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Chapter 1551: Trick in Trick

Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

When the earth knight of Heavens Holding Pavilion entered the gate, he had already released his protective battle qi. However, the pitch-dark brick directly penetrated through the protective battle qi of the earth knight as some bizarre golden runes flashed by, striking heavily against his head.

Like how a commoner got a sneak attack against the back side of his head by a piece of brick, the earth knight pa.s.sed out at a stroke silently…

Before he fell off freely, another hand appeared in the air as it seized the falling earth knight who was spurting white foam, suspending in the air of tunnel.

Not until then did that fat fully display his body with a bizarre wave like a chameleon.

At the same time, the black brick in his hand gradually shrunk; finally, it turned into a beam of light and shot into the fat’s forehead. If those treasure-seekers saw what happened just now, they would definitely be shocked——The piece of pitch-dark brick was definitely special. Even silver secret weapons couldn’t lurk in its owner’s body in such a marvelous manner.

After putting away his brick, the fat started to observe the earth knight who had already pa.s.sed out from his head to foot like how a timber wolf looked at a little white rabbit. Licking his lip obscenely, he almost drooled.

“F*ck, knights from top six sects are really rich. An earth knight could carry a portable s.p.a.ce-teleportation finger ring, and this super vigorous waistband; it has already broken through the black iron effect. His clothes are also made of top-quality boa silk mixed with secret silver silk; they could match soft armor in defensive capability. Look at the shoes, it’s caliga with a layer of rune alloy plate on its sole; it’s puncture-resistant and more agile in movement. F*ck, even your underwear could clean itself automatically and could wear for one year without was.h.i.+ng. It is worth at least thousands of gold coins. That’s too lavis.h.!.+ This dad couldn’t even afford a pair of your underwear with the money that I made in 10 years previously. Haha, what a Heavens Holding Pavilion! Pitifully, all of them belong to me now…”

In the blink of an eye, that earth knight had been naked, leaving not even a pair of underwear.

Watching this naked man, the fat teleported all the items into the s.p.a.ce-teleportation finger ring that he had just got as he said, “Don’t blame me; it’s you who intended to kill me first. Therefore, it’s reasonable for me to screw you up. I know that you Heavens Holding Pavilion always took your promise as f*art; like that you want to make a fortune alone and maintain your reputation at the same time, I want to be a pimp using your fortune!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his grumble, the fat looked at that s.p.a.ce-teleportation finger ring as he hid it into one of his smelly shoes before revealing a big smile.

No knights might feel like searching for treasures from his dirty and smelly shoes.

After doing all this, the fat found a problem. Looking around, he muttered as he scratched his own head, “How should I deal with you? I only seek for fortune instead of taking people’s life. If I let you drop off, you would die; and I would expose my secret item; later on, I couldn’t use my brick anymore. However, I couldn’t take you with me; otherwise, I Fan Sanguang, as a virgin, would arouse misunderstandings and could barely marry wives in the future.”

After thinking about it for a short while, Fang Sanguang finally got an idea. Eyebrows jumping, he revealed an obscene smile as he took a vial out of his portable medicine container. After opening its lid carefully, he sprayed some liquid onto the naked earth knight.

The moment the liquid met air, it caused white bubbles which kept expanding themselves, wrapping the naked earth knight at once, leaving his head outside for the sake of breath. When the white bubbles almost reached his hand, Fang Sanguang forcefully threw that naked earth knight away.

Being wrapped by the white bubbles, the naked earth knight and those white bubbles instantly stuck onto the wall of the tunnel; instead of dropping off.

“Hehheh, this super foaming glue is great. I’m a genius…” Fang Sanguang murmured pleasantly as he watched the earth knight being fixed onto the wall. However, in a split second, his face turned weird as he mumbled, “Motherf*cker, this scene appears so familiar. I feel ejecting an earth knight onto the wall. Whatever! No matter what, this guy would wake up 3 days later, when he would remember nothing at all. I’d better take a look at the treasures of Great Wilderness Sect right away…”

After saying that, Fan Sanguang threw the last glance at that naked guy before slowly increasing his height, making his fat frame normal. Later on, he unveiled his gauze and wore a disguising mask. After changing himself completely, he started to fly downside stealthily… leaving that naked earth knight in white bubbles on the wall of the tunnel, who might have a psyche shadow after waking up three days later.

After flying downwards for over 60 miles, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian reached the end of the tunnel as they found it pretty bright in front of them.

The s.p.a.ce of the second-floor of Dongtian was almost as same as that of the last one like that in All-spirits Tower. The mere difference between the two s.p.a.ces was that there were two towers of time instead of one on the huge octahedron in the center of the floor.

Meanwhile, another item was floating quietly above the two towers of time, giving out brilliant double-color light.

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