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-The Day After a Day of Drinking-

I wave a hand at Ness and take the seat next to his.

"Ho, Asagi! Let's drink!"

"Looks like you've had quite a lot already…"

"You idiot! This barely even counts!"

I beg to differ. His eyes couldn't even focus on anything. But then again, he was talking just fine irritatingly.

"So, Asagi. How have you been?"

"Recently? Well, it was pretty much the worst until recently."

"Buwahahaha! Sure was!"

I wonder whose fault that was! I don't say it. I have a rule against arguing while drinking.

"Well, I have a good feeling about what's to come…"

I say as I swipe Ness' drink from the side and down the whole thing. It wasn't very chilled, but it tasted great. Daniela was eating the steamed chicken she had ordered with the most satisfied expression. I suppose she really enjoyed her food.

We kept drinking like this for a while, and I periodically stole whatever Ness was eating. He was pretty much done for. He was half asleep now. I rob him of his last drink and plate and move over to Daniela's seat. My mug of ale clinks lightly against her mug of fruit water.

"That was a busy day."

"Aye, Asagi. You did well. Let's keep this up tomorrow as well."

"It's very heartening to have you there with me."

"Hehe. You know, flattery won't get you anything with me?"

She smiled as she brushed her short, platinum blonde hair from her face. She could be quite handsome…

"Does your hair color derive from your race?"

"Hmm? Oh, well, yes. Generally, that is the case with elves."

"So there are other colors?"

"There are brunettes and those with silver hair."

So hair color was not a determining factor for light elves. I ran my fingers through my own hair. As I had worked the night s.h.i.+ft for so long and slept through most of the day, I rarely went to the barber. Whenever it reached a certain length, the manager would start touching it from behind, which was my signal to have it cut. The signal was a bit creepy, and I always wished it would stop. Though, I now wondered how he was doing.

"Is your hair derived from your race, Asagi?"

"Well, sort of. I don't know. But everyone around me had black hair."

“Hmm… When it comes to black hair, they say that the ogre tribes in the farthest reaches often have black hair. Though the accounts are old and I have never seen them in person.”

She said as she chewed on a mouthful of chicken and steamed vegetables. So there were ogres? Did they wear striped underwear too?

I was imagining what these elusive ogres might look like when I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Fiona.

“Asagi. Checks finished.”

"You're not very formal today."

"Hmph… Why should I be?"

She pouted a little. What was going on? I felt an uncomfortable number of eyes on me. Was this what it was like to be on the receiving end of daggers shot through the eyes? The look coming from right next to me was especially awkward.



"Let's go."


Daniela said as she stood up and quickly walked away. I hurriedly chased after her. I did also happen to leave Daniela's bill on Ness' table when doing this.

We received the reward at the counter along with a note.

'Forest wolf fangs……………….160/1 gold piece, 60 silver pieces.'

'Quest completion reward………30 silver pieces.'

1 gold piece had the value of 100 silver pieces, 1 silver piece had the value of 100 copper pieces. It was written on the counter. So according to this, we needed to split the reward into 95 silver pieces. I had left calculations to the cash register, so it was not my forte.

But I was probably right. Up until now, I had not had to think about such things when receiving my reward, but I would have to use my head now in order to split it. It felt like my brain cells were coming out of hibernation. So I had the gold exchanged to 190 silver pieces and split it between the two of us.

"Here, Daniela. You should count yours."
"Mmm… Yes, it's fine."
"I don't want to fight over money."
"Ah, you are right."

She nodded several times. I wondered if something had happened in her past…

After that, we walked through Fhiraldo's streets and returned to the Spring Wind inn together. Now that I think of it, we had avoided the street stalls but ended up dining at the bar anyway. I needed to be more moderate.

The next day, I waited in the dining hall for Daniela, who was as sluggish in the morning as ever, and began to make plans for the day. We could hunt forest wolves again. Sure.

"Oh, are you a customer?"

A voice suddenly interrupts me. I raise my head and see that a woman was standing there with a warm smile.

"Yes. I am."
"Thank heavens. You were in the dining hall but not eating anything. I thought some strange person had gotten in."

It was quite brave of her to say such a thing to a complete stranger. But who was she?

"Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm the innkeeper's daughter, Mizel."
"Oh, Mrs. Maris'."
"Yes, that's right."

Yes, the somewhat slow voice and the soft smile was a perfect match. Just like the morning sunlight, it made you a little sleepy.

"So you haven't eaten yet?"
"No. My partner is staying here with me, and just I'm waiting for her to wake up."
"Is that so. Well then, we'll have the food prepared in advance."
"Uh, thank you."

There was something infectious about the way she talked. As I chuckled to myself, Daniela came through the entrance.

"Good morn…"
"Morning. You okay?"

She sat down, then collapsed over the table. It would take her a minute to get her engine running again. The first thing to do was to eat.
The basic breakfast at the Spring Wind Inn consisted of toast, fried eggs, and homemade smoked meats. It was a kind of foreign breakfast, and I liked it quite a bit. It was fancy. At least for someone like me who usually slept instead of having breakfast. But recently, I had become quite active, I ate more and slept at night. Was it possible to be too healthy?
Mizel brought over three plates of food. Three?

"Here is your breakfast."
"Thank you."
"Thank you…"

She sat down. Eh? What?

"Oh, do you mind if I join you?"
"Well, you already have."

Daniela was biting into her bread with half-open eyes.

"I've just finished organizing all the new provisions. I'm so exhausted and…"
"You worked all night?"
"I did just that. I only arrived just before the gates were closed, and yet mother…oh, the innkeeper, tells me to finish everything tonight…"

We continued eating like this, and Mizel's complaints continued as well. Apparently, she was in charge of buying new stock. Every month she would go to the city that was reached by way of the opposite carriage tracks from the one I had taken in coming here. I wonder if Mizel's carriage had helped create those tracks in the road, and the world feels so much smaller.
Eventually, her grievances were interrupted by Maris' shouting and forceful removal from the room. She waved at us even while she was being dragged away by the collar. We waved back as we got up from the table.

"Well then, we're a little late, but we should go to the guild house, accept a quest and head for the forest."
"About that, Asagi. I think we should go and buy a few things together first."
"Sure, but why?"

Daniela folded her arms and laughed proudly.

"We'll be camping out. Three days out in the forest!"

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Thanks for reading! We finally reached the 20th chapter!

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