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Chapter 1476: Ma.s.sacre Began

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“One stroke. He caused me severe injury with just one stroke?”

“How could he be that powerful?”

Real G.o.d Huo Yuan was still dumbfounded.

One should know that he was a Real G.o.d. Although he was the weakest kind of Real G.o.d and his divine power was restrained, he was at the peak of the third level in Sky Sword Prison.

Under the circ.u.mstances of them fighting head-on, the Sword Principle that Jian Wushuang had performed broke his stick and heavily injured him simultaneously?

What kind of power was that?

Even out of the Real G.o.ds who were at the peak of the second level, there was barely anyone who had such power.

“Run, hurry up and run!”

Real G.o.d Huo Yuan was in panic mode. He had entirely lost his courage to fight against Jian Wushuang.

After all, his defensive power was ordinary. Jian Wushuang had caused him severe injury with one stroke. If he were to perform another few strokes, he would definitely be dead.

Jian Wushuang smirked at the sight of Real G.o.d Huo Yuan running away. Then, the divine power in his body started churning within.

The secret of Dragon Blood!

The secret skill could be used for making an escape, it could also be used to hunt someone down.

Even though it was only the first layer of the secret skill of dragon blood, it had increased Jian Wushuang’s speed tenfold and the expense of divine power was within Jian Wushuang’s endurance.

In combination with the secret skill of Flowing Light Phantom, Jian Wushuang caught up to Real G.o.d Huo Yuan in a short time. Then, he instantly performed the Sword Principle.


Real G.o.d Huo Yuan let out a shrill cry and tried his best to withstand the attack.

However, in a short while, hong!, A terrifying power made Real G.o.d Huo Yuan’s divine body quiver madly. In the end, it collapsed. Then, Jian Wushuang buried Real G.o.d Huo Yuan’s life nuclei in oblivion.

Real G.o.d Huo Yuan, who had been imprisoned in Sky Sword Prison for a total of eight million years, died.

In the void, Jian Wushuang stood there, looking at Real G.o.d Huo Yuan’s cold body, and he felt extremely emotional.

“Real G.o.d, he is a Real G.o.d!”

“I killed a Real G.o.d!”

There was an unprecedented light in Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

“Humph. However, he was only a Real G.o.d of the bottom rank. So what if you killed him? There’s nothing to be excited about. Plus, this Real G.o.d is in Sky Sword Prison where his divine power was restrained. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to kill him,” King of Venomous Worms’ voice was heard in his head.

“Of course, even when we’re out of Sky Sword Prison, a Real G.o.d with ordinary divine power and unique skill like Real G.o.d Huo Yuan, and never once comprehended the Power of Heaven Way, you could be evenly matched with them with your current power.”

Jian Wushuang smiled.

In Sky Sword Prison, the divine power of a Real G.o.d was restrained. It did cut down the Real G.o.ds power drastically.

However, even if Real G.o.d Huo Yuan could have erupted perfectly, he could really be matched evenly with his current power.

“I killed Real G.o.d Huo Yuan. Blood Emperor should be the first to receive the news, I wonder what his response will be,” Jian Wushuang muttered, “However, regardless of his response, I will not be afraid of him. Plus, Real G.o.d Huo Yuan is just the beginning.”

“Then… let’s begin the ma.s.sacre!”

With boundless rage, Jian Wushuang continued to start hunting for his prey in Darkness Mountain.

In the middle of Darkness Mountain, in the crimson castle.

The elderly with blade-like eyebrows in a crimson long robe, Blood Emperor, sat on his throne in the utmost position of the hall. Before him, a lady in green stood politely.

“Jian Wushuang, he came to my Darkness Mountain again? He has guts!” Blood Emperor looked cold, “Could it be because he thought I wouldn’t dare to kill him with Fiery King backing him up?”

Blood Emperor sneered at the thought.

Although Fiery King was strong and he wasn’t his match, he only maintained a respectful distance but was not afraid or fearful of him.

After all, Fiery King couldn’t kill him.

But Jian Wushuang had Blood-killing Plate Armor on him. It would help him to increase his power tremendously. Plus, it was his only hope to leave Sky Sword Prison.

“Hehe, as Jian Wushuang is so arrogant, that’d be great. I am worried that I will have no opportunity to kill him,” Blood Emperor smirked coldly and lifted his head, “Go, immediately send Huo Yuan a message. Let him figure out a way to drag Jian Wushuang over. Even if he can’t delay him, watch him for me. I am coming after him personally.”

“Yes,” the lady in green nodded and immediately sent Real G.o.d Huo Yun a message.

After a while, the lady in green creased her eyebrows.

“Why?” Blood Emperor asked.

“I have no idea what happened, but Real G.o.d Huo Yuan didn’t reply,” the lady in green said.

“No reply? Could he be fighting against Jian Wushuang? Continue to send him messages,” Blood Emperor ordered.

The lady in green continued to send messages.

Two hours later, the lady in green stopped messaging. The atmosphere in the hall grew creepy.

“It has been two hours. Even if he was fighting Jian Wushuang, they wouldn’t be in a fight for so long and didn’t even reply to any messages. However, he really didn’t reply at all. There’s only one possibility, which is that Real G.o.d Huo Yuan… has already died!” Blood Emperor squinted his eyes.

If he was dead, he naturally wouldn’t reply.

That was the only explanation.

“Huo Yuan died? Could it be Fiery King?” Blood Emperor creased his eyebrows and then he shook his head very quickly, “No way. Fiery King is widely recognized as the top expert in Sky Sword Prison. He is reliant on his own ident.i.ty. Huo Yuan never once provoked him on his own. It’s unlikely that he would lower himself to take action against Huo Yuan. There isn’t any possibility that he would help Jian Wushuang kill Huo Yuan either. In other words, the one who killed Huo Yuan, could only be Jian Wushuang!”

“A Universe G.o.d killed a Real G.o.d?”

Blood Emperor’s face grew extremely grave.

In Sky Sword Prison, in a situation where divine power was capped, there was a possibility for a Universe G.o.d to kill a Real G.o.d. For example, the two monstrous Universe G.o.ds on the second level in Sky Sword Prison had the achievement of killing a Real G.o.d. Hence, Blood Emperor wasn’t surprised that Jian Wushuang had reached such a stage.

He was shocked at Jian Wushuang’s improvement speed.

“When he first came to Sky Sword Prison, he was only at the third level and not even on the peak of the third level.”

“But it has yet to reach five thousand years time. He has already reached the ability of the two monstrous Universe G.o.ds and killed a Real G.o.d.”

“Such a terrifying speed of improvement. No wonder this boy dares to return to Darkness Mountain. It turns out that he is extremely confident about his own power!”

“However, it is because of his confidence that I have an opportunity to kill him and take Blood-killing Plate Armor!”

Blood Emperor clenched his fist and looked at the lady in green.

“Send a message to the experts under my command to keep an eye out for Jian Wushuang within Darkness Mountain from today onwards and report to me immediately when they see Jian Wushuang. This time, I will not give him any chance to run away.”

Blood Emperor was raging in anger.

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