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Chapter 1317: Level 4 Martial Emperor Realm

The reason why Su Mo wanted to kill Wu Ma and Wu You Lan wasn’t because of their storage rings, but for their special body const.i.tutions. Wu Ma had a Coloured Glaze Treasure Body while Wu You Lan possessed an Elemental Spirit Body. Although neither was an extraordinary body const.i.tution, they were both ranked in the 700s on the Archean Special Bodies list.

Hence, Su Mo was willing to take the risk of killing the both of them. Once he devoured their lifeblood, he would possess their special body const.i.tutions. He would then possess 4 special body const.i.tutions and his talents would increase drastically.

Su Mo mobilized the Devouring Fighting Soul and began to absorb the Dark Force within the Divine Elixirs. He had been in the Sorcerer Tribe for almost a full year. Although the majority of time he was not within his true body, he had allowed it to continue cultivating when he was in the cultivation room of Earth PaG.o.da. Therefore, his cultivation was rather stable and breaking through would not be a problem.

He did not directly devour the Diving Elixirs but only absorbed the Dark Force in them with his devouring power. Dark Force gushed out of the ten Divine Elixirs and entered Su Mo’s body. The various Dark Forces within him circulated violently. He had refined his Grand Chaos Five Elements skill previously. A large amount of Dark Force was refined and became an invisible form that a.s.sembled within Su Mo’s five Divine Elixirs, allowing his cultivation level to increase rapidly.

Not long after, the Dark Force within the ten Divine Elixirs was sucked dry and the Divine Elixirs were reduced to a powder. Su Mo took out another ten Divine Elixirs and continued absorbing. Time pa.s.sed by slowly, a few hours later, Su Mo’s cultivation reached the peak of the Level 3 Martial Emperor Realm, just a step away from reaching the next level.

At this moment, he stopped absorbing and did not rush to break through. Instead, he silently meditated for a few more hours to stabilize the violent Dark Force within himself. Then, with a wave of his hand, a large amount of Divine Elixirs appeared before him. There were around a couple thousand of Martial Royal Realm Divine Elixirs.

When Su Mo looted the small towns, many of the Sorcerer Tribesmen exploded and died. However, there was a large number of stronger martial artists who were devoured by the Devouring Fighting Soul. For this reason, in addition to the few thousand Martial Emperor Realm Divine Elixirs, he also had tens of thousands of Martial Royal Realm Divine Elixirs.


Su Mo released his Devouring Fighting Soul and immediately devoured the few thousand Divine Elixirs. In an instant, the invisible Dark Force within the Divine Elixirs exploded in the Fighting Soul, then violently rushed into Su Mo’s body.

“Whoa!” Su Mo turned pale with fright. The Devouring power was too strong, the boundless and vast Dark Force was pus.h.i.+ng him to his limit. He immediately used the Grand Chaos Five Elements skill and desperately tried to refine the Dark Force to break through to the Level 4 Martial Emperor Realm.

Boom boom boom!!

It was as though a hurricane had formed, a volcano erupted, and the oceans were roaring. The Divine Elixirs within Su Mo violently vibrated. The vast Dark Force was enough to allow him to break through to the next level. Within a span of ten breaths, the bottleneck of his cultivation level started to loosen.

Gasp! Not far away, Nie Qian and Han Ying gaped with their eyes wide open at the sight before them. They both swallowed.

They had never seen anyone cultivating like this before. Not only did he use Divine Elixirs, but he had devoured over a thousand of them in one attempt. The two of them thought that Su Mo would explode and die from his efforts.

“What in the world!” Nie Qian mumbled to himself and shook his head silently. Ever since he met Su Mo, he felt as if he had to change everything he believed in.

“We are lucky to know Brother Su!” Han Ying exclaimed in a low voice.

“With these talents, he might even become a Holy Son of the academy one day!” Nie Qian gasped.

“I believe that, too. Furthermore, once the current Divine Son leaves the academy, Su Mo might even get a chance to take his place!” Han Ying agreed.

The two thought highly of Su Mo’s talents and fighting strength. With his strong Fighting Soul, battling seemed as easy as eating meals. Becoming a Holy Son would be highly probable for Su Mo, even though doing so is immensely difficult. The two conversed in low voices, discussing Su Mo’s talents as well as the resources they obtained from their looting. Then, they began to cultivate, too.

Unknowingly, an hour pa.s.sed. Su Mo, who had been closing his eyes as he cultivated, suddenly twitched. A large and vast force rose from his body. Then, within half a breath, everything returned to normal. The vast force re-entered his body. A moment later, Su Mo slowly opened his eyes. Dazzling bright light shot from his eyes, mesmerizing those around him.

“Brother Su, congratulations on breaking through!” seeing this scene, Nie Qian and Han Ying rushed towards Su Mo and congratulated him joyfully. The two were full of emotions. When they first met Su Mo, he was still in the Martial Royal Realm. Within such a short period of time, he had managed to pull far ahead of both of them. The speed of his cultivation was truly unrivalled in this world.

“Hehe! You guys are too kind!” Su Mo was all smiles. Having successfully broken through, he knew he would be able to carry out his plans smoothly.

“Brother Su, your talents are unrivalled, you could be considered to be a top talent in the academy!” Nie Qian laughed.

“Yes! Even the Divine Son does not have better talents than you!” Han Ying agreed with Nie Qian.

“Don’t flatter me!” Su Mo shook his head before continuing in a low voice, “Don’t reveal yourselves in the next battle. I can handle it alone!”

“Su Mo, how confident are you?” Han Ying and Nie Qian asked. Their faces turned serious the moment they discussed such matters.

“More than 80% positive!” Su Mo confidently said. He did not think that he would definitely win. However, he was more confident of outsmarting the Grand Priest than beating Wu Ma and Wu You Lan. He still had to think things through to prevent messing up later.

“That’s good!” Nie Qian and Han Ying nodded their heads. It was good as long as Su Mo was confident. Their strengths were low and they couldn’t really lend a helping hand to him! After casually conversing with the two a while more, Su Mo then returned to meditate by himself.

He was ready to leave after this final battle, but what about his avatar? He believed that he had an idea to outsmart the Grand Priest’s energy on his avatar. However, how would his avatar escape later? The moment his avatar escapes, or abandons the Young Priest badge, the Grand Priest would know immediately.

However, Su Mo was reluctant to abandon this avatar. After pondering a while longer, he was still unable to think of any idea. He contacted the Flaming Ghost Sage in hopes of hearing any suggestions the elder might have.

“Su Mo, you must abandon the avatar!” the Flaming Ghost Sage commanded.

“Is there no other way?” Su Mo discontentedly asked.

“Maybe, but it is too risky. Once you attract the Grand Priest’s attention, there is no way for you to escape!” the Flaming Ghost Sage explained in a serious tone.

Su Mo sighed before heavily nodding his head. In order to ensure his own safety, he would have to abandon his avatar. This way, if the Grand Priest were to find anything amiss, it would be too late. Su Mo would have already left Heavenly Underworld Star.

Su Mo did not think further, but sat down quietly to stabilize his cultivation and wait for his avatar to bring Wu Ma and the other Sorcerer Tribe members to him.

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