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After an hour of stabilizing, Han Changsheng finally surpa.s.sed the chaotic true Qi. Though An Yuan was hurt, it wasn't serious. Exhausted, they fell asleep not long afterward. 

Han Changsheng dreamed of the Dog Lord often. Sometimes he dreamed of An Yuan practicing kung fu or reading. Sometimes he dreamt the Dog Lord was sitting under a tree, with him asleep on his lap. 

Han Changsheng had lived for nearly twenty years and had several strange dreams. Most of the time, he forgot them as soon as he woke. However, he clearly remembered every dream he had about the Dog Lord. When the Dog Lord looked down to read, a wisp of hair hung down his face, beautiful beyond words. When they sat under a tree, a peach petal fell on his head. The Dog Lord gently picked it up and placed it in his mouth. 

Han Changsheng suspected that it was because of his strong sense of resentment towards him. He was forced to get along with the Dog Lord day and night. Even in his dreams, he was hara.s.sed. 

That night, he had another dream about him. 

"I won't let you go," the Dog Lord said, but it wasn't with his usual, cold tone. He was gentle, with a smile that could make the ice melt. 

"I won't let you go alone. You shouldn't let me bear it alone."

The picture s.h.i.+fted, the soft disguise melting away. Before him, appeared a scene of carnage. 

A group of righteous people rushed towards him. He beat them back one after the next, suffering several painful injuries. However, he was reluctant to fall. He was waiting. 

In the dream, he was full of confusion. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but he realized his longing. He didn't know how long it took, but finally, he looked up and everyone was gone. An Yuan appeared in front of him again. Seeing him, he realized he was waiting for him. 

Overwhelmed by grievances and anger, he asked, "Do you think I'm a devil that deserved to be d.a.m.ned by the wrath of heaven?"

An Yuan looked at him, but he didn't speak. He tried to see the expression on An Yuan's face and the look in his eyes, but a gust of wind blew past. It took everything with it, blowing the image away like fog. 

The next morning, when Han Changsheng woke up, it was already bright out. An Yuan hadn't awakened. Rinsing his mouth with water from his water bag, Han Changsheng walked to him. 

He had circles under his eyes. He was injured the night before and consumed a lot of real Qi. He was still sleeping heavily. 

Han Changsheng scratched his head and thought of his dream. It was inexplicable. Han Changsheng, Laozi, didn't change his name. He was the leader of the Tianning Cult, the world's No. 1 demon cult, and the No. 1 devil in the world. This was nothing to brag again, he was just this awesome and cool. It didn't matter if heaven condemned him. He wanted to live by his heart. As for how the Dog Lord treated him, it was none of his business!

If An Yuan didn't wake up, they couldn't go on the road. Han Changsheng was bored. He held his chin, staring at the Dog. 

The Dog Lord really was good-looking. Han Changsheng was used to loving beauties. He poached his protectors and hall masters because they were so beautiful in appearance. If he didn't know the Dog Lord's ident.i.ty from the beginning, he was afraid he would have wanted to take him back to the Tianning Cult. 

But, An Yuan came down from heaven. He was destined to stab Han Changsheng to death with a knife. He couldn't forget that he wanted to strangle the Dog Lord. The Dog Lord's face, the devastatingly beautiful face, had taken a lot of credit for Han Changsheng's annoyances. 

Han Changsheng sighed. It was a huge mess, every time an immortal descended to the world. They could be perfectly fine as a G.o.d, why did they have to go to the mortal world to perform some robbery case? What was he doing wrong in heaven? It had to be something. Maybe they couldn't stand his narcissism, so they kicked him down for some peace. 

As the saying went, even pitiful people could be hateful. Although the Dog Lord was hateful, he was also very pitiful. According to his original life path, he should have pa.s.sed all the tests. 

Though there were many women and little brothers around him, he had no intimate friends. His ultimate goal was to defeat the Tianning Cult and revive Wulin's glory. Han Changsheng thought about it. If he wanted to live his life for destiny and accomplish its goal, it was boring. There were so many more interesting people and things in the world. Why did they have to hang themselves from a tree, when there were so many other options?

Han Changsheng became lost in his thoughts. 

At an unknown time, An Yuan woke up. Seeing Han Changsheng staring at him, he was stunned. He also watched Han Changsheng, speechless. 

Finally, Han Changsheng came to his senses. "Ah, you woke up."

An Yuan sat up, straightened his hair, and picked up his water bag. "Pack up your things and get ready to go."

As An Yuan went to wash, Han Changsheng followed right on his heels, muttering, "Give me the heart skill script. I taught you martial arts. There is really no scheme, I didn't know you could help me at first. . ." 

Spitting out the water in his mouth, An Yuan said, "If you are not scheming for it, why do you seek it relentlessly?"

If it were any other time, Han Changsheng would've gotten angry, but he gave An Yuan a rare moment of patience. "Of course, I have my plan, but I can't tell you everything. If you're afraid I'll pa.s.s on your Huangfu's secret script, you don't have to tell me. I know you certainly don't have the heart to help me; you want to control me, you're afraid I'll run away. I won't run. You can help me cure my strange problem. If you don't help me, I have no other way, it will cause me a lot of trouble."

After An Yuan finished was.h.i.+ng, he turned to Han Changsheng. "What's your plan?"

"I can't tell you," Han Changsheng said, scratching his head. "But I promise I won't hurt you."

Even if Han Changsheng wanted to hurt him, this guy had his cheat, thus he had no choice. 

An Yuan's eyes couldn't hide his disappointment. As he grabbed a parcel on the ground, he said, "Go."

Han Changsheng saw An Yuan's perpetual indifference to him and couldn't help being angry. If he was like that all the time, there was a risk of Qi deviation. How could he live, in the future? Then again, how could he explain it to the Dog Lord? 

Say that he is an immortal from heaven and I am destined villain. I will help him become a powerful person and then let him kill me. The Dog Lord will beat me out like a lunatic who wants to steal the secret script, okay!

An Yuan jumped on his horse and looked back at Han Changsheng. Seeing that he was still in a daze, he ignored him and drove his horse away. Han Changsheng had no choice but to jump on his horse and keep up. 

That afternoon, they arrived at the former site of the Tianyuan Villa. 

Since Huangfu Tugen was killed fifteen years earlier, and An Yuan was adopted by Yue Peng, the villa had collapsed. The apprentices and subordinates in the villa went their separate ways. Now, the Tianyuan Villa was the stronghold of the bandits. 

An Yuan stood on a hillock and looked over the villa. The wind made his robe whip around him. With his eyebrows creased and his lips tight, he looked very dignified. Han Changsheng called out to him, "Good apprentice, do you remember anything?"

An Yuan didn't answer but walked to the gate of the Tianyuan villa. 

Han Changsheng rolled his eyes behind him. "b.a.s.t.a.r.d doesn't even know how to respect his teachers!"

They went to the villa's front gate. Laughter and swearing filled the air from the other side. 

Han Changsheng frowned. "Your family?"

An Yuan shook his head and knocked on the door. The people in the room were jovial and didn't hear the knock. They were solely preoccupied with their amus.e.m.e.nt. 

Taking a step back, An Yuan kicked the door as hard as he could. Han Changsheng could only hear the roar. The gate wasn't very secure and fell over when An Yuan kicked it. 

Han Changsheng shrugged. This blackened Dog Lord was better than the elegant gentleman from before, which was refres.h.i.+ng. Han Changsheng followed An Yuan, and they walked into the villa one by one.

A dozen or so s.h.i.+rtless men were drinking in the courtyard. When the two young men trespa.s.sed, the men froze, with one man spilling all his wine down his front. The others quickly grabbed the broadswords and shouted, "Who are you?"

At the sight of An Yuan and Han Changsheng, they were struck dumb. One of the tallest, bearded men muttered to himself, "Goodness gracious! Are those men from the south? They're prettier than girls…"

One of them grinned indecently. "Two beauties, what are you doing in our wolf's den?"

Han Changsheng glanced carelessly at the people in the courtyard, and it surprised him. "Oh, you guys are here too?"

Three of the dozen men were the ones who attacked them. 

When they saw Han Changsheng and An Yuan, they were shocked. The guy that Han Changsheng stopped with a single hit promptly stopped several of the others who were eager to come forward. "Don't be impulsive! Those two are powerful! They were the ones that injured us last night."

When the big man with the beard heard this, he was furious. Looking up and down both of them, he saw that they were just thin-skinned and tender. Sneering, he said, "Just the two of them? Powerful? Lao Jiu, I say rats ate your courage! With two little white faces, I could wring them to death with a finger."

Han Changsheng picked his nose and flicked it away carelessly. One moment the bearded guy was arrogant and domineering, and the next second, he cried out and doubled over, his hands clutching his crotch. 

An Yuan's serious expression almost collapsed. He almost gave Han Changsheng an eye roll; did the guy have to be so horrible? To actually use a booger as a concealed weapon to hit others?

The people in the courtyard didn't see what Han Changsheng had done. They only saw their companion roll around, screaming in agony. It scared them. Raising their swords, they looked wearily towards Han Changsheng and An Yuan. 

"Who are you? Why are you here?" An Yuan said. 

"You, you and you!" One bandit from the former night yelled, "That is what we should ask you! Are you after us? Are you from the authorities?"

An Yuan moved closer, and they fled back several steps in retreat. 

"Ai ya, what a dusty, windy place. There's a lot of sand in my nose." Han Changsheng began to pick again. The people standing around him covered their crotches with fear. 

Promptly, a man sprang out of the crowd. It was the same silver dealer who blackmailed them the day before. He stood in front of An Yuan, looked him up and down, and asked uncertainty, "You. . . Are you really the young master?"

A man behind him exclaimed, "A young master? The third brother, you said he was. . ."

It shocked Han Changsheng. A young master? Which one was that?

"I'm Huangfu," An Yuan said, his voice soft. 

As soon as his words came out, everyone was stunned. A moment later, the crowd began to speak. 

"Huangfu? The son of the old villa leader, Huangfu?" 

"Wasn't he taken away fifteen years ago?" 

"He's still alive? Is it really him? How can he be this good looking!"

Han Changsheng coughed twice, not very well. Were those superficial bandits really discussing whether they were good looking? Of course, if they are talking about himself, he could tolerate their superficiality.

The silver peddler stepped forward, excitedly trying to grab An Yuan's arm, but An Yuan avoided him. 

"Young master, don't you remember me? I'm Yi Laosan, I used to empty your potty bucket every day!"

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