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ch 85 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (18)
With the recount of events by old man Ning, everybody had learned of the manners of those from School of Divine Condor, especially their behaviors in front of the Cheng's. They made all the elders frowned.

“I can't believe their mannerism have deteriorated so much in merely several dozen years. What have they been feeding their students?”

“Whatever happened to the most prestige school in Dafeng? At this rate, it is going to turn into a school for rich, spoiled children before we know it!”

“Ridiculous! So ridiculous! School of Divine Condor really need to beat their students into shape. They should be ashamed of their behaviors as it stand!”

The three old men were very upset at the behaviors of those from School of Divine Condor.

Old man Ning nodded and sighed, “Yeah, I found it hard to believe too. I would never have believed it myself if they weren't living in my house. I couldn't believe this is true!”

“Hrm, School of Divine Condor is surely going downhill. It's is going to get even worse over time!” shouted old Du angrily.

The other three nodded in agreement.

“Well, we couldn't worry about that right now. Let's put that aside!” Old man Lin changed the subject and said to Old man Ning next to him, “Say, Ning lao di, regardless of those from School of Divine Condor. In my opinion, you need to rein in your grandson Xunzong. Otherwise, he is going to bring about the destruction of the Ning's sooner or later. You know, you always hear stories where a small bickering or conflicts go entirely out of hand and brought down the entire family. This is serious matters!”

“That's right, Ning lao de, from your story it sounded like your grandson had changed drastically. He was a simple child, how did he get like this? Lin lao ge was right. He just might bring about disasters to the family, this is not a joking matter!”

“Exactly, you need to be careful, Ning lao de!”

The words from his three brothers made old man Ning nodded. He understood that they meant well and this was, indeed, serious matters.

“Okay, how should we proceed?”

Old man Lin had already thought about something else, “Your relations.h.i.+p with the Cheng's had already been soured. It'd be difficult to mend the fences anytime soon. Ning lao de, you have any thoughts?”

“Oh, my fellow brothers, my thought is to have you establish some sort of an agreement with the Cheng's. I will pay you secretly and you can help me acquire some of their goods, that way I will be able to benefit some as well. What do you think?”

When old man Ning expressed his idea, he understood clearly that he would no doubt need to invest some on the three. Otherwise, he would have no chance getting his hands on any of the Cheng's goods.

It'd only make sense that the Cheng's hate their guts right now.

Upon hearing old man Ning's words, the three of them exchanged a look. They seemed somewhat surprised and also somewhat expected it.

After a long while, old man Lin finally said, “Ning lao di, we promise we will help you out, but I will say it upfront that we can only share a little bit with you. After all, we have to report back to our respective sect. I hope you'd understand!”

“Of course, of course. I don't want to put you in a bad position. Anything you are willing to part with will be fine!”

“Don't mention it. What we need to do now is to discuss how to approach the Cheng's. Ning lao de, why don't you describe what it's like at the Cheng's so we can plan for it?”

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