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The blue clothed middle aged man was also developing his own strength. If the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d was able to step into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, it would undoubtedly be a strong early stage legendary realm.

At that time, he would have the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d s and b.l.o.o.d.y Costume Fighting G.o.d s as his right-hand men, and his power would be able to quickly expand.

"Alright, I'll look for Yang Genming now and tell him not to interfere in this matter." The blue-clothed middle-aged man said.

… ….

Chen Xiang returned to the shop.

"Lan Yi, do you think we need to work with the City Lord's team?" Chen Xiang said, "If it's really possible, then we don't need to nurture the War G.o.d and can directly cooperate with the City Lord."

"The City Lord has a good personality. Although the reason why he is cooperating with you is for his own benefits, it is rare for him to have such an eye." Feng Lanyi said: "If we can really become his powerful allies, that's not bad. If the City Lord is strong enough in the future, we can sell pills in the Fighting Glorious City much more easily."

Chen Xiang nodded her head: "Alright, then it's decided. I will go and have a good talk with him."

"Boss Shen, the City Lord's Mansion has come to find you." Hua Liqing laughed, she did not know what was going on, and thought that it was a good thing, but seeing Chen Xiang's expression slightly change, she knew that it could not be a good thing.

When Chen Xiang had just left the City Lord, he had told Yang Genming that if the boss behind the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d decided to make a move against him, he was to send someone to notify him.

Now that he was here, it was clear that he had come to a conclusion.

"So fast. I hope it's not that." Chen Xiang anxiously walked out, only to see the man handing him a letter, without saying anything, he quickly left.

Chen Xiang opened the letter and looked at it, sighing helplessly. The boss behind the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d had already decided to take action against Feng Lanyi, and even went to talk to Yang Genming, to ask him not to interfere in this matter.

Chen Xiang handed the letter over to Feng Lanyi, and Hua Liqing stuck his head out to read it together.

"Chen Xiang, how about this, I will go and expose that I am a World Defying Stage Legendary Rank." Feng Lanyi said. She felt that this was the only way to intimidate the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d.

Chen Xiang shook his head. "City Lord told Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d and the others about you being a World Defying Stage Legendary Rank long ago in order to intimidate them. However, they still haven't given up.

Hua Liqing said, "In order to win over Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d, the boss behind Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d must definitely catch Lan Yi and help Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d step into World Defying Stage Legendary Rank."

Feng Lanyi clenched her jade fists tightly, gritted her teeth, and snorted coldly: "That trash, Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d, is actually willing to be your slave to eat me, I must definitely kill him."

"Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d knows that you have stepped into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, so they will definitely not leave the city easily. They will also definitely think of ways to get you out, or wait until you leave the city to make a move on you." Chen Xiang said: "That's the only way they can do it, the City Lord already told me, they don't dare to mess around in the city."

"That's good then. I can always stay in the Fighting Glorious City, but I want to see how long they can keep dragging it out for with me." Feng Lanyi was finally relieved, she was worried that it would affect the shop, since the shop had just started.

"I told you, we can't sit still and wait for death." Chen Xiang said.

"Then what do we do?" Feng Lanyi also wanted to deal with Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d, but there was nothing he could do.

"I will join the City Lord as a war G.o.d to fight and destroy the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d." Chen Xiang said calmly: "Since the boss has already decided to make a move on you, then there is no need for me to be courteous. I will make a move on Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d and kill him in World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum."

"Rest a.s.sured, this will not affect my ability to refine pills." Chen Xiang smiled slightly, the pill spirit could condense World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan with pill patterns on them, and could also condense normal World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan.

Chen Xiang did not need to concoct the pills anymore, he planned to finish off the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d first, and wait for Xiao Xianglin to master all the Tao-creation's incantations before he go and concoct the new pills.

"But it doesn't mean that you will affect the forging of the pill... but rather, will you be able to win against Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d? " Feng Lanyi was very worried. She knew that Chen Xiang was not a simple person, but Chen Xiang was only strong in the area of alchemy.

Chen Xiang had been concocting pills all day, so both Feng Lanyi and Hua Liqing were worried.

"I know what I'm doing. I will go find City Lord right now." Chen Xiang was very confident in his own strength. After all, he was someone who had cultivated a Red fire dragon, and World Defying Green dragon was very weak in his eyes. If he was afraid of the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d, then it would be too laughable.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the City Lord's Mansion, he saw that Yang Genming was already waiting for him.

"I didn't expect it to be so sudden." Yang Genming hurriedly brought Chen Xiang into the hall, he was also very gloomy.

"I have long since prepared it." Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

"The owner of the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d is called Mu Yijing. He's from the inner sect of the Wood Mountain Sect, and should be at the elder-level." Yang Genming said: "Those of you who are in Fighting Glorious City do not dare to be reckless, they can only wait until you all have left the city before they can make their move."

"City Lord, can I join your team?" Chen Xiang said.

Yang Genming was drinking his tea, and upon hearing Chen Xiang's words, he almost choked.

"Boss Shen, this... This, isn't good. " Yang Genming understood what Chen Xiang meant. Chen Xiang wanted to get rid of Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d inside the World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum, but he did not know much about Chen Xiang's strength and was worried that something might happen to Chen Xiang.

In Yang Genming's eyes, concocting pills was just concocting pills, he should not be making trouble, but Chen Xiang, this rare genius Alchemist, actually wanted him to kill his enemies.

"City Lord, don't worry, although I specialize in pill refining, I am still very professional when it comes to fighting." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Boss Shen, just concoct pills honestly. I will think of a way to help you get rid of someone like the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d." Yang Genming put down the teacup and immediately tried to persuade her.

I want to personally kill this guy. The boss behind him wants to kill my man, but I have to teach that Mu Yijing a lesson, I want to let him know the consequences of going against me, Chen Xiang. He did this to Lan Yi, just so that Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d can step into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank and obtain a legendary helper.

Seeing Chen Xiang's determination, Yang Genming knew that he could not persuade him otherwise, and could only shake his head and sigh.

"Fine, I'll let you try." Yang Genming said: "It's impossible for you to challenge Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d directly … First, you have to become a War G.o.d, and then defeat the two War G.o.ds from the Azure Dragon Squad that Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d is on, in order to challenge Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d. At that time, Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d will definitely not reject you. "

"To become a warG.o.d, I need to win ten consecutive battles, right?" Chen Xiang had also understood it before.

"Yes, this isn't hard to say, but it isn't easy to say either. If your luck isn't good, then all previous efforts will be for naught when you meet someone stronger, especially when you won nine consecutive battles. That's why my current team only has three warG.o.ds." Yang Genming laughed bitterly.

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