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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 24 Part 3

This was the first time that Zhou Tingsheng had posted a human in his pictures and it
was an alluring beauty just from her elegant disposition. The number of comments and
shares of this particular picture set a record high. Ye Qiao even noticed that Qianxi was
among those who had shared the post on her feed. Qianxi commented with a string of
exclamation marks before her sentence: Ahhhhhh! Why does she look so much like my

Ye Qiao replied under her Weibo post: “......”

Qianxi, who was always on social media sites, promptly replied with another string of
ahhhs: My goodness, cousin! If it wasn't for the fact that I know you are filming in the
countryside, I would've thought you've found a new love interest again!

Ye Qiao sent a private message to Qianxi: What do you mean by “again”?

Qianxi discovered that she had said something she shouldn't and for a long time didn't
know how to respond. But she thought to herself: I'm talking about your mysterious
handsome neighbor. Don't try to argue! Last time when I called you, I heard over the
phone that you two were buying a cat in the pet shop! He even said Ragdoll cats look
like sissies! Does he even know what a good looking cat is? Ragdolls are so pretty!

In her indignance, a light bulb suddenly went off in Qianxi's brain. She said to Ye Qiao:
Wait, wait a minute…...the cat?

Ye Qiao's couldn't reply as the internet died just then.

The filming crew had rented the local farm houses as living quarters. They had cleaned up
the yard and somewhat improved the landscaping to make the living conditions more
omfortable for the crew. However, they couldn't do anything to the structure of the houses.
The soundproofing of the rooms was rather poor. Ye Qiao's attention was pulled back from
the internet by the sound of someone sobbing outside in the yard.

She put on a jacket and went outside to check. There was a young lady sitting on the
bluestone pavement right in front of Gu Jin's room. It was obvious that she had made an
effort to dress nicely and to put on delicate makeup, unlike Ye Qiao who had just come
out on the spur of the moment. However, the dress the young lady had on was made of
rather thin fabric with a very low cut on the neckline. She was exposed to chilly night
breeze, Ye Qiao worried whether she would catch a cold.

Ye Qiao took a good look at the girl and recognized her as a new actress that just graduated
from the film academy, Zhao Mo. She didn't have many scenes in this movie but was very
active at the film site. She maintained warm relations with all the leading actors and always
asked for advice from them. Ye Qiao wasn't close to her because Ye Qiao didn't like to
a.s.sociate with people she didn't know well. Xu Yingshan on the other hand was very warm
to Zhao Mo in front of everyone, but the moment she turned around, Xu Yingshan would
sneer at her. Cheng Jiang was too famous for Zhao Mo to get close to. Only Lu Qing was
easy to get close to and willing to give her advice here and there, but he wasn't onsite all
the time.

Actually, Zhao Mo had graduated from the same film academy as Ye Qiao.

Ye Qiao was about to turn back to her room to get some sleep when Zhao Mo raised her
head and saw her.

It was quite obvious what Zhao Mo's intentions were sitting in front of the director's room late
at the night, dressed provocatively and crying. Zhao Mo had been caught red handed, with
nowhere to hide. Stunned, she just blankly looked at Ye Qiao.

It was bad enough for her to embarra.s.s herself earlier, now someone else had seen her in
such a humiliating state. If the one standing in front of her was Xu Yingshan instead of
Ye Qiao, she was sure that she would become the laughing stock of the whole crew tomorrow.

Especially,…...Zhao Mo recalled all the rumors she had heard about Ye Qiao and Gu Jin,
she grew even more mortified. Her ears turned red and she tried to run away. In her rush,
she tripped on the uneven gaps between the bluestone pavement. She fell, leaving a bad
gash on her knee: “Ah……”

Ye Qiao couldn't pretend that she didn't see her fall. She walked over to help Zhao Mo up.

Zhao Mo was even more ashamed; she stood up, ready to head off after saying thanks
to Ye Qiao.

Ye Qiao told her: “I have a medicine bag in my room.”

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