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Chapter 1990 The Ancient and Modern Fang is ready for sale!



Fang Qiu picked up the phone.

“Fang Qiu, good news.”

The familiar voice of Zhang Xingjie’s words came from the other end of the phone, saying, “When your Chinese medicine conference was held, I deliberately ran around and took down the book number of the book written by that ox saint doctor, and after the various departments knew that it was the saint doctor who had written it out, they gave great care in all aspects.”


Fang Qiu nodded with a smile and said, “How’s the printing going?”

“The first batch, one million copies have all been published and printed, and are now waiting for your order to go on sale.”

Judging from the sound of the words, Zhang Xingjie also had high hopes for this book, after all, it was a book that Fang Qiu had requested to be published, and it was also auth.o.r.ed by a holy doctor.

If this was publicized, even if the heat and sales weren’t as good as Fang Qiu’s own book, it wouldn’t be too far apart.

After all.

Sales, it’s not just a matter of Fang Qiu publicizing a few words?

“Okay, just hold on a second while I get the author’s opinion.”

Fang Qiu greeted him, then hung up the phone and turned to call Saint Doctor Niu.

This way.

The call had just been dialed and was answered.

“h.e.l.lo, Sage Doctor Fang Qiu?”

The Holy Doctor of Cow’s laughter came from the other end of the phone.


Fang Qiu let out a bitter smile, knowing that the Niu Sage Doctor was making fun of himself, but the Niu Sage Doctor’s words were not at all wrong, and there was no way for him to refute them, so he could only hasten to say, “It’s like this, that note of yours has now been printed, and is ready to be published and put up for sale, and I’m calling you because I want to ask for your opinion on it, so do you see the need to look at the time or something? ”


Niu ShengDoctor heard, immediately serious, said: “notes I have given you, is your, how do you want to deal with your own look to, to publish for sale is a good thing, is also regarded as the development of traditional Chinese medicine to make a contribution.”


Fang Qiu nodded and said with a smile, “You don’t know the t.i.tle of this book, do you?”

“Tell me about it.”

Sage Doctor Niu was also curious, what kind of book t.i.tle would Fang Qiu give to this one notebook?

“Dosage Ratios of Ancient and Modern Formulas,” how’s that for a book t.i.tle?”

Fang Qiu asked.

“Well ……”

Sage Doctor Niu pondered a little before nodding and saying, “Not bad, the t.i.tle of this book is very boundary ground, so that one can read it once and know what the main content of the book is, only.”

“It’s just, is that a bad t.i.tle for a book?”

As if Fang Qiu had already antic.i.p.ated it, he smiled and said, “Then, how about streamlining it into three words?”

“The Ancient and Modern Formula?”

The Ox Saint Doctor’s eyes lit up.


Fang Qiu nodded affirmatively and said, “When each book is published, it needs to apply for a book number, and when applying for a book number you have to fill in the t.i.tle of the book along with it, and after my discussion with the publisher, I finally settled on the name Ancient and Modern Fang.”

“Very good.”

The Niu Saint Doctor laughed out loud and said, “I’m satisfied with this name.”

“In that case, I’ll inform the publisher that it can be put on sale precisely.”

Fang Qiu said.


Sage Doctor Niu responded, “Regarding the publication and sale of this book, I will not step in, everything is up to you, anyway, the book is yours, you can do whatever you want, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Even if you gave me that notebook, the contents of the notebook still belong to you, it’s your intellectual copyright, and the Ancient and Modern Formulas are signed in your name.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled, “I know what you mean, don’t worry, I will definitely do everything for you regarding the publication of Ancient and Modern Fang.”

Fangchu knew.

What Sage Doctor Niu meant was that he hoped Fang Qiu would use his influence to publicize the book, so that more people would know about it, thus making it a force to promote the development of Chinese medicine.

Now, it is clear to the entire Chinese medical profession.

No matter what kind of great doctor or holy doctor, their reputation was far less than Fang Qiu’s. The reason why Chinese medicine had developed to the current extent was because of Fang Qiu’s reputation.

Therefore, if you want to push Chinese medicine to a wider stage, the most important thing to rely on is still the influence of Fang Qiu as a person.

This was also the reason why after Fang Qiu pa.s.sed the examination, Sage Doctor Niu directly gave Fang Qiu his decades of notes.

Think about it.

How can a man who has spent nearly half his life making notes give them away so easily?

Unless, of course, he has a deeper meaning.

At the time.

Fang Qiu then had thought it through.

Although Sage Doctor Niu was honored as a holy doctor, how many people in the whole of China knew about him?

Even if he makes these notes and publishes them on the Internet, not many people will go to see them, and in the Chinese medicine world in China it will be very likely that they will sink into the sea and not cause any waves.

But giving the notes to Fang Qiu was different.

Sage Doctor Niu knew that Fang Qiu was a person who sincerely worked for the development of Chinese medicine, so he gave Fang Qiu his heart and soul, knowing that Fang Qiu would surely put his heart and soul out there, so that more people would benefit as a result.

And for Fang Qiu.

The development of Chinese medicine has always been a major event.

The promotion of the development of Chinese medicine by the notes of the Sage Doctor Niu is definitely a powerful force that can lead to changes in Chinese medicine itself, reform Chinese medicine from the ground up, and make Chinese medicine more convincing to more people.


The Holy Doctor of Cow answered and hung up the phone.

Fang Qiu called Zhang Xingjie back again.

“Just put it on sale.”

The phone just connected, Fang Qiu said, “Because this book in the Chinese medicine conference, has been broadcast out, then caused a lot of netizens’ curiosity, now everyone should be looking forward to it, after you are ready to put on sale after the point of time to tell me, I will record a short video screen to put on the microblogging, a little publicity on the line.”

“Okay, I’ll text you the time later.”

Zhang Xingjie nodded in response.



Although the Chinese medicine medical exchange conference has been over a few days, but about the topic of Chinese medicine conference, in the microblogging still has been in a particularly hot state, several topics are in the hot topic list of the top ten.

In this case.

Prosperous Culture Publis.h.i.+ng, striking while the iron is hot, made a quick announcement about the upcoming release of Ancient and Modern Fang.

“Want to know what is the book that Shang Qiu sent to all the great and holy doctors at the Chinese Medicine Conference? Want to know what kind of book it was that shocked all the great and holy doctors? Do you want to know why Fang Qiu is so highly regarded that he even brings that book with him to the Chinese Medicine Conference? The reason for everything is in the Ancient and Modern Fang!”

“By the world’s only one of the unnamed saint doctors of the cattle saint doctor, spent decades of hard work to complete the work of the ancient and modern formula, will be today at two o’clock in the afternoon, officially began the whole network on sale, the first batch of limited to one million copies, hands fast and hands slow no!”

This tweet went out.

It immediately drew the attention of countless people.

“Is it finally on sale?”

“After waiting so long, it’s finally here.”

“After watching the live broadcast of the Chinese Medicine Conference, I’ve been very much like to buy a copy, and I didn’t realize that I could actually buy it now.”

“A million copies? I should be able to grab it this time, right?”

“Although it’s a holy doctor’s writings, all modern writings are too watered down, and books that aren’t written by Fang Qiu won’t necessarily be snapped up by that many people.”

“I do hope that there will never be too many people snapping it up, so that I can just grab a copy first.”

“Looking forward to looking forward, although it’s not the book of the great G.o.d Fang Qiu, but the book written by the senior of the holy doctors in the Chinese medicine industry must be very good as well, I must buy a copy of the collection to be able to do so.”

Netizens, in turn, began to respond.

And this way.

At Zhang Xingjie’s notice.

Fang Qiu also quickly recorded a short video, and waited for the publicity microblog of the Traditional Culture Publis.h.i.+ng House to be sent out.

The perennial tweeter is finally updating.

This update.

Immediately, Fang Qiu’s fans, were taken aback.

All 60 million fans were stunned when they saw Fang Qiu’s Weibo update.

In their eyes.

Fang Qiu had long since become a person who forgot about Twitter.

I didn’t realize that it was updated at this time.

With full of excitement and curiosity, Fang Qiu’s fans, immediately clicked in to see, this look is even better.


Fang Qiu tweeted just a few lines, not even a photo.

But this time, Fang Qiu even posted a short video?

“c.r.a.p, perks!”

“Great G.o.d Fang Qiu must have known that we missed him too much, so he sent out a video for us to quench our thirst.”

“Say, wasn’t it just a few days ago that we saw Fang Qiu on the live broadcast of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference? It’s only been a few days since we’ve seen each other, how come we’re making it look like we haven’t seen each other for a few years?”

“Haha, Great G.o.d Fang Qiu is finally remembering Weibo.”


Everyone was clicking on the short video recorded by Fang Qiu to check it out.

In the video.

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m Fang Qiu.”

Fang Qiu with a smile on his face clasped his fists at the camera, then said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my microblogging, it’s just right to take this opportunity to update it, the main reason for sending this microblogging it is that Niu ShengDoctor’s new book, Ancient and Modern Formulas is going to be put on sale today, and the first time I saw it, the whole thing was really astonished, and I very much admire Niu ShengDoctor’s senior’s perseverance. ”

“This is the heartfelt work of the Niu Sage Doctor’s predecessor who spent decades producing it, and in this day and age it’s definitely considered a rare cla.s.sic of Chinese medicine, so I hope that everyone will be able to support the Ancient and Modern Formulas, and I hope that all those who like or are learning Chinese medicine will be able to get a boost from the Ancient and Modern Formulas.”

Having said that.

With Fang Qiu’s smile, the frame froze and the video ended.

Watch the short video.

Fang Qiu’s fans, one after another, began to troll.

“Feeling like if you don’t promote the book, you don’t even tweet ideas?”

“That’s a little too realistic, isn’t it?”

“It’s really Fang Qiu, it’s simply too different from normal people.”

“Since Great G.o.d Fang Qiu has spoken, this book must buy a book to go back to the collection no matter what, after all, this is the first book that Great G.o.d Fang Qiu has personally handled and publicized so vigorously.”

“Just on the basis of the fact that it can make the great G.o.d Fang Qiu post short videos, I have to buy a copy to support it.”

“Even the Great G.o.d Fang Qiu said it was good, so the content of this book must just be really good, so I can’t miss it no matter what.”

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