The 99th Divorce Chapter 1604 - He Disapproves of Many Things

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Chapter 1604: He Disapproves of Many Things

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Youyou was feeling awkward beyond measure. She lowered her head and didn’t utter a word. She quietly nudged Li Jinnan in warning.

Regaining his wits, Li Jinnan managed to sound sincere when he said, “I was wrong.”

Li Xiao observed Li Jinnan’s contrite expression when admitting his mistake. His fury suddenly dissipated.

This was still his son at the end of the day. He knew him like that back of his hand. It was obvious to him that Li Jinnan was gloating on the inside.

The more Li Xiao thought about that, the more unsettled and annoyed he became. It was likely that the conception of the child was a deliberate move on Li Jinnan’s part. After all, given Ye Youyou’s current prospects, even he found her a little unacceptable, much less Qin Shuhua.

Not only was she divorced, but she had also been imprisoned. Although they had insisted that she had been framed, who could really tell what the truth of the matter was? Therefore, it was precisely because this rascal knew his parents well that he had decided to take action first and deal with the consequences later.

What a sc.u.mbag!

That thought alone was enough to send Li Xiao into a fiery rage. He hollered, “You rascal! How dare you!”

Li Jinnan didn’t say a word or make a sound.

Li Xiao couldn’t find catharsis for his anger. He turned to glance at Ye Youyou, who was quietly sitting by Li Jinnan’s side.

When she felt Li Xiao’s eyes on her, Ye Youyou looked up to meet his gaze. She seemed very embarra.s.sed, but she still smiled nonetheless before quickly looking away.

He could tell that this lady wasn’t the audacious sort. Her personality was probably more on the reserved and modest side.

Li Xiao suppressed the fury in his heart and asked, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No. We were just about to head out for dinner when you turned up. Shall we have dinner together?” Li Jinnan had never found himself this ingratiating before.

There was no other option. He was on weaker ground. Li Xiao was the elder. As a son, Li Jinnan had no choice but to gain his approval.

Li Xiao shot him a look and asked, “Is there any reason I shouldn’t?”

“Of course not!” Li Jinnan had completely lost his backbone. “Let’s go then, Dad. What would you like to eat?”

“You have to ask the lady,” Li Xiao replied.

Ye Youyou was caught in the melee and quickly answered, “I’m fine with anything, Uncle. I’m not picky when it comes to food!”

“That won’t do at all! There are certain foods that pregnant women shouldn’t eat.” Li Xiao stood up. Looking at Ye Youyou’s belly, he asked, “How old…”

Ye Youyou was nervous and replied without thinking, “Twenty-six… Oh no, I haven’t checked that up yet!”

Li Xiao nodded his head. “Regardless of what goes on, you mustn’t tire yourself out. And you can’t just eat anything you want to either.”

With that, Li Xiao looked at Li Jinnan and turned away in a huff.

There wasn’t much else that Li Jinnan could do. He smiled sheepishly to himself and reached out to hold Ye Youyou’s hand. “Come on, let’s go for dinner.”

Ye Youyou’s heart was beating very hard. She turned her head and whispered, “Is your father unhappy?”

“It’s fine,” Li Jinnan whispered back into her ear. “There’ll be plenty of instances in the future when he’ll be unhappy. You’ll slowly get used to it.”

Ye Youyou wanted to laugh, but she was feeling worried. She raised her arms and smacked him.

“Stop fooling around,” she said, “Does your father disapprove of what we did? Getting pregnant before marriage?”

“He disapproves of many things,” Li Jinnan said. “You’ll slowly get used to it.”

Ye Youyou was rendered speechless.

Li Xiao had already stepped out of the door. When he turned and saw the couple lagging behind holding a secret conversation, he cleared his throat loudly and asked, “What are you doing? Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yes! We’re coming now!” Li Jinnan pulled Ye Youyou along. He muttered to her, “Don’t worry. Let’s go.”

Ye Youyou was still feeling perturbed. As she stepped out of the door with Li Jinnan, her mobile phone rang. She looked at her phone and saw that the caller was Ye Tian.

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