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Chapter 36: Tonight, don’t think of leaving

The way he said it, when his words fell, a dead silence settled all around.

Within the Luo Family, who didn’t know that this husky was like the lifeblood for the old man?

Daring to talk down to the old man like this, in the whole of the Luo’s Residence, Luo Yibei was probably the only person!

The indifference and arrogance behind his tone made the old man so furious, his beard could be seen twitching and his eyes could almost pop out. He looked sharply at him, “Since it’s so easy to deliver me some that are this good. All right, go!”

His said so sarcastically with an added hidden meaning. Luo Yibei touched his nose but his peripheral view was trained on the side.

What the old man said wasn’t wrong. how easy was it to bring a few huskies over?

But to bring another Harry to listen to him all the time, to have such good relations.h.i.+p with him, at least, in a short time, it would be impossible.

“Great Grandpa, Xia Xia sister wasn’t intentional. You are so good, so loving, so kind. In the entire family, you’re the best. I know you will not beat her down, right? Right?”

Xiao Zuo was also following behind. Noticing the tense atmosphere, he approached forward, he pulled Luo Yi’s, swinging it adorably and displaying his most spoiled self to help Fang Chixia out.

He brought out all the flattering adjectives that his little brain has poorly stored in.

Xiao Zuo was really lovable with that winsome face. When such a little kid coaxing an adult, there would generally be few adults who could stand it.

However, Luo Yi was probably really short of breath after his burst of anger and had a psychological attack, and also totally anxious at Harry’s condition, he broke free from his hold and seriously put on a cold face. He then ordered, “Go back to sleep and sleep well!”

Xiao Zuo sulked and turned back discontentedly.

Playing cute has failed. He doesn’t know how to help Fang Chixia anymore. His eyes fluttered towards her helplessly.

Fang Chixia was moved. She whispered to him, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Her voice was really soft, but who knew that even with Luo Yi’s advanced age, he has sharp ears like a young man. He snorted icily, “Of course, you are fine. The one’s that’s hurting is Harry. Stand outside as punishment. Tonight, don’t ever think of leaving!”

“Grandpa, why are you making it hard for a little girl…” Sha Zhixing attempted to step forward to persuade him. Yet, before she could finish talking, she was stopped short by Luo Yi’s disregard, “Sha Zhixing, you also go back. All go back. Why are so many people standing here for? Noisy!”

This old man is truly old and obviously has a stronger temperament. Which younger generation in the family wouldn’t he hurt?

Now, with that tone of speech, he sees everyone as an eyesore.

Sha Zhixing was also helpless. She looked at Fang Chixia beside her and didn’t know what to say.

“Madam, it doesn’t matter. You should go back first!” Fang Chixia has been standing in the corner in punishment from the beginning, so her att.i.tude of remorse was seen very sincere.

Sha Zhixing pondered for a bit. Considering Luo Yi’s character, he wouldn’t be too hard on her. She nodded gently and led the group of people away.

For a while, there was only a squad of doctors left in the lively room as well as Fang Chixia, Luo Yibei and Luo Yi.

Because of Luo Yibei’s remarks just now, Luo Yi was still upset. He swept him a glance and spoke shadily, “Why are you still here?”

He was driving away people with the bearing of someone sick of looking at Luo Yibei.

“It’s quiet here. I’ll stay a little longer. What’s it to you?” Luo Yibei looked back at him displaying a more disgusted glower than he was given.

As a matter of fact, who didn’t know in the the Luo Family that Luo Yi’s favorite is Luo Yibei. Luo Yibei himself has been very respectful towards this elder. However, these two people always speak with guns and swords so people who don’t understand would think these two were old enemies.

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