Medical Master Chapter 1851 - 1851 Please Perform Your True Strength!

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Chapter 1851 - 1851 Please Perform Your True Strength!

Chapter 1851 Please Perform Your True Strength!

When the tribesmen saw this scene, their faces changed drastically.

No one had expected to see this happen.

It should be noted that the person who took the initiative to challenge Fang Qiu was very famous in the entire civilization of Mayia. After all, he was one of the strongest S-cla.s.s experts.

How could such an expert be defeated by a Huaxianese in just three moves?

The thing was that as the expert made the first move, the Huaxianese didn’t take action at all.

When the expert made the second move, the Huaxianese did not attack.

The Huaxianese still didn’t attack and merely threw the expert out when the latter made the third move.

If the Huaxianese took the initiative to attack, would the expert be able to take one move?

All the tribesmen looked very shocked.

Especially the two elders, who didn’t expect that the one sent by the Huaxianese Sword Sect would be so powerful.

“He’s so powerful. No wonder he specifically asked to have a spar with young talents!”

The two elders looked at each other and saw the same deep meaning in each other’s eyes.

In their opinion, since the Huaxianese Sword Sect had sent such a powerful person here this time, they definitely couldn’t hide their strength. Moreover, since the Huaxianese appeared, there was nothing wrong with his performance. He didn’t seem to be greedy or want to hurt people at all.

It was obvious that he was here with the intention to learn and have a spar.

In that case, there was no need for them to hide their true talents.

On the other side.

Standing in the distance, Ike, who was originally waiting for Fang Qiu to make a fool of himself, had his eyes wide open at this time. He was so shocked by the scene in front of him that he couldn’t speak for a long time.

The Huaxianese whom he hated and looked down on showed such a horrible combat capability in front of him.

In the battle just now, the challenger could only hold on for three moves.

If it were him, he would probably be killed in an instant by one move.

At this moment, Ike finally understood why Fang Qiu didn’t fight with him.

Just like what Fang Qiu said when Ike issued the challenge, it was because Ike was too weak that Fang Qiu didn’t even have the desire to make a move.

Thinking of this, Ike couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He began to recall what Fang Qiu had said to him before.

On the other side.

When the group of young talents saw this scene, their faces immediately became particularly shocked.

They all knew each other and their strength, so when they saw this scene, they couldn’t believe it.

“How could an S-cla.s.s expert be sent flying so easily?

“What’s going on?”

After the shock, these young talents also turned their heads and looked at the two elders standing in front of the biggest wooden house.

At this time, the eyes of the two elders also fell on this group of people.

Looking at them, the two nodded at the same time.

They seemed to have instructed something.

Just then, in the distance, the young man who was thrown out by Fang Qiu stood up. When he looked at Fang Qiu once again, the fighting spirit on his face was gone, replaced by deep awe.

As warriors, strength was the most important thing.

He clearly felt the great power that he couldn’t resist from Fang Qiu. No matter how angry he was, he couldn’t fight against Fang Qiu for real.

Even if he did, the result would still be the same.

He returned to the group of young talents.

Meanwhile, under the instructions of the two elders, a young man walked out of the crowd.

One could see that the young man’s forehead was very big, and his long curly hair was combed to the back of his head.

He was very burly and not fat. The lines of his muscles were particularly obvious. His skin was tanned, and his body was covered with black and red patterns.

Unlike the others, he didn’t have a spear or javelin in his hand, only an axe.

It was an axe made of stone. It appeared to be a hunting tool used by ancient people.

However, Fang Qiu clearly felt the faint aura of energy on this axe. It seemed to be a weapon pa.s.sed down from a long time ago, similar to the scepter in the ruins of Egyptt.

Seeing the man step forward, Fang Qiu smiled.

In fact, he had been paying attention to this man since that group of people entered the Mysterious Realm.

In the detection of his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu clearly sensed that this man was the strongest among the young talents. His strength had reached the SS level, which was equivalent to the One-Flower Core Realm in Huaxia. Judging from the energy aura he released, he should be at the middle stage of the One-Flower Core Realm.

The man walked into the field, made a hold-fist salute to Fang Qiu, and then said to him in very unfamiliar Huaxianese, “I would appreciate your instructions.”

Fang Qiu was surprised.

From what he said, this man was quite serious about his preparations.

No wonder he was the strongest among this group of young talents. After all, he only had a little time to prepare, and he was still serious about it. Such people would never slack off while taking cultivation.

“Right back at you!”

Fang Qiu nodded in response.

At the same time, he secretly controlled his internal Qi to suppress his strength to a similar level as that of his opponent.

Fang Qiu had never had such a feeling since he recultivated into a guru.

However, his opponent was a very serious person. Fang Qiu felt that he couldn’t let him down, so he wanted to have a good fight with him.


Without any hesitation, after making a hold fist salute, the young man moved as if he had turned into a gust of wind. He held the stone axe in his right hand tightly, rushed to Fang Qiu, and waved it fiercely.

He swung the axe at Fang Qiu fiercely.

Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and immediately swung his fist to meet the attack.

The two of them were extremely fast. That young man used a stone axe, and Fang Qiu used his fists to collide with his opponent in the field.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of continuous attacks and collisions was heard.

The two were so fast that almost no one on the scene could watch the battle clearly.

Moreover, every time the two collided, a powerful energy fluctuation would burst out and spread in all directions.

This energy fluctuation shocked the people around.

No one had expected to see this Huaxianese fight back and forth with the most powerful one among them.

Now, the one who took the initiative to fight with Fang Qiu was the real young talent among the Mayians, who was equivalent to Qingyun of the Sword Sect.

Although there were many experts among the Mayians, there was only one who could really be called the Chosen One.

Compared with the top Huaxianese, the Chosen Ones here were indeed a little inferior.

That young man was even no match for Qingyun, not to mention John Doe.

However, for those Mayians who didn’t know much about Huaxia, their Chosen One was already very powerful. After all, he was also a super expert at the SS level.

At first, most of the Mayians even thought that the strength of Fang Qiu should be at the peak of the S cla.s.s. But when they saw that Fang Qiu was neck and neck with their Chosen One, they were completely stunned.

He didn’t expect that this expert from Huaxia would be so powerful.

However, they still firmly believed that no matter how strong this Huaxianese was, he would definitely be defeated in the end.

It was because their Chosen One was undefeatable.

However, just as these young talents were full of confidence, the two elders couldn’t help frowning, as if they had seen through something.

On the battlefield.

Fang Qiu fought fiercely with the young man and looked relaxed.

After all, it would be impossible for his opponent to hold on for so long if Fang Qiu used his full strength.

In the face of the fact that the man had been unable to suppress Fang Qiu after performing a hundred moves, his expression became serious.

However, he also felt that Fang Qiu didn’t go all out but had been entangled with him.

This upset him.

He felt that he seemed to be looked down upon, so he immediately waved the weapon in his hand regardless of his defense and attacked Fang Qiu desperately.

Seeing the change in the man, Fang Qiu no longer held back and directly pressed on him.

Without hesitation, he clapped his right hand.

With a single slap, he sent the man flying.

The battle was over.

Fang Qiu won again, and everyone present was stunned again.

“How could this man from Huaxia defeat the Chosen One?

“How is that possible?”

Everyone slowly looked at Fang Qiu in shock.

Originally, they thought that this Huaxianese would definitely be defeated by their Chosen One and it was impossible for him to win this round. However, what happened was obviously beyond their expectations.

It was really shocking.

Who would have thought that a mysterious Huaxianese would be able to do this?

Especially Ike, just as he came to his senses from the previous shock, he saw John Doe defeat his idol, the man who was known as the future of the Mayian civilization.

“What kind of strength does he have?

“How could he be so powerful?”

Just when everyone was shocked by the result-

“My friend from the Huaxianese Sword Sect.”

Among the two elders, an old man in a white robe said with a smile, “Thank you for your kindness, but since it’s an exchange, as the host, we don’t want to be looked down upon. So I hope you can show us your real strength and lecture us.”

“That’s right.”

The old man in a gray robe on one side nodded and echoed, “Please us show your real strength.”

“I agree.”

Having been defeated and injured by Fang Qiu just now, the Chosen One of the Mayians walked back to the opposite side of Fang Qiu and said, “I don’t feel that you’re respecting me by intentionally hiding your strength!”

Hearing these words, the others were even more shocked.

“This man from Huaxia didn’t show all his strength. Even when he fought with the Chosen One, he even hid his strength?”

Looking at Fang Qiu, everyone present was very shocked and incredulous.


Facing the shock of the crowd, Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

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