryotes . For several years, we have not really integrated our consciousness, let alone fully energy our thinking . But we have invented this conductor, which can be used to carry our consciousness and all our thinking energy . If you hold it, the brain waves of our 500 people can follow Time - faster than all radio waves . If you take it with you, it's like taking us with you at any time

The elder of the former nuclear power spoke and handed the long stone to Liu Chang .

Then everything is ready, carrying the consciousness of Li Qingshui, Liu Chang's wings shake, catch up with the sound of breaking the sky, a head into the sky .

It seems that heaven and earth are cooperating with his actions . After Liu Chang enters the clouds, the whole sky seems to be pierced with a hole and suddenly becomes clear . "What's going on?" Entering the sky, the scene in front of Liu Chang gradually brightened up . The thick fog around him seemed to have come so quickly that it suddenly retreated . Liu Chang only felt that his vision was becoming wider and wider .

Before the red fog came, human beings could see the mountains thousands of meters away . After the red fog came, human beings could only see the scene of three or four meters in front of their eyes . After the red fog came, Liu Chang could see five or six hundred meters away a few days ago . Now, the thick fog suddenly retreated, and Liu Chang only felt that the whole earth was in his vision .

"The world is really beautiful . " Liu Chang's first reaction was not to investigate the reason why the red fog suddenly retreated when it was stranded in the sky thousands of meters high . The reason why the red fog came is still a mystery . However, his vision suddenly widened and the whole land was closed at present . Liu Chang found that after the red fog retreated and the gray clouds in the sky retreated, the whole land was so charming .

The sun is no longer blocked down, everything seems to be back to life in this moment . The temperature around him began to pick up gradually . Liu Chang went to see both sides of the Bering Strait, whether in North America or Russia . He saw no longer high-rise buildings, but the compet.i.tion for survival of all things .

There are more plants and insects than in the past . Through the ice . The interior of the ocean he saw was fascinating .

It's just that all of this - covered by another brilliant thing - seems to be the most beautiful landscape painting, which suddenly adds a sun and destroys the balance . The result is that everything is no longer so beautiful .

"Why did the red fog retreat suddenly? Didn't the first Cambrian last two million years?" After a minute of being shocked by the beautiful pictures of the world, Liu Chang wakes up and brings his thoughts back to reality .

"I don't know . " Li Qingshui responded to Liu Chang in his thoughts . "The first Cambrian . No one knows whether this super evolutionary red fog exists intermittently or always Maybe it's going to change . The willows have touched some rules . These things can't be answered correctly by a.n.a.lyzing and guessing . The specific situation will be known after seeing the willow . He's over there . . . "

Following the direction of Li Qingshui's consciousness, Liu Chang saw something like a thunder ball in the sky . The energy of the thunder group came from the earth below . The willow tree's huge body across Eurasia and Africa was like the coc.o.o.n silk of a moth . The thunder ball in the sky is constantly conveying energy, so that the energy in the thunder ball is constantly surging . Then Liu Chang can see what you are transforming inside .

No longer hesitating, he shook his wings and flew to thunder ball . He had been waiting for this moment for four years . This is the only possibility for him to deal with willow . Time doesn't allow him to think about why .

Liu Chang in the air, speed is very fast, with several times the speed of the sound, close to thunder ball, and then he follows his own feeling, regardless of whether to plunge into .

Then -

the brain is empty .

Liu Chang once again entered that mysterious world, surrounded by a piece of white fog, inside which is a huge light ball . There is a thin line above the sphere of light, connecting the unknown sky above the sky .

After entering here several times, Liu Chang is very familiar with this place - this is the world of consciousness source - he doesn't understand why he came here after entering the willow body . He just looks around in a daze . He knew that since he came here, he would meet his desperate opponent .

"h.e.l.lo, Liu Chang . " There was a strong voice in the air, and then the image of a human old man was generated in the s.p.a.ce of the source of consciousness . The image of the old man was vague, because no image was his representative, because it was just an illusion because he was a big willow .

"h.e.l.lo . " Liu Chang did not know what to say in the face of the enemy who had not been masked for ten years but wanted to see every day for ten years .

"Isn't it strange how you came here?" Said the willow, and there seemed to be no hostility in his voice .

"Well, you are metamorphosis outside . Naturally, I want to destroy you . What do you want to say when you bring me in for heart to heart talk?"

"I didn't pull you in . After all, this is the core of my source of consciousness . As the only person in the world who can see the source of consciousness, I'll put your heart on your dagger . I can't do this . "

"Not who are you? Miss Li? He obviously doesn't have the ability . Or the protonuclear Presbyterian? If they want to do it early today, if they can? " Liu Chang also has questions .

"It's not Li Qingshui, it's not prokaryote, it's Gaia in your mouth . " The big willow's voice was still loud .

"The rules don't attack people actively . They can't fight back intelligently or rebound under pressure . " Liu Chang said what Li Qingshui had told him .

"But if Gaia is not the rule?" The big willow said with a smile .

"Not the rule?" Seeing that the big willow tree had no mood before the war, Liu Chang seemed to be driven by him and thought along his lines, "do you mean Gaia is a creature?"

"Well, the creatures that really touch the source of consciousness, the things that bind all life, are the masters of the puppets on our heads . " As the willow said this, he pointed to the line linking the sky above the sphere of consciousness . Seeing this line, Liu Chang once again thought of the scene that he saw after touching the crystal tree on the mysterious fire lake island when he first went into the sea . That day, he saw a piece of red energy . The energy was like clouds in the sky . It was like a cloud in the sky . There was a flash of thunder and lightning in it . The lightning seemed to contain endless wisdom .

"Gaia is a creature . I didn't know he was the super life born in the last two million years of the Cambrian . It's still from outer s.p.a.ce, but now it seems that the life born in the last Cambrian is more likely After all, two million years is too long . Even if the life base is lower, there are always Super Mutant creatures . And judging from the fossils of higher organisms excavated by our later generations, the life series born in that era was not low, but the best species were inexplicably extinct . . . "

"Gaia did it all?"

"It should be . "

"What is his purpose?"

"Rules of confrontation . " "My opponent is Gaia, Gaia's opponent is the rules," said the willow . You're the second creature to see the source of consciousness, and I think if you don't target me, we can be Gaia's real adversary if we join together

"I don't believe you . "

"You don't need to believe me . I just want your mind to know that it exists . " Willow finish this sentence, white s.p.a.ce, that light ball of energy (to be continued)

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