The 99th Divorce Chapter 1579 - The Family Will Have To Depend On You In The Future

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Chapter 1579: The Family Will Have To Depend On You In The Future

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When she heard her grandson’s words of rea.s.surance, Qin Shuhua’s heart ached even more.

With the phone cradled in her hand, her eyes began to sting with unshed tears. She said, “Alright. Make sure you study hard then. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Li Jianqian was so mature and understanding, which was precisely the reason why Qin Shuhua had always felt that the child was a little distant. He didn’t act like a child at all.

Qin Shuhua engaged in some small talk for a little longer with the boy before finally hanging up.

Li Jianyue and Li Mosen had returned to the Yuxiu Villa Estate. After the phone conversation ended, Qin Shuhua was feeling restless and bored. She loosened her limbs and headed out for a walk.

When she walked to the backyard, Captain Li was coincidentally at the pavilion. Looking from afar, Qin Shuhua saw that the figure that had once been ramrod straight had begun to start drooping with age. A full head of hair had turned white, and the once valiant figure had become overwhelmed by the circ.u.mstances of the years.

Li Xun seemed to sense Qin Shuhua’s presence and looked up. His elderly eyes were clouded by a layer of cataract, but they still shone with wisdom and understanding.

Upon seeing Qin Shuhua, Li Xun chuckled and waved her over. “Come here,” he said.

Decades had already pa.s.sed, but every time Qin Shuhua saw Li Xun, she was still overcome by an inexplicable sense of nervousness. That feeling had taken root when she had just married Li Xiao. Even until now, it still hadn’t disappeared.

When she saw Li Xun waving over at her, Qin Shuhua subconsciously straightened her back and walked over to the pavilion. On the stone table in the pavilion was a piece of premium calligraphy paper. Paper, brush, and ink had all been laid out on the table.

Old Captain Li held a calligraphy brush in his dry and papery hand as the hand danced like a dragon over the paper. It was evident that the strength in his calligraphy was no longer what it had been.


“I recall that you have very beautiful handwriting. Help me write a few words.” Li Xun pa.s.sed the calligraphy brush to Qin Shuhua and said, “I’m getting old. I can’t even write properly anymore.”

“That’s nonsense! Your calligraphy is still perfect.” Qin Shuhua took the brush from him. “I don’t know of anyone who can write the way you do.”

Old Captain Li was in the midst of writing the sentence, “I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world,” but he had only completed the first half of it. The last few words remained empty spots on the paper.

Qin Shuhua bent her back and began to write.

The old man looked at the brush in her hand with cloudy eyes. With a chuckle, he said, “Thank you for your hard work all these years.”

Qin Shuhua froze mid-action and tilted her head up to look at Li Xun.

Old Captain Li didn’t seem to notice that she was looking at him. With his eyes still gazing in the distance, he said, “Li Xiao never liked tending to matters. He always complained that it was too troublesome. In many aspects, he’s always worried me. Although you’re a woman, many a time in this household, you were able to make the correct decision.”

Old Captain Li’s words held a depth of meaning.

“The kids have all grown up and have their own families now,” Qin Shuhua said. “The one I used to be most worried about was Beixing. Surprisingly, Beixing has started a family. It’s going to be Jinnan’s turn next.”

Old Captain Li looked at Qin Shuhua. His eyes took in everything before turning into little crescents. “Children have their own paths to find. Regardless of what sort of woman Li Jinnan finds, as elders, we shouldn’t interfere. Li Jinnan will know best whom he wants and what sort of woman she should be.”


“I don’t have much time left, Shuhua.” Old Captain Li looked out into the distance. His hoa.r.s.e voice grew softer as he said, “In the future, this family will have to depend on you. When I’m no longer around, I hope that this family will still be as quiet and peaceful as it is now.”

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The 99th Divorce Chapter 1579 - The Family Will Have To Depend On You In The Future summary

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