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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 24 Part 4

Zhao Mo's first impression of Ye Qiao was that she was a quiet person. She never
talked much but had a presence that no one could fail to notice. Zhao Mo had envied
a lot of people, Ye Qiao was the one who she envied the most, even though Ye Qiao
wasn't the most famous person among the cast. It was because Ye Qiao wasn't
contaminated by the business. It seemed that she had earned her position today effortlessly.

In the entertainment circle, there were always a few people who could claim themselves
as superstars. But very few could claim that they were as clean as a whistle. Zhao Mo
wanted to be famous. She wanted to be able to reach the top effortlessly as well.

Ye Qiao saw Zhao Mo bite her lower lip as if she was debating with herself. Ye Qiao said to
her: “I'm not forcing you. But you better think about how to explain that cut when you ask for
medical help.”

Ye Qiao didn't wait for her reply and helped her back to her room. Zhao Mo didn't resist.

There was only one energy saving lamp inside the room. Zhao Mo sat on the chair near the
door, watching Ye Qiao take out a variety of medicine from the bag. Zhao Mo had seen
actresses bring big makeup chests with them, but she had never seen anyone bring such
a big medicine bag with her.

Ye Qiao handed over some disinfectant to Zhao Mo. Ye Qiao's cell phone began to ring
shortly after.

Ye Qiao quietly asked the person on the phone: “You've arrived?” Zhao Mo could faintly
hear a deep male voice from the phone. In the quietness of the night, Zhao Mo could
almost hear the tone of his voice, easygoing yet enchanting. Ye Qiao listened for a while,
then said: “En. Go sleep now.” The response made Ye Qiao chuckled. Zhao Mo didn't know
that Ye Qiao could laugh like a little girl. Ye Qiao wilily said: “I'll hang up if you keep talking
nonsense.” At the end of the conversation, Ye Qiao said in mild surprise: “Oh? Really?”

The phone call was short. After Ye Qiao ended the call, her expression became much
more lively.

Zhao Mo took care of her own wound and cautiously inquired: “Was it from your boyfriend?”

Ye Qiao seemed to have just noticed Zhao Mo's existence, turning around with a calm
expression on her face again.

Zhao Mo's relaxed mood disappeared.

Ye Qiao knew what she was worrying about but didn't say it straight out: “Is it very important?”

Zhao Mo noticed that she wasn't taking the whole thing seriously and finally realized that
even if the rumor was true, Ye Qiao wouldn't hold a grudge against her for attempting to
seduce the director. She breathed out a sigh of relief and broke out a guileless smile:
“I really envy you.”

Her reaction wasn't what Ye Qiao had expected: “What?”

“That you have an affectionate boyfriend.”


“I can tell from your expression when you were talking on the phone, you must be deeply
in love.”

Ye Qiao didn't know how to reply. Zhao Mo's words returned the foreboding feeling that
she had left behind in her dreams.

She mindlessly changed the subject: “Did you know that I had a heart transplant before.
In this country, the life span after the operation is 18 years at best.” There was something
flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes and she spoke lightly, letting the words out as if it were a sigh: “I did it
ten years ago.”

Zhao Mo, astounded, stammered: “But…...only stars will fall from the sky. Those who
always stay on the ground remain just mud.”

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