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Chapter 1991 Becoming Rich!


That afternoon, two o’clock.

The Ancient and Modern Side is officially on sale.

Because the heat on Weibo had been very high, coupled with the fact that Fang Qiu and many famous figures in the Chinese medicine industry had taken the initiative to help publicize the cause, even before the official release, there were already many people who had integrated themselves inside the major online bookstores and were waiting to s.n.a.t.c.h them up.

This time.

Traditional Culture Press, working with all the online bookstores, distributed one million copies of Ancient and Modern Fang to dozens of online stores.

This makes it easier for people to grab them as well.


A whole million copies.

Surprisingly, they were all snapped up in less than five minutes after they officially went on sale.

This situation has left the major online bookstores in a state of confusion.

The least one online bookstore has been allocated 50,000 copies, and some famous large online bookstores have been allocated more than 100,000 or even 200,000 copies.

In this case, in just five minutes, the various online bookstores were surprisingly in an emergency situation.

After driving all the orders out in full.

Surprisingly, there were countless people adding orders, nay, the orders could not be opened at all because there was not enough cargo volume.

In this case.

The phone number for Prosperous Culture Publis.h.i.+ng House was a quick one.

Every online bookstore called to ask for additional goods, which made Zhang Xingjie also confused ah.

Because it wasn’t Fang Qiu’s book, he didn’t think that it could sell the kind of sales volume that Fang Qiu had, so the preparations made for the public sale were only this million copies, and there wasn’t even a single copy of the extra one.

Who would have thought.

How can a book that’s not Fang Qiu’s sell so well?

Five minutes and a million copies gone?


Zhang Xingjie replied to the major online bookstores with a bitter smile, guaranteeing to publish and print the second batch as soon as possible.

Because people are in too much enthusiasm, Prosperous Culture Press had to release a new tweet.

“Because everyone is really too enthusiastic, the first batch of one million books of “Ancient and Modern Fang” was all snapped up in just five minutes, on behalf of the authors of “Ancient and Modern Fang”, our publis.h.i.+ng house faithfully thank you for your support, and we also promise to start the second batch of the sale as soon as possible, on the second batch of the “Ancient and Modern Fang and” the specific time of the sale, please wait and see. ”

This tweet went out.

It immediately drew countless comments and tweets.

“This n.i.g.g.a, sold out in five minutes?”

“This is too hard to grab, wouldn’t it be more likely to put a million copies inside a bookstore for everyone to grab, spreading it out like this makes it look like it’s easy to grab, but in reality it’s impossible to grab it at all.”

“Please G.o.d bosses, don’t rob with us okay, we these Chinese medicine students save up some money to buy books is not easy ah, every time you can’t grab it is really too hard to bear.”

“That’s right, those of us who are really useful can’t buy it, can’t you guys who don’t study Chinese medicine just wait and buy it again?”

“Professionals can’t buy it, so what are you guys grabbing if you’re not professionals? You won’t be able to use it either.”

Chinese medicine students and people in the Chinese medicine sector have been spouting off.


The book, Ancient and Modern Formulas, they’ve been waiting for a long time.

To them, the usefulness of this book was really, really great, after all, it was a book that the holy doctor had spent decades of effort writing.

Anyone who is a Chinese medicine pract.i.tioner is very eager to get this book and learn more about Chinese medicine from it.


There are just too many people snapping up this book.

It resulted in a lot of TCM people and students, not being able to grab it.


Chinese medicine people and Chinese medicine students complained, quickly became a bright landscape under the microblogging of the prosperous culture publis.h.i.+ng house, days to countless people’s jokes.

However, even though these Chinese medicine people and Chinese medicine students talked about how miserable they were, they didn’t win any sympathy from anyone, those who should have bought it still bought it, even if they weren’t Chinese medicine people or students of Chinese medicine, everyone said that because of Fang Qiu’s relations.h.i.+p, this book must be bought back for collection.

There were even deliberate reminders to Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners and Chinese medicine students that they must be quick with their hands next time.

This situation.

It makes Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners and Chinese medicine students who have not snapped up the book particularly helpless and depressed.

The next few days.

Under Zhang Xingjie’s frantic urging, the major printing houses worked overtime to print, and finally, three days later, a million copies were once again a.s.sembled.

And in the meantime.

A filming team under Ning’s banner, in the midst of the hit “Ancient and Modern Formulas”, directly contacted Niu Shengs.h.i.+ to rush to the southern border as fast as possible to officially start filming and recording Niu Shengs.h.i.+’s “Cla.s.sical a.n.a.lysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shennong’s Cla.s.sic Cla.s.sic of Materia Medica”!

Because he had already seen Fang Qiu’s Spleen and Stomach Theory in advance, Saint Doctor Niu was very cooperative during the filming.

Five days later.

The filming of “Explanation of TCM Cla.s.sics Shennong’s Cla.s.sic of Materia Medica” has been officially completed.

The point in time happens to be the same day that the third wave of the Ancient and Modern Fang sale was snapped up.

On the eye of this program.

The video, which is officially available on all major video sites.

With all the major video sites, as well as Fang Qiu and all the major Chinese medicine celebrities on Weibo, the long-awaited viewers have been running to break the major video sites to watch the episodes.

Perhaps because the main character is not Fang Qiu, this episode has significantly fewer hits than Fang Qiu’s Spleen and Stomach Theory.

But it’s not much less.

Judging by the numbers, it’s still attracting a lot of viewers.

It didn’t take long.

Reviews of episodes of Explanation of Shennong’s Materia Medica are beginning to circulate online.

“Even though the main speaker wasn’t Fang Qiu, but the main speaker, Dr. Niu Sheng, was also very good, and almost all of them were able to understand, and all of them were able to learn something from it.”

“The rhythm of Dr. Bull Sage’s explanations is just wonderful to listen to.”

“Worthy of being a Sacred Doctor, worthy of being a Sacred Doctor that even Fang Qiu holds in such high esteem, it’s really powerful.”

“Can’t talk about good-looking not it, but not so disgusting, the most critical thing is, not like serious pedantic, from a very young age I do not like Chinese medicine individual literature, after watching this episode, the heart actually gave birth to a trace of want to learn Chinese medicine interest.”

“I kind of know why the development of Chinese medicine for so many years has not been very good, it is because there is no good teacher ah, watching these video screens I now have a rush in my heart, want to learn Chinese medicine.”

Word-of-mouth fermentation.


A lot of people who didn’t go to see it because the main speaker wasn’t Fang Qiu have been flocking to major video sites to watch the episode.

This look surprised everyone.

Unexpectedly, outside of Fang Qiu, there were still people inside the Chinese medicine world who could speak about medicine in such a lively and interesting way, so that people could easily learn something.

“What to do, I’m looking forward more and more to the rest of the medical texts explained.”

“The speech is really great, originally I only wanted to watch Fang Qiu explaining, now I want to finish all fifty-five parts, will I really become a master of Chinese medicine by then?”

“This way of releasing video episodes is really great, originally I wanted to learn Chinese medicine, but because of the reason that work and Chinese medicine don’t go together at all, I simply don’t have the time to learn, now with these videos, I can completely utilize all the time I have off from work or on my breaks, even if I can’t reach Fang Qiu’s heights, at least I can treat my family members personally to heal their illnesses and injuries, right? ”

“When are the other videos going to be released, I can’t wait, I’m going to record all fifty-five episodes, all of them, and save them so I don’t lose them later.”


This way.

Just as various word-of-mouth on the internet was rapidly festering.

Fang Qiu, however, quietly rode on an airliner to the southern border.


The video “Explanation of Chinese Medical Texts Shennong Ben Cao Jing” was recorded and released as quickly as possible by Fang Qiu, who took the initiative to approach Ning Yuan and ask him to do so.

Earlier, Ning Yuan said.

Fang Qiu’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory” was just an opening to test audience reaction and not the first product to hit the ground running for this entire series; all of the later episodes will be released at the same time, all together.

Later, Fang Qiu thought carefully.

It is felt that while the release of a colleague can bring about a huge public opinion and attention effect, that kind of effect will not last long.

After all, if too many are released at once, people won’t know which one to choose to watch.

After deep thought.

It was just in time for the “Ancient and Modern Formulas” to become a big hit that Fang Qiu asked to release the video of Dr. Niu Sheng’s explanation first, to take advantage of this fire to burn a little more.


It’s the right move.

However, the next one is a bit more difficult.

After all, the beginning is the video of the explanation of the two holy doctors, the next video of those fifty great doctors, in what way to release?

Will people’s attention drop and they stop reading because it’s a big doctor?

It’s a big deal!

Fang Qiu was thinking all the way.

When he arrived at the Southern Border, Fang Qiu immediately rushed to the herbal medicine garden where Sage Doctor Niu was located.

“Elder Bull.”

Once again coming to the medicinal garden, Fang Qiu saw from afar the Sacred Doctor Niu who was still sitting in front of the door drinking tea just like before, and immediately walked up with his fists clasped.

“What brings you here?”

The Ox Sage Doctor froze and asked.

“I have a dendrobium planting base on this side of the southern border, I came over to take a look and send you something on the way.”

Saying that, Fang Qiu sat down in front of the Niu Sage Doctor’s tea table, escaped a bank card from his pants pocket, handed it over to the Niu Sage Doctor, and said, “This is your ma.n.u.script fee.”

“Ma.n.u.script fee?”

The cow sage doctor was puzzled.


Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Congratulations, your Ancient and Modern Fang has sold a total of three million copies, this is the publisher’s fee for you, after all, Ancient and Modern Fang was written by you.”

“Good lord, I can’t believe I sold this much?”

Upon hearing this, the Niu Sacred Doctor said in surprise, then took the bank card handed by Fang Qiu and asked with a smile, “How much is this ma.n.u.script fee in total?”

“You get six dollars for every book sold, and there’s a total of eighteen million dollars on this card.”

Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Because the sales situation has eased off now, there will be ma.n.u.script fees coming next, but it shouldn’t be too much.”

“Eighteen million dollars?”

Niu Saint Doctor’s eyes glared at the bank card he grabbed in his hand, then looked up at Fang Qiu again, asking with a look of disbelief, “You mean, I’ve become a rich man?”

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