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Chapter 4532: Birth Of Qin Guoguo (2)

Mrs. Su looked at her husband, and the two looked at each other, not daring to speak.

Grandpa Su continued, “I understand how you guys feel, I also want the Su Family to have a descendant, but we can’t harm other people… She’s a pure and innocent woman, not our surrogate. Why should she give birth to our family’s child? If Yu wakes up, that’s fine, but if he doesn’t, how are you going to let her live the rest of her life? Yu’s condition is already a tragedy for the Su Family, we can’t implicate others.”

“Dad…” Mrs. Su wanted to say something else.

“Stop it, I don’t agree to this. I’m not going to do anything against the heavens just because my grandchild is gone… Plus, Yu’s not here anymore, what’s the point of having a child? As the saying goes, if the pot is gone, what’s the point of buying a pot lid?”

Grandpa Su clearly meant that Su Yu was irreplaceable in his heart.

What was the point of giving birth using the Su Family’s genes? Could a child replace Su Yu?

Obviously not. Su Yu’s status in the family was irreplaceable.

After Huo Mian went to the South Side, she talked to some of her old colleagues.

Then she went for a prenatal checkup.

Qin Chu helped Huo Mian into the car. “Are you hungry? I’ll take you out to eat.”

Huo Mian shook her head.

“I’ve already discussed with the hospital about the acquisition. I think it’ll be done in a week. By the time you give birth, this hospital will be ours.”


“Are you feeling unwell?”

Seeing that Huo Mian wasn’t in a good mood, Qin Chu asked carefully.

“I want to see Su Yu.”


Upon hearing Huo Mian’s request, Qin Chu immediately drove her to Su Yu’s mansion.

As soon as they arrived, Qin Chu received a call from Qin Ning.

She said that Tang Chuan had gotten drunk and got into a fight with someone.

Qin Chu quickly drove to find Tang Chuan.

After Huo Mian entered, she took off her jacket.

She was only wearing a light green sweater inside.

“President Huo.”

An had been Huo Mian’s driver for more than three years to protect her.

Therefore, he was used to calling Huo Mian President Huo.

“Yeah, have you guys eaten?”

“Yes, we have.”

“I’m here to see Su Yu,” Huo Mian said.

“Alright, I’ll bring you there.”

“There’s no need for that. Go do what you need to do. I’ll go in and take a look myself.”

Then, Huo Mian walked straight into Su Yu’s room.

His clothes had already been changed into a comfortable set of pajamas. His pajamas were white, Su Yu’s favorite color.

Su Yu’s face was clean, as An would wash his face and shave him every morning.

There was no trace of sloppiness at all…

Huo Mian carried over a small stool and sat down in front of Su Yu’s bed.

Then, she looked at Su Yu’s dry lips.

She took a cotton swab from her bag.

She took out the mineral water that she carried with her…

She wet the cotton swab and wiped Su Yu’s lips.

As she wiped, she said, “I went to the hospital for a prenatal checkup today. The baby is very healthy, and his heartbeat is very strong… Everyone says he’s going to be a healthy young man from now on… He’s very close to his due date, and he might be out in less than a week. You must be happy for him, right? You said… when I give birth, you’ll prepare a big present for me… so you have to wake up quickly and not go back on your word. Do you hear me?… The present has to be bought, and it has to be something very, very expensive. Knowing you have money, I have to take advantage of it…”

Huo Mian smiled after she finished speaking, but she didn’t get any response from Su Yu. He was still in a deep sleep and didn’t even move his eyelashes.

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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4532 - Birth Of Qin Guoguo (2) summary

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