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Chapter 1560 The Next Stop

When news of Guan Queye’s death got out, everything seemed to go into a deadlock.

After a few days of being sedimentary, Guan Yanhong finally brought the matter up again and had Ye Youyou charged in court.

The onsite evidence and human witness corroborated the charge. The most important piece of evidence bore Ye Youyou’s fingerprints.

Lawyer Ye pointed out, yet again, that the poison in the tumbler was a very rare chemical toxin. As a contraband chemical, it was hard to obtain, especially for someone who wasn’t in the research industry.

He also listed a few other questionable points.

One, Ye Youyou did not have the time to purchase such a product. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to even if she did.

Two, Ye Youyou was living in Kingstown with Li Jinnan. She was enjoying a very comfortable life. Why would choose to murder a stepsister with whom she had a previous grudge with? She lacked motive.

Three, it was Guan Queye who had called Ye Youyou into the room. Moreover, Guan Queye was suffering from mental illness. It was possible that this whole mess was a show staged by Guan Queye solely in order to harm Ye Youyou.

Four, on the day of Guan Queye’s marriage, the groom failed to appear. Additionally, the groom was an acknowledged genius in the medical field. It was easy for him to obtain the chemical. In other words, it was Shen Luo’an who was the biggest suspect.

In court, upon hearing the words of Lawyer Ye, the members of the jury carried out a discussion and announced that the points were found to be valid. They called for the plaintiff to speak.

On the defendant’s dock, Ye Youyou gave a sigh of relief when she heard the announcement. It could be said that they had gained a little advantage.

The lawyer that Guan Yanhong hired was extremely glib. With a few eloquent words, he was able to s.h.i.+ft the focus back onto Ye Youyou. He insisted that it was Ye Youyou who had harmed Guan Queye.

This wasn’t the only incident he mentioned. At the same time, the plaintiff lawyer brought up what had happened in the past. He continued to insist that Ye Youyou was jealous and unhappy because Guan Queye had been so outstanding. That was her motive of wanting to get rid of Guan Queye.

The incident back then had destroyed Guan Queye’s legs, but it hadn’t killed her. Ye Youyou wasn’t satisfied and had long planned a second attempt. That was how such a tragedy occurred during the wedding.

With such reasoning, the already complex case became even more complicated.

At the last moment, Ye Youyou mentioned a key point. “Guan Queye was able to walk.”

At that statement, Guan Yanhong, who was among the audience, yelled out, “Bullsh*t!”

The situation was slowly becoming convoluted.

The other suspect that Lawyer Ye had proposed never turned up. It was almost as if Shen Luo’an had disappeared into thin air. There was no news from him at all.

Aug. 8, it rained heavily.

Summer is approaching. It’s been raining more often. Going out is starting to become inconvenient.

I might have gotten a chill. I’ve been under the weather lately.

But, the baby is still strong. Everything is well. are going smoothly, but I feel a little lonely.

Even though I mix with many people every day, and the neighbors around me take good care of me, I just can’t seem to enter into their world.

I can’t seem to truly blend with them. I want to leave.

The next stop will be Li Town in Province G.

It was raining cats and dogs. Lightning and thunder flashed across the sky.

Shen Luo’an stood by the window of the bed and breakfast watching the dark clouds overhead. He watched as pedestrians began to run and found it funny.

After taking a huge chug of liquor, he realized he didn’t even know what he was laughing about.

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