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Chapter 197 A Sensation Across the City!
Because everyone was very familiar with Li Wenbo, who simply directed against Chinese Medicine. Many people followed him on Weibo and almost every blog that he posted on Weibo was in opposition to Chinese Medicine. He had said for countless times that pulse feeling in Chinese Medicine was a pseudoscience and that it was impossible to feel the pulse of pregnancy and so on.

All sorts of questions were coming from him.

Because he was extremely knavish, tricky, fickle and he liked malicious talk, all the doctors of Chinese Medicine across the country were not willing to bother with him.

But no one thought of that.

Li Wenbo even dared to issue such a challenge publicly on Weibo.

Could it be because he was ignored by the Chinese Medicine industry and he couldn't make waves, he wanted to hype himself up?

It soon attracted the attention of all the media.

A media studio immediately invited a fluencer called Du Wenshu to the TV station for an interview.

This man was a well-known critic in the country. He often made some extraordinary remarks that caused all kinds of controversy.

Without any doubt.

Having been interviewed by a reporter, Du Wenshu soon expressed his views on TV.

“As far as I am concerned, feeling the pulse of pregnancy in Chinese Medicine is just a legend. Even if someone checked that way before, no one is checking in that way now. This method, whether it works or not, has been completely eliminated.”

“Since it has already been eliminated, why do people still come to check whether doctors can feel the pulse of pregnancy?”

“Some people say that there are data showing that the accuracy can reach 80% by pulse diagnosis and positive urine HCG test.”

“I think there is no basis for this statement. It is totally nonsense. If it is a rigorous process, they certainly can't feel it. So theoretically, I can say that it's totally unreliable for doctors of Chinese Medicine to feel the pulse of pregnancy.”

In this interview, everyone's attention was focused on Du Wenshu. Even the questions asked by the host did not attract anyone's attention.

Without any doubt.

It could be seen from the interview that Du Wenshu obviously didn't believe in doctors of Chinese Medicine either.

Seeing so many people directing against doctors of Chinese Medicine.

The people in the Chinese Medicine industry couldn't sit still.

Xiang Shenghua, a member of Qilu Chinese Medicine Society, was also interviewed by the media immediately. He said. “When a woman has a slippery pulse with the symptom of menopause and vomiting, it indicates that she is pregnant. Because when a woman is pregnant, she needs to supply to the foetus. A slippery pulse indicates adequate blood and Qi.”

As a result.

Just as the interview to Xiang Shenghua ended, Du Wenshu came out again and posted a series of three blogs.

“The so-called slippery pulse in Chinese Medicine is not qualitative or quant.i.tative. The view that a slippery pulse is like a pearl rolling on a plate is purely subjective.”

“The qualitative and quant.i.tative method is a way of studying questions. Many things can be measured qualitatively and quant.i.tatively. But feeling the pulse in Chinese Medicine can't be qualitative or quant.i.tative. It's completely a metaphor and a subjective feeling.”

“This causes the result that different doctors of Chinese Medicine have different views when they feel the pulse. Types of pulse differ from each other. Which one do you believe?” “So in my opinion, the so-called doctors of Chinese Medicine can feel the pulse of pregnancy is completely a lie. It's not tenable at all!”

At the same time, with the appearance of the first supporter.

Li Wenbo, the initiator of the challenge, was even more arrogant. He not only ridiculed doctors of Chinese Medicine for many times on Weibo but also even took advantage of the issue, saying that the media with strength could organize an audition of “Good Doctors of Chinese Medicine in China” in order to mercilessly ridicule doctors of Chinese Medicine.

This made doctors of Chinese Medicine angrier.

Many doctors of Chinese Medicine stood out and angrily dissed Li Wenbo and Du Wenshu.

This battle had not yet begun but public opinion was in full swing.

The matter of “pulse diagnosis for pregnancy” continued to seethe and spread rapidly on Weibo. It was even judged by the medical We-media as one of the “big stories in medical profession”.

Supporters on both sides also had their own views on the matter.

On Weibo, comments had even exploded.

“I just want to know why doctors of western medicine despise doctors of Chinese Medicine so much and I'm waiting for the result!”

“The diagnosis of Chinese Medicine— look, listen, question and feel the pulse are all indispensable. Is there someone who only makes an appointment for pulse diagnosis?” “Can doctors of Western Medicine make a diagnosis on the basis of a piece of test paper?”

“Doctors of Chinese Medicine have existed for thousands of years. They have the abilities.”

“Those who say that Chinese Medicine is not in line with science is like saying that Zhouyi and Chuci are not in line with English grammar. The most populous group in the world have been multiplying until now under the protection of doctors of Chinese Medicine. What makes me angriest is that someone says his ancestors have lived wrong through others' standard!”

“Chinese Medicine is extensive and profound. Don't look down upon doctors of Chinese Medicine so much!”

“There are only two consequences of this matter.” “One, no excuses, no accepting.” “Two. If someone accepts, he will definitely lose, which will have huge impact on doctors of Chinese Medicine. So the final result must be that no doctors of Chinese Medicine dare to accept the challenge. Everyone, just forget about it.”

The heat of the challenge of the pulse of pregnancy was spreading at an amazing speed.

Not only the BBS but also the whole Chinese Medicine industry was seething.

Not only those famous doctors of Chinese Medicine but also the hospitals and universities across the country were talking about it.


The students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were also seething with anger while hearing the news.

All the students were furious.

“Is this Li Wenbo an idiot?” “Chinese Medicine has been the treasure of our Chinese heritage since 5,000 years ago. Even our country admits it. Why should he question it?”

“And that Du Wenshu is just too shameless. He even said that our Chinese Medicine relied on guessing, we were not scientific, and that doctors of Chinese Medicine were not reliable. He even said that our doctors of Chinese Medicine were talking nonsense. He is just an idiot.”

“Without doctors of Chinese Medicine, his ancestors would not be able to survive, but he even dared to say these words.”

Not only the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, but also the students of all the universities of Chinese Medicine in China were furious.

Chinese Medicine was a kind of faith for these students. It was because they liked Chinese Medicine and loved Chinese Medicine, they just went to study in the TCM colleges.

But now, someone actually dared to question their faith.

It made them very furious, extremely furious.

Chen Yinsheng, as the Vice President of the University of Chinese Medicine, also received the news.

Originally, this kind of thing had nothing to do with the TCM colleges. He, as the Vice President, didn't need to bother with it at all. But Li Wenbo had made huge waves. Not only the students were full of righteous indignation but also many teachers were extremely angry.

He was really afraid that some teachers were so angry that they would accept the challenge.

“We will have a directors' meeting at two o'clock in the afternoon!”

Chen Yinsheng gave an order.

At two o'clock in the afternoon.

The Directors and a.s.sociate Directors of each college of the university came to the meeting room of the office building.

“Have you all received the news?”

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Yinsheng stood in front of the chairman seat and asked.

All the Directors and a.s.sociate Directors present nodded.

“Li Wenbo is really too shameless. Ordinarily, he kept looking for opportunities to slander our doctors of Chinese Medicine. Now, he has even made such huge waves. Does he really think that there is no talent in our Chinese Medicine?”

Said a Director.

“Hum, and about Du Wenshu, I suspect that the two of them have just colluded together to specially aim at our doctors of Chinese Medicine.”

Said another Director angrily.

As the two of them spoke, the others all started roasting.

As they said, they were very dissatisfied with Li Wenbo and Du Wenshu who had stired up trouble.


Hearing the discussion more and more heated and seeing several Directors furious, Chen Yinsheng darkened his face and immediately shouted. “The reason why I ask you to come here today is not to discuss it.”

Hearing that, they immediately closed their mouths and didn't say anything more.

“Here is a university, not the field of Chinese Medicine. The doctors in our university are teachers and the students are students. If they want to make waves, let them do it with the people in the Chinese Medicine industry. There is nothing to do with our university!”

Chen Yinsheng looked at the Directors who were indignant just now and said, “From now on, you must be strict with every teacher under your command and never allow any of them to get involved or even accept the challenge!”

“I will say it again. Here is a university. For this kind of thing, we should ignore it. It's good enough for you and the teachers under your command to teach students in peace. About this thing, just consider it as the thing that has never happened, understand?”

Hearing that, all the Directors nodded helplessly while looking at each other.

They were also very angry. They also wanted to accept the challenge like those teachers in the university to give a slap on Li Wenbo's face by their strength.

But they couldn't.

Since Chen Yinsheng had said so, what else could they do?

As the subject of the meeting was relayed, the meeting ended. The leaders of all the schools shook their heads and left in twos and threes.

Chen Yinsheng returned to his office.

This matter didn't have any impact on him. The only impact was the mood of these teachers. He didn't want to see one or two incapable teachers accepted

the challenge.

“If they win, it will be okay. But if they lose, it will be so shameful.”

“Althogh it doesn't usually happen, what if it does?”

“Just in case!”

Moreover, he didn't want this matter to affect the atmosphere of the university and the students' study, so he gave the order.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

One day pa.s.sed, this matter made more and more waves and attracted more and more attention. But maybe because people were dismissive of it or were protective of their public images, no one actually accepted the challenge.

Seeing this situation, Li Wenbo became even more arrogant.

“Is this the Chinese Medicine industry that you are proud of? There is even no backboned person. Or you think the award that I give is too little?” “I'd like to see if your intelligent doctors of Chinese Medicine dare to stand up to accept the challenge. If you think the award is too little, I will increase it to one million yuan. Who dares to accept the challenge?”

A blog was posted out.

It immediately caused a buzz in the whole Internet.

“You are pus.h.i.+ng us step by step!”

Several influential people in the Chinese Medicine industry were all interviewed to explain the method of pulse diagnosis for pregnancy. Although they didn't distinctly answer whether they would accept the challenge or not, they had clarified for doctors of Chinese Medicine.

But Li Wenbo looked like he would make huge waves out of it, pus.h.i.+ng them step by step like crazy.

This made the doctors of Chinese Medicine across the country furious.

They all went online to argue with him one after another.

Time was still pa.s.sing.

In a trice, it had been Thursday.

Under Li Wenbo's pus.h.i.+ng, there was still no one in the Chinese Medicine industry standing out to accept the challenge.

This made Li Wenbo more arrogant.

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