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Chapter 17: Mingxue's Invitation [R18]

Now that Yunfu was back, Xu Mo's nightlife was lively again with even some daytime activity from time to time which made her days drag out like a year.

Within the palace, the date had already been agreed. As the date drew near, Ji Rufeng in the far province of Qu already knew about the matter since the couple still had letter correspondences. Originally, this matter should have been handled by Ji Rufeng but it can only be handed to Yunfu and Xu Mo. The two of them knew nothing but fortunately, the palace sent someone to guide them and no hiccups occurred.

The newlyweds should not meet seven days prior to the wedding date but Qian Mingxue truly missed her so he sent an invitation for Xu Mo to meet at Fulu House eight days ago. His formal gesture naturally made Xu Mo unable to decline.

Yunfu worried that Qian Mingxue would be too strong and Xu Mo unable to bear it, he planned to make a pill that would boost a woman's pa.s.sion but posed no harm. Therefore when the plans for the wedding were finished, he started to research and naturally did not have time to accompany Xu Mo.

On this day, Qian Mingxue arrived half an hour early. Nowadays, he only had court in the morning due to his wedding at present so he usually had nothing else to do every day and it was no good to visit the princess' residence repeatedly. It was a great difficulty to invite her so he was naturally impatient as he waited in the elegant room. The elegant room was on the second floor and from time to time he looked out the window. After some time, a carriage stopped outside the Fulu House and the beautiful woman he had waited for slowly emerged.

Lu Xiyan could not believe he would meet this hotly debated princess at Fulu House again. She was a modest person with a gentle temperament but promiscuous beneath the surface as within two months, she had gained three husbands so you really could not judge a book by its cover. Although she could play such heavenly music yet he was extremely not fond of these type of people.

Xu Mo was unaware that she was unbearable in his eyes but she did become aware that he was a lot of less warm than last time. However, he was Ji Rufeng's cousin so she still had to greet him.

Lu Xiyan simply nodded with his proud tightly closed lips and they both crossed past each other.

Xu Mo went upstairs and softly knocked on the door to the elegant room. The door open in an instant to reveal Qian Mingxue's astonis.h.i.+ng tall figure.

Xu Mo raised her head to look at him and could not help but gulp. He appeared to be above one metre ninety which was a big pressure. She was barely sixteen years old so surely she still had some more growth left!

Qian Mingxue leaned sideways, "Princess, please!"

"General Qian no need for formalities. You can just call me Xu Mo or Mo-er." Xu Mo said as she stepped into the elegant room.

Qian Mingxue not so courteously also said, "Mo-er, then you can also call me Mingxue."

Xu Mo nodded her head and called him that. They are soon to be married so they could not continue to call each other princess and general forever.

At this time, they both already had breakfast and lunch was still too early so the atmosphere between them was still somewhat awkward. In addition, Xu Mo was always slow to warm up and Qian Mingxue rarely interacted with young ladies so they found it even harder to figure out what to say.

After quite a long time, Qian Mingxue finally opened his mouth when Xu Mo was almost unable to sit still, "Let's go for a walk."

Xu Mo naturally agreed.

They both departed the Fulu House. Xu Mo did not take the carriage as Qian Mingxue was around and Anying is in the shadows so naturally nothing would happen.

On the crowded streets of the Imperial City, a vast crowd rushed towards one direction full of cheer and excitement.

Xu Mo was somewhat curious, "What is happening?"

Qian Mingxue answered, "Kicking jianzi* contest."

*TL-note: Jianzi is a traditional Chinese national sport in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlec.o.c.k in the air by using their bodies, apart from the hands, unlike in similar games peteca and indiaca.

Xu Mo heard this and became interested, "Is there a prize for winning?"

"Yes but the prize is unknown."

"As long as there is one. Let's go!"

"I don't know how to kick it."

"No matter, don't you know martial arts!"

When Xu Mo and Qian Mingxue arrived, red lanterns hanged on the big platform and in the centre it read "Jianzi Contest" from right to left. On the platform, the scene was very joyous and there were many partic.i.p.ants whom were mostly were either married or unmarried couples.

"Let us also go!" Xu Mo was eager to try.

Qian Mingxue did not want to disturb her mood and said, "Let's wait for the next round."

Xu Mo agreed but remembered he was strong and vigorous so she added, "Remember to not exert too much strength and use skills instead like shooting a target. It would be best to aim for the sides to either my left or right thigh."

Qian Mingxue nodded his head.

At the end of the round, only the ones who had been kicking the longest entered the finals.

When the second round of selections started, Xu Mo and Qian Mingxue were among them. Due to Qian Mingxue's expertise in martial arts and in addition to his accuracy, no matter where Xu Mo kicked he was able to catch it. Xu Mo was also very good at jianzi and they cooperated very well therefore without a doubt they both entered the finals.

After the third round of selections, the last group entered the finals.

The players draw lots to decide the match order and the winner will receive a unique coloured gla.s.s lantern decorated with a carousel of paper horses made by Master w.a.n.g.

Xu Mo was lucky to draw third. She easily won and got the prize because when the first won against the second they were too exhausted for the third.

The morning pa.s.sed by very quickly. Qian Mingxue carried the coloured gla.s.s lantern while Xu Mo was all smiles and took sneak peeks at it.

They went back to Fulu House and had lunch. Later, Qian Mingxue took Xu Mo back to her residence and said farewell.

After a morning of interaction, they both became slightly closer. Even though she was still afraid of his tall physique, they were no longer strangers to each other.

Back at the residence, Xu Mo found out that Yunfu had gone to Hanshan Temple because he lacked a few medicinal ingredients. While she felt somewhat at a loss since she did not know when she can also go back there to see her master.

She was not at a loss for long when guardsman Ying came to announce that the Senior Doctor Ji had pa.s.sed away at the Xu Clinic. Xu Clinic was opened in the Imperial City by herself and busy every day as it treated the poor people free of charge but with no backup doctor, this was a dilemma. As a result, Xu Mo decided she will take up the duty before a suitable doctor with good medical ethics can be found. At most, she must find a highly-skilled doctor in seven days.

The next day, Xu Mo dressed as a man in a green garment. She felt her height was too small but fortunately she will be sat down so they would not be able to figure out any clues. As for her girlish looks, she added a thick eyebrow and used it as a moustache to cover up. When everything was in order, she sat at ease in the carriage and left for Xu Clinic.

In just three days, Xu Mo was a breath of fresh air and became known as the legendary doctor to the common people due to her high medical expertise and pretty appearance.

On this day, Lu Xiyan arrived at the well-known Xu Clinic and felt this legendary doctor looked somewhat familiar to him. The clinic treated the poor people free of charge but towards the rich people it was as if they are little demons and wanted to skin them alive. However, he was unable to look up the person behind the scenes who was responsible for the establishment of these outrageous rules.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration and raised their eyebrows when the remarkably beautiful man Lu Xiyan appeared in the lobby of the clinic.

Xu Mo looked up and was stunned for a moment. How could it be him?

"Are you the legendary doctor that everyone is talking about?" Lu Xiyan squinted his eyes and asked.

"I am not legendary."

Lu Xiyan made a sound and slowly walked closer, "How can you prove that you are not as good as everyone made out you to be."

Xu Mo coldly smiled, "Why do I need to prove it."

Lu Xiyan did not mind her att.i.tude since there must be some basis in order to be proud of one's own ability. Additionally, this person may be his last thread of hope so he patiently asked, "Do you know poison by venomous insects."

Xu Mo heard what he said then attentively looked at him, his skin was tender as a newborn but the pupils in both of his eyes seem disorganised and it immediately became clear, "The legendary emperor venomous insect."

Lu Xiyan's body shook, "Only you can help me get rid of this poison. I can give you two shares of my a.s.sets."

Xu Mo naturally agreed, she wanted the Xu Clinic to flourish but her own monthly allowance was not enough nor could she sell off items from the palace. Rufeng was an uncorrupted official and had a high salary but it was still not sufficient enough to support the operations of the clinic. Yunfu only researched diseases and had no intentions to see patients. Additionally, she had to seriously consider all the expenses at the residence so to further expand the Xu Clinic, some capital was naturally needed.

Xu Mo was not familiar with venoms but she understood it. Yunfu had researched it before and she had seen how it can be cured.

"Gather thirty sets of medicinal ingredients according to this prescription. Cook it over a low fire and take it every day at quarter past noon. During this period, keep your state of mind peaceful and do not use any martial arts. Once you have finished, come back to Xu Clinic and I will cure the venom." Xu Mo pa.s.sed the finished prescription to him and added, "Remember to bring the contract and seal when you come back."

Lu Xiyan convinced he was trustworthy felt no longer gloomy. Finally, his long cherished wish can be fulfilled. His opinion of this thin and weak doctor raised slightly, "Why is the cure a month later?"

"Mister has had the venom for over ten years. You appear to be fine but your body is in ruins. In order to take out the venom, it would consume a lot of mental and physical efforts. Additionally, this prescription can both strengthen your body and inhibit the venom's poison. You must take the medicine when you are at your weakest which is at quarter past noon every day. This time is also the best to cure the venom a month later."

Lu Xiyan listened to the explanation then left.

Xu Mo examined patients until sunset before she returned back to the residence.

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