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Everyday I Get Up To See The Villain Stealing The Show summary:

The wrong way to act as a villain no.1: Get rid of the protagonist while he still hasn’t become powerful. The wrong way to act as a villain no.2: Take the limelight from the protagonist at the key moment. The wrong way to act as a villain no.3: Make the protagonist fall in love with you, thus making him incapable of completing the final step – eliminating the major villain. Han Changsheng, Head of the Demonic Cult, is the major villain who’s employed all three incorrect methods. ————— As the leader of the first Demonic Cult in the underground world of martial arts and cultivation, Tianning Cult, Han Changsheng carried on the long-standing tradition of an unstable mind and a refusal to seek any treatment. Originally, his life should have pa.s.sed by quickly and simply, but one day he kicked a descended Immortal Lord off a cliff. In order to make up for this mistake, he must aid the Immortal Lord in ascending back to his position… but why does this mistake keep growing? Hey, lao zi doesn’t need you as a younger brother, you should look for An Yuan! Don’t chase after lao zi, you’re destined to be An Yuan’s wife! Don’t wors.h.i.+p lao zi as a martial arts lord, lao zi is the genuine leader of the Demonic Cult! Hey, Hey lao zi is obviously the major villain! What the h.e.l.l are you doing?!

Everyday I Get Up To See The Villain Stealing The Show Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 58 Apr-30-20
Chapter 57 Apr-23-20
Chapter 56 Apr-23-20
Chapter 55 Apr-23-20
Chapter 54 Apr-23-20
Chapter 53 Apr-23-20
Chapter 52 Apr-23-20
Chapter 51 Mar-19-20
Chapter 50 Mar-19-20
Chapter 49 Mar-19-20
Chapter 48 Feb-27-20
Chapter 47 Feb-20-20
Chapter 46 Feb-20-20
Chapter 45 Feb-20-20
Chapter 44 Jan-30-20
Chapter 43 Jan-23-20
Chapter 42 Jan-23-20
Chapter 41 Jan-09-20
Chapter 40 Jan-09-20
Chapter 39 Jan-02-20
Chapter 38 Jan-02-20
Chapter 37 Jan-02-20
Chapter 36 Dec-12-19
Chapter 35 Dec-12-19
Chapter 34 Nov-28-19
Chapter 33 Nov-28-19
Chapter 32 Nov-28-19
Chapter 31 Nov-28-19
Chapter 30 Nov-28-19
Chapter 29 Oct-24-19
Chapter 28 Oct-17-19
Chapter 27 Oct-17-19
Chapter 26 Oct-03-19
Chapter 25 Sep-26-19
Chapter 24 Sep-19-19
Chapter 23 Sep-19-19
Chapter 22 Sep-19-19
Chapter 21 Sep-12-19
Chapter 20 Sep-12-19
Chapter 19 Aug-15-19
Chapter 18 Aug-15-19
Chapter 17 Aug-01-19
Chapter 16 Jul-25-19
Chapter 15 Jul-25-19
Chapter 14 Jul-25-19
Chapter 13 Jul-04-19
Chapter 12 Jun-27-19
Chapter 11 Jun-27-19
Chapter 10 Jun-27-19
Chapter 9 May-23-19
Chapter 8 May-09-19
Chapter 7 May-09-19
Chapter 6 May-09-19
Chapter 5 May-09-19
Chapter 4 May-09-19
Chapter 3 May-09-19
Chapter 2 May-09-19
Chapter 1 May-09-19
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