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Chapter 1165 - Cultivation Zoo Instance -unedited

When they first entered the Cultivation Zoo entrance, the Zoo Staff were flabbergasted by an enormous billboard right in front of them. In order to see the full thing, they not only have to tilt their head upwards but also take a few steps backwards to have the whole picture. The imagery of the entire zoo was like a work of art where there were layers upon layers of information. Where the toilets are, the road paths to animal enclosures, how to access watchtowers to see the animals from afar, designated rest areas and mini food stops. All these were curated by the System to ensure that the cultivators had sufficient pit stops (as well as additional opportunities to earn extra cash.)

"This is information overload. Way too much stuff to digest in one go." Jiang Song said as he could not fathom how many 'enclosures' Jin had installed in his Cultivation Zoo instances.

"That's precisely the point. This Zoo is not meant to be done in one visit. I already planned a few packages to make this one of Dungeons and Pandas' main attractions as well as an annual pa.s.s… well with the System's help of course." Jin said as he felt proud that he finally managed to clear this. "Although I have to say, there are some parts that needed some erm quality of life improvements and my colleague Lynn would be working on it."

"Still…you want the four of us to watch this entire cultivation zoo instance?" Tong Wu could feel the crus.h.i.+ng pressure coming down upon her when she now realised the scope of the job. 

"Ehhh, I know I asked this before but once again, I thought you guys were briefed by Claire about this?" Jin suddenly felt suspicious how Claire was able to recruit them so blindly. Or in fact, had they been so allured by the wages that they believed the job was worth taking? After all, it was indeed rather lucrative especially for Tong Wu and Jiang Song, getting at least five times more than the current wage they were getting as well as a performance bonus as determined by the System. 

Jin later believed it was a make or break decision and they decided to do it because of the money in addition to the exposure they would receive from taking care of fairly exotic animals. But as the scope of their work laid upon them at this moment, there was no way to back out after they knew the existence of the System and signing the contracts. 

"We were briefed that this was a job that requires some secrecy and other than that, we trusted Claire since she was Chairwoman Yuan's ȧssistant." Jiang Song also scratched his head, thinking he was doing something more than he could chew.

"Also the money. I cannot lie about that. With that salary, I can finally clear my university debts within a year." Tong Wu said and everyone looked at her with some suspicion. With a considerable number of years of experience under her belt and she was unable to clear her debt, it kind of made them worry about the kind of lifestyle she was living. 

"…If you want, I can help clear your debt immediately but I would remove a part of your annual salary as compensation. The only benefit is that there is no interest rate for me to take." Jin said and Tong Wu's eyes sparkled while the others instinctively knew that there would be an addendum to her contract to make her stay longer, a strategy everyone rest grasped immediately that Jin's enticement was a booty trap. But it was not their place to judge a person's lifestyle and now all they wanted to see was at least a part of the zoo as a start.

Thus, Jin brought them to the starting point where the hovercrafts and human sized hamster ball capsules were. Like curious cats, the Zoo Staff instantly went ahead to inspect the interior of both types of vehicles. As Jin had described, the human sized hamster ball capsules gave the person inside the ability to see everything 360 degrees without any hindrance. It looked as if there were no mechanism inside the capsule but everything had been inscription based.

So, in order to move the capsule, all the user had to do was to walk normally. And the ball capsule would activate and adjust according to the user walking speed. Eventually, the user would feel like they were walking on air as there was a complex mix of high level levitation inscriptions and movement inscriptions imbued into the ball capsule. 

This allowed the ball capsules to move at high speeds when the user felt like running but in actual fact, there was an invisible set of course the ball capsules could move until they reached their selected enclosure destination. This was to prevent any possible collusion with other ball capsules as well as the hovercrafts.

Talking about the hovercrafts, as they are to be floating above the animal's environment, it is an alternative where educational tours could be given to the public as well as allowing the cultivators to have picture sessions from afar. There are multiple windows where the cultivators could station themselves and get pictures. However, there was also a hovercraft where no cameras were allowed and everyone could only sit to enjoy the scenery.

Also, to prevent any excessive amount of people entering the enclosures, the System and Jin had already devised a waiting area where they were parked out of sight from the selected animal's environment setting. In return, they were given the Magic Eye's view of the animals. If they were not satisfied with the magic eye's capability, they could purchase or rent telescopic cameras from the Cultivation Zoo store and they could partake in the scenes themselves.

Thus, those avid animal and bird watchers would have the chance to score a sight for themselves while taking those pictures in order to keep them as souvenirs. As for the cultivators, they have the chance to view them and a teleport control was installed to each capsule so they could instantly move to a training hall where they practice their renewed enlightenment. 

It goes the same for the very new Zoo Arena which Another Jin had created. While he did not like the Animal Emperor theme which Claire had suggested, it was one of the few ways that the cultivators saw the animals in action and that was the whole point of this particular Cultivation Zoo instance. Naturally, the arena was also insulated in a way from the animal's point of view, they were only fighting against their opponent and nothing else.

The fighters themselves would not be able to see the supposed overwhelming crowd that saw them fight each other. The animals would be oblivious to their 'surroundings' and this would provide the cultivators what they needed to see to learn their cultivation.

"Hmm… While I condone some of your methods, they are still tolerable since all of the stuff you implemented is to ensure that the animals have their own peace of mind. But how are you going to initiate the fights? They do not usually fight unless threatened by their territory." Jiang Bo questioned as he finished inspecting the hovercraft.

"Well, I can show it to you when you guys are done trying out the transportation." Jin smiled as he too entered a ball capsule and the System automatically activated it. 

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