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Chapter 113: City of G.o.d (5)

"So, you mean you won't…"

"I'm not going to eat them."

Dohyuk confirmed it.

"I might if there's an emergency, but we'll save it for now."

Giwon glanced around at the underground storage. It was weird for it used to be as storage rather than a parking lot due to its sheer size, but the interior was filled with thousands of equipment. It was equipment that Ilgyu and his men had along with all of Ilgyu's collections.

Not all items were high ranked since most of the items were either AA rank or lower, with very few S ranks. However, the rank did not justify the usefulness of the item anyway. Regardless of their fighting type, surely anyone would obtain the best possible equipment for them from this pile.

"There isn't anyone who can steal these for now…"

And it didn't seem like it was going to be worth it for Dohyuk to eat them all up right now. Of course, it might give him a tremendous amount of physical power, probably enough to fight against Ilgyu in his perfect condition with his full set, but…

"You told me once that the result of my fight between Ilgyu in the previous life was already obvious because of the others."

Dohyuk did not know how he fought back then, but he was able to notice that he wasn't a strong enemy to Ilgyu at all. He was probably equal or a bit weaker, and won by luck.

"Ilgyu might have exaggerated a bit, but I don't think he would flat out lie, so I think I probably killed him due to pure luck. Or maybe I was just clever."

Giwon guessed that Ilgyu's chances of winning were slim even before they fought against Dohyuk's forces. This was because of the difference of strength between the groups.

"So, that means even if you are strongest… it takes more than a leader in a group fight. You saw the Swordmaster and Cactus Bill too, right?"


"And their men…"

"It's as you think. Their forces far outpowered us."

Of course, Swordmaster and Cactus Bill equally matched each other with their own group strengths, but in other words, that also meant that each group as a whole was strong enough to fight against their leader.

"Even if the Swordmaster or Cactus Bill did not fight, their forces were probably enough to defeat Ilgyu and the entire Circle. They just did it on their own to not waste any manpower."

Giwon seemed to be astonished and impressed by Dohyuk. Unlike the Swordmaster or Cactus Bill's groups, Dohyuk did not lead his group. They just gathered together under the powerful figure only to do whatever they wanted freely. If the Circle as a group was as equally powerful as Jung Ilgyu himself, Dohyuk might've not had a chance in the previous life.

"If Jung Ilgyu realized it and tried to issue an order to the south… and not waste slaves in an effort to go over to China…"

"I might have lost."

"Right," Giwon nodded. This wasn't just to scoff at Jung Ilgyu who had lost. Dohyuk also had the same weakness as Ilgyu. They had different goals, but the result was strikingly similar.

That's why Dohyuk thought and planned. And that's why Giwon was astonished, impressed. and awestruck when Dohyuk brought up Bla.s.s and to prepare for his weaknesses.

"The effect that I described about Bla.s.s's teachings are not exaggerated. If learned correctly, it will allow anyone to be twice as powerful as their stats."

All they needed was determination to learn. Of course, it would take a different amount of time for people to become powerful enough. But when they did, Dohyuk planned to have them come here to receive a full set of equipment.

In the end, Dohyuk's plan was to have the city become powerful enough to defend itself during emergencies.

"I want to protect them. I want to let them not be corrupted in this world. I want to lead them in the right direction."

"It is not wrong… rather, I think a leader needs such desires," Giwon answered.

"I see." Dohyuk smiled and continued, "If something happens to them, I will have to do something, but I don't want them to just rely on me all the time."

That was why he amplified his voice when he said that they all could become strong enough to even kill Jung Ilgyu and his men, so that they could have hope.

"So, I like your idea about having laws in place. I'm not a smart man, so I couldn't think of anything like that."

"Oh, no. I did what I had to do…"

"I believe you can do well." Dohyuk smiled at Giwon.

Bla.s.s's labyrinth now looked like a giant, 50-meter diameter dome when viewed from the outside. It was only part of the original structure since the rest of it was now buried underground to form a complicated structure.

"I have a question." Dohyuk asked as he walked inside, "Are you tired or anything?"

"No." Bla.s.s spoke from the center of the dome, "If you don't count small annoyances that come up when I face something unpleasant."

"So you're fine then." Dohyuk smiled. Bla.s.s had taught over three thousand students today. The lesson continued for over half a day, but no one gave up. Yet more than half walked out right before fainting.

"Let me guess. You're actually happy."

"Get on with your business," Bla.s.s demanded, and Dohyuk smiled. It seemed like Bla.s.s was on the shy side.

"Haha. Yeah. If you're not tired, let's fight."

"…You mean a duel?" Bla.s.s was surprised by the sudden question, but he was already standing up. Honestly, Dohyuk had not fully grasped all of the teachings from Bla.s.s. He only had the basics down.

And for Bla.s.s, he was satisfied with just determined people, but it was not enough. There weren't people that had potential like Dohyuk.

"Good," Bla.s.s flicked his finger. "Come- I will…"

"No, not a duel." Dohyuk smiled daringly, "I want a fight."

"What are you…"

"Show me your best. 100% of your strength."

And with that, Dohyuk readied himself. Bla.s.s was dumbfounded, but as he looked at Dohyuk's body, he realized…


Something had changed by a large margin.

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