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Chapter 1992 Jade Pendant!


With the “Ancient and Modern Formulas” and “a.n.a.lysis of Chinese Medicine Cla.s.sics” series, the previous two video episodes of the fire, the whole of China from top to bottom, the atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine has become unusually warm.

It’s not like before.

Now, in addition to those who went to pay attention to Chinese medicine and to Fang Qiu because of his influence, they also gradually put their attention to the nature of Chinese medicine as the books and episodes of Chinese medicine became famous.

Many people have followed the trend and started to pay attention to Chinese medicine, and some people who have not had any dealings with Chinese medicine have gradually learned about the wonders of Chinese medicine.

Counting the amateur learners, the number of people up and down the country who have begun to study and understand Chinese medicine has reached an unprecedented high!

The thriving scene of Chinese medicine has also made all the great and holy doctors, doubly pleased.

They have worked all their lives for this day.

But has not made too good results, has not been able to really promote Chinese medicine, but this time it has become, although the main force of the promotion is not them, but can contribute a small part of the effort, can witness the rise of Chinese medicine, for them is already a thing that makes them very gratified, very satisfied.


“The world has really changed now.”

“I never thought that I would see the day when Chinese medicine develops in such a hot way.”

“Don’t be too happy, this is just the beginning, with Fang Qiu around and everyone working together, the future of Chinese medicine is bound to be brighter.”

“That’s right, we all have to work together and continue to contribute to the development of Chinese medicine continuously, although we are all getting older, it’s not really time for renewal yet, we still have the power that belongs to us, not to mention that Chinese medicine is originally a profession that needs time to settle down.”

“Thanks to Fang Qiu ah, if it were not for him, Chinese medicine that can develop to such a situation today, the good news is that Fang Qiu is still young, he still has a long time to continue to lead the development of Chinese medicine, as the media journalists call him, he is the future of the Chinese medicine industry, is the leader of contemporary Chinese medicine!”

“The future is Fang Qiu’s, but now in this era, we also have a part to play, do you all remember the animation of the Divine Doctor that Fang Qiu showed us at the Chinese Medicine Conference?”

In the midst of the crowd’s chatter, I don’t know who suddenly mentioned something, and everyone’s attention was immediately diverted.

“Yes, Dr. G.o.d.”

“As a Chinese medicine pract.i.tioner, we are supposed to dedicate our whole life to it, and we should work for what we believe in, to make the world healer, not the world healerless.”

“Chinese medicine, should be patient-oriented, although we have been upgrading over the years, but the original intention of treating patients is not the same as before, it is not too late to wake up.”

“Isn’t it time for everyone to move around?”

“It’s time to sit in on the clinic, so don’t hang around.”

“@Fangqiu, why don’t you help us release a joint statement?”


Zhuge Yan, who was the oldest of the holy doctors and also had the highest social status, directly @ the following Fang Qiu.

“The seniors are going to sit in on the clinic?”

Fang Qiu, who was inspecting the dendrobium base in the southern border, heard the beep of the WeChat group message and opened it, then he couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Yes, we’ve all moved our muscles instead, after all, it’s been decades since we’ve done it properly, and it’s time to do what’s right for our patients.”

Zhugeyan responded.

“That’s right, I’m ready.”

“After watching the Doctor Who anime, I realized that we seem to have forgotten our beginnings, and now it’s time to get them back.”

“All move.”

The fifty great healers, one after another, spoke out in agreement.


Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, Fang Qiu immediately answered and asked, “How are you seniors going to sit?”

Fang Qiu asked this.

Everyone immediately began to discuss it.

Ten minutes later, all were in favor of each of them choosing three days in a week’s time to sit in the clinic and sit in a fixed location.

Up and down the country, there are more than fifty addresses!


Fang Qiu then tallied all the addresses.

Then, the fifty or so addresses were all put together to create an image that was posted directly to Twitter.

“Three days later, fifty great doctors of Chinese medicine and four holy doctors, will start three days a week sitting time, the following is the sitting address of the fifty great doctors and four holy doctors, patients in need can go to the nearest diagnosis and treatment.”

As soon as the tweet went out.

Immediately, it received countless attention.

Everyone knows very well that this is a very big benefit for everyone in China.


Fang Qiu chooses a place to sit for one day every month, and has already helped very many emergency patients get a new lease of life, and now that the top great and holy doctors in Chinese medicine have stepped forward, this will inevitably make all the sick people up and down the country, see a greater hope.

On Weibo, just a few minutes after Fang Qiu’s new weibo was sent out, it received up to hundreds of thousands of retweets, and even formed a topic: Great Physician Sacred Doctor Public Sitting.

It didn’t take long for the topic to appear and it went straight to the top 10 of the Hot Topics list.

The netizens went wild.

“That’s great, that’s a huge benefit for people up and down the country.”

“This is what Chinese medicine should look like.”

“It seems that everyone was woken up by Fang Qiu’s cartoon above the Chinese Medicine Conference.”

“Yes, we why few people go to see a Chinese doctor, is because good Chinese doctors are too difficult to find, even if you have the heart to find a Chinese doctor, most of the time to find a fake Chinese doctor, simply every can not cure the disease of that kind, now there are so many Chinese medicine masters clinic, willing to go to see a Chinese doctor of medicine will certainly be more and more people.”

As the buzz spreads on Twitter.

Below the line.

This picture released by Fang Qiu began to spread wildly inside the patient’s group of patients across the country.

Many sick people who were tormented by their illnesses, after seeing this microblog and seeing the places where the fifty great doctors and four holy doctors were sitting, all saw full hope in their despair.

A lot of patients who do not believe in Chinese medicine, but also have been prepared to try, perhaps really able to cure their own disease is not necessarily.

While the internet was frantically buzzing, everyone realized that there was no Fang Qiu in this list of sitters.


And everyone can understand that.

After all, Fang Qiu this kid is really too busy, a month can take a day out is already very good, who can also ask him to take three days a week out?

No doubt about it.

In the case of the arrival of one big event after another, the atmosphere of Chinese medicine up and down the country has become more and more intense, perennial decline of Chinese medicine, is finally the official revival!

Time quickly.

Three days later.

The sitting officially begins.

All over the country, a total of fifty-four places, almost every one of them was overcrowded, especially in Kyoto, Jiangjing, the Northeast and the Southern Border where the four holy doctors were located, the places where they were sitting were even more crowded and incredibly lively.

Faced with this kind of pomp and circ.u.mstance, the fifty great doctors and the four holy doctors were all taken aback, and at the same time, they deeply felt the suffering of the human world.

If they hadn’t come out to sit in the clinic, they wouldn’t have imagined that there were so many people suffering from illnesses in their neighborhood.

With a change of heart.

Fifty great doctors and four holy doctors, all of them worked tirelessly to begin to argue and see the patients.

In the meantime.

Fang Qiu returned to the Northern Border and came to the medical center where the memory of Grand Doctor Yu Qing was located, and found that Grand Doctor Yu Qing had already personally taken up the position to sit and see the patients, and Yao Xue, the disciple who had long been upgraded, was once again sitting on the job of playing the bottom of the table.

At this time, Yu Qing Medical Center was really crowded with people, Fang Qiu couldn’t even squeeze in, just from afar, he could see that Grand Doctor Yu Qing was in the middle of a long period of diagnosis, constantly wiping the sweat from his forehead, it looked very hard.

Fang Qiu didn’t step forward.

After looking at it for a while, he turned away.

Return to the planting site.

Fang Qiu directly came inside the underground warehouse where the Mysterious Jade was stored, looked for the extremely fast Mysterious Jade, quickly cut it into fifty-four portions, and then carefully carved all fifty-four portions of the Mysterious Jade into various kinds of pendants, and each of the pendants had the surname of the exclusive Great Doctor or Holy Doctor on it.

In Fang Qiu’s opinion, the fifty great doctors and the four holy doctors were not young, and they must be physically exhausted when facing so many patients, so using the mysterious jade as a pendant could make it easier for them, and it was also considered to be a contribution to the development of Chinese medicine.

After taking an hour to finish carving them all, Fang Qiu quickly mailed out the pendants, one for each person!

After the first day of sitting.

The fifty Great Doctors and four Holy Doctors were all particularly tired, but they also felt particularly fulfilled.

Yu Qing and the other great doctors closest to Fang Qiu were the first to receive the jade pendant from Fang Qiu, and Fang Qiu also reminded them inside the WeChat group, and after receiving the pendant, Great Doctor Yu Qing immediately wore it.


In the case of wearing the mysterious jade pendant, the several great doctors who were already very tired, surprisingly all felt refreshed, as if they were not so tired.

This situation made Yu Qing and the other extremely large doctors, especially surprised.

Distance moderate Zhuge Sacred Doctor, Xu Miaolin Sacred Doctor, and more than twenty great doctors, all received the pendant on the second day, and after receiving it, they all wore it, because there were too many patients, did not have time to do more induction.

By the third day.

All the great and holy doctors, all received it.

After working all day long, because of carrying the mysterious jade pendant, everyone who was originally particularly tired, surprisingly found that this mysterious jade pendant, which seemed to have some kind of magical power, allowed them to quickly detach themselves from the state of exhaustion, and even gave them the energy to continue sitting in the clinic.

This situation is alarming to everyone.

“This kid, he can even take out this kind of jade pendant?”

In the northeast, the Chu Sage Doctor who was sitting and playing returned to his compound, staring at the jade pendant in his hand and murmured, “It seems that it is not an ordinary person.”

“This kid Fang Qiu, what other secrets are hidden in his body, how can he get anything out?”

Xu Miaolin was also filled with astonishment and doubt.

Although he had known for a long time that Fang Qiu was not an ordinary person, the shock he had felt in Fang Qiu over the years was not at all as tangible as what he had felt in the past few days.

After the Chinese Medicine Conference, he felt more and more that Fang Qiu was not ordinary.

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