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Chapter 1577: New Role and Proposal

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In the past, she didn't even dare to picture herself getting proposed to. She merely envied others and tried to console her.

However, seeing today's scene, she knew that she wasn't just dreaming. It was real. The love of her life, Duan Yanhao, was proposing to her.

She was truly happy and didn't want to cry. However, she couldn't stop her tears from flowing down her face.

Bai Yaoyao wondered why her tears were streaming down incessantly.

She was even blaming herself for crying so much. In the past, there were people who were jealous of her and even chastised her for being a crybaby and putting up a show.

Now, she tried to hold back her tears. She could see the pain in Duan Yanhao's eyes, and it was so intense that he couldn't hide it at all.

Bai Yaoyao's heart felt sweet and warm. It was so nice to have someone who loved and pampered her. She was so fortunate to have met Duan Yanhao.

He had managed to give her so much warmth.

At that moment, the thousands of soldiers screamed at the top of their lungs, “Marry him! Marry him!”

Even the reporters began to shout excitedly. They felt moved just by watching at the side and even wanted to cry.

Their voices were deafening.

Seeing Bai Yaoyao nod in agreement, Duan Yanhao finally stood up excitedly. He hugged Bai Yaoyao and said, “Yaoyao, you've agreed.”

Duan Yanhao was no longer in his youth, but now that he was so excited, he seemed just like a teenager. His hands were even shaking.

Bai Yaoyao could feel how happy Duan Yanhao was as he trembled. She was also very touched.

Duan Yanhao wiped away Bai Yaoyao's tears with trembling hands and comforted her. “Don't cry. Don't cry…”

Bai Yaoyao smiled and answered with twinkling eyes, “I'm just so happy.”

She pushed Duan Yanhao away gently and reached out her hand, “Didn't you say that you'll give me a ring?”

Duan Yanhao was all muddle-headed in his excitement. “Oh, yes. The ring.” As he spoke, he hurriedly took the ring out and put it on for Bai Yaoyao. Due to his nerves, he spent some time trying to do it.

Bai Yaoyao looked at the ring, and her heart was overwhelmed with emotions. She couldn't calm herself down for a long time.

Several thousand soldiers cheered below them, offering them their blessings.

Bai Yaoyao's eyes were glittering with tears. She didn't know what to say to express what she felt deep down.

From a distance, she saw Duan Yanhao's grandfather and aunt smiling at her.

She felt moved, knowing that his grandfather had still come despite his poor health.

Amidst the cheering, Duan Yanhao held Bai Yaoyao as they walked up on the stage. The music and atmosphere changed instantly. The screen even showed scenes of the battle and the national a.s.sembly.

In the end, Duan Yanhao spoke about his new presidential role. He was sworn into office and announced new political strategies for Country X. All the other important officials also took turns to make their speeches.

This was the first time such a unique event was held. With a marriage proposal and the inauguration ceremony being held together, the event that night led to a huge discussion internationally. Everyone turned their focus to Country X, making it the center of attention. Every country also sent their blessings.

As the President, Duan Yanhao relayed his appreciation to everyone.

After the ceremony, Bai Yaoyao felt light-headed when she returned home. She thought that she had been dreaming, but seeing the ring on her finger and the scenes replaying on TV, she knew that it was real.

In Country A

When Yun Bixue saw the news about Country X, she dashed to the study to find Xie Limo with the newspaper in her hands. “Quick, take a look. Limo, this is international news. Duan Yanhao has become the president, and he has proposed to Bai Yaoyao!”

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