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Chapter 1166 - Cultivation Zoo Arena -unedited

When they reached the Cultivation Zoo's Arena. They noticed that the rows of seats were also floating as if they were there to accommodate the fight scene. Jin indicated to them that the arena should not be restricted to one particular zone. Rather, when the fight starts, the audience would be teleported to them.

"This way they can fight in their own territory and they might be more aggressive in protecting their home. It's like Home and Away teams for football." Jin said but it did not answer the Zoo Staff's questions until it dawned upon them that there was this celestial supercomputer that does things for him.

"So, the System enrages them?" Tong Wu asked and now she understands why they needed a medic to take care when there was already a supercomputer doing all this 'behind the scenes' stuff.

"The System does not enrage them per se and instead sends a subtle message to indicate that a fight is coming for both animals and the System teleports one of them into the other's territory." The System replied promptly to remove any accusations or ill impressions of itself.

"That is also why the audience booth is floating," Jin added but the Zoo Staff were confused.

"You mean, these rows and rows of spectators would be teleported to the said environment for viewing purposes?" Jiang Bo believed that was a crazy feature if it was true but Jin shook his head.

"Nah, the audience does not move. It's too much wastage of resources to do that, moving hundreds of human spectators and the floating booths to the environment. It would also cause possible collisions with the current hovercrafts and ball capsules that are in the area."

"So…you moved the animals instead?" Tong Wu tried her luck in guessing and Jin nodded his head with pŀėȧsurė.

"Even though the System said that only one of the animals teleports, it's actually the both of them being transferred to the Cultivation Zoo Arena. The only difference is that the animal that teleports in is the visible one. The rest of the territory including the animal had already been transferred to the arena beforehand. So it looks as if the stage had already been set for an aggressor to come in to fight against the animal in his home grounds." Jin said as he gave an example and beckoned the group to look over the rails of the spectator booth.

It was an empty white piece of concrete at first and in the next instant, the ground started to turn yellow and a few trees grew in place of it. Despite Jin saying that it's just a copy of data, the s.h.i.+fting landscape was too real for the rest of them to believe it was purely 1s and 0s. Only then the animal was transferred along when the background of the arena had been completed. And even the transition of the lion was smooth with it emerging out of the tall dry yellow gra.s.s of the Africa flatlands. 

Yes, the Zoo staff might not know this but the current arena battle that would be shown as a live demonstration was a rematch between the King of Animals and the King of Laziness.  Lion Vs Xin once more and while this time there were no pack of lionesses to protect their king, he was ready after a hefty meal and some training which he did as part of his recovery programme. 

It does sound weird but since all of the animals were more or less under the System's command, the System was able to spur the Lion from beating up itself to motivating it for the next revenge match. Jin had a bit of inkling to this particular news and though it would be nice to use this match as the opener for the Cultivation Zoo Instance, he believed it was better to let this revenge match be done as early as possible.

In a way, he also needed footage of a proper fight between two animals and this should serve as decent footage for Kiyu to manipulate and send it out to the public for viewing. After all, now that Bear Cub One has its own stream (Even though people kept thinking it was some person hiding behind Bear Cub One to perform it) and Kiyu being the guest of Bear Cub One which consistently boost its ratings and views, Jin believes it's a good platform to advertise. And once that is done, he would go for mainstream advertis.e.m.e.nt too as he believed the Tree Mall has room for improvement when it comes to advertising.

And as the Lion prepared itself for the fight, Xin was already yawning when a portal appeared at the centre of the arena grounds. The panda knew who he was fighting with and did not change its stance, as if it was looking down at the Lion whom he had defeated previously. 

No doubt the Lion took offence at Xin's behaviour and roared loudly in defiance as if declaring that the revenge match would be a swift one. It portrayed some form of chi as lunged towards the Panda without any care for the surroundings. 

Xin instantly sidesteps and gives a swipe of its claws against the Lion while it was landing but to its surprise, the Lion was able to turn in mid air, allowing it to evade the attack rather easily. Xin then believed there was no easy way to do this and finally decided to go into battle mode as he screeches at the Lion.

And as the fight progresses, Jin explained to them why the both of them were being so mad at each other was due to the previous unofficial match they had. The Zoo Staff understood and while unconventional in real life, it would be surprisingly effective in a cultivation zoo.

"This would no doubt increase the cultivation grade of every animal drastically and they might actually be one of the strongest few animals in the world if we do it right." Jiang Bo commented and the rest of the Zoo Staff agreed as well.

"We just have to make sure that the fight combinations are suitable and not of an overwhelming advantage," Kristin added.

"Great, then I shall leave it to you guys to settle that while collaborating with the System for it. I will show you your office once this fight is done and we can call it a day." Jin was delighted that the staff had joined his ranks.

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