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Chapter 4534: Birth Of Qin Guoguo (4)

——In the next life, can it be you who forgets about your pride and falls madly in love with me?

When Huo Mian finished reading this sentence, tears rolled down her cheeks like a string of broken pearls.

It was confirmed to be Su Yu’s handwriting; even the note was crumpled.

This style was artistic and unlike Su Yu’s usual tone.

However, Huo Mian knew that he must have written it.

He knew that he would never be able to return after entering the dream for the second time.

Regardless of whether he could save everyone, he would not be able to return…

Therefore, to write something like that with that kind of emotion… This was probably what Su Yu truly felt.

Ever since Qin Chu came back from the States and reunited with her…

Su Yu had been suppressing his feelings for Huo Mian.

He did not dare to let others see it and deliberately kept a distance from her. He even reduced the number of times they met and rarely met her alone.

He wanted to avoid her and didn’t want Qin Chu to be jealous.

It was all because Su Yu knew that Huo Mian had a complete family, a man who loved her deeply, and her children.

As an intruder, he appeared later than Qin Chu.

Most importantly, Qin Chu was the only person in Huo Mian’s heart, and Su Yu knew that there was no hope for him in this lifetime.

Even if Qin Chu didn’t come back from America, his proposal wouldn’t have succeeded.

It was impossible for Huo Mian to remarry, especially after giving birth to Qin Chu’s child.

Su Yu used to be an atheist, but when he saw Huo Mian eating vegetarian and reading Buddhist scriptures, he was influenced by her.

Later on, he even believed in reincarnation.

According to Buddhism, humans have three lifetimes of karma… Their previous lifetime of cultivation, as well as this lifetime of suffering and the cultivation would determine the next lifetime of fortune.

Therefore, Su Yu thought that if there really was a next lifetime.

Could he be given the chance… to take care of Huo Mian once… even just once?

Master Wu indeed didn’t read what was written on the note, but he could roughly guess.

After all, Su Yu’s words were his last before his death, and Huo Mian wouldn’t be happy to see it.

Huo Mian held the note in her hand, her hands trembling nonstop…

Then, she cried for a long time…

Only when the fetal movement in her stomach became very strong, did she start to control her emotions.

The baby might have also felt his mother’s agitation, as he flipped in fear in the womb.

Huo Mian panted heavily… she felt like she was suffocating.

No one had ever made her feel so terrible…

Not even when Huo Siqian died.

Huo Mian saw with her own eyes how Huo Siqian s.n.a.t.c.hed her explosives and wanted to die with Leila.

Then, he was blown up into pieces…

That scene was heartbreaking.

Whereas, Su Yu had remained in the dream, yet left such a sentence for her in the real world.

Huo Mian felt a sharp pain in her chest…

“Child, are you okay?” Master Wu was worried; after all, Huo Mian was pregnant and due for delivery.

Huo Mian was crying so hard that she couldn’t speak. She could only shake her head.

“Calm down, you’re still pregnant…”

After a while, Huo Mian gradually calmed down.

“Master Wu, did Su Yu say anything else when he gave you this note?”

“He didn’t say anything. I could tell that he was quite conflicted back then and almost tore it up… In the end, I told him to bid farewell properly if he wanted to and that a grown-up man should not be wishy-washy. That’s why he decided to leave this for you… I actually thought about not giving it to you. After all, Su Yu is already like this… You’ll only feel bad if you see this, but if I don’t give it to you, I’ll be taking away his last chance to talk to you. So…” Master Wu was also feeling bad and kept smoking.

“Master Wu, can you think of a way to send me into the dream to accompany Su Yu?” Huo Mian suddenly asked.

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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4534 - Birth Of Qin Guoguo (4) summary

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