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Chapter 2654: Profound Sword World

“My Sword World stretches for a hundred thousand miles as it’s the most perfect and powerful Sword World capable of competing against Profound Principle Worlds and even suppresses them despite only achieving the Merit level. However, my Sword World might not be of much use against Profound Principle Worlds that are capable of expanding to similar size…”

“My Sword Principle understanding is still too low after all. I have to find ways and improve it as soon as possible to the Profound Sword World.”

Jian Wushuang murmured.

He had been improving at a terrifying rate.

His fast pace progress was mainly due to his understanding of Laws and Principles being far ahead of his cultivation realm.

His cultivation realm was progressing at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed so he would naturally have to improve his laws and principles understanding as soon as possible.

The most important matter for him was to achieve the Profound Sword World!

“I’m still in the Wushui Territory and it might take decades from here to the Danyang Continent where the Crimson Stone Fort lair is located without using the spatial pa.s.sage. I’m afraid I might not make any further progress in my cultivation realm during this time so I should focus on understanding laws and principles.” Jian Wushuang clasped his hands together and made up his mind.

Jian Wushuang soon set off on his journey again.

While he was on the road, he continued meditating on his Laws and Sword Principles. Although the journey was quite boring, Jian Wushuang had long been used to it.

Time flew and twenty-eight years had pa.s.sed in a flash.

Twenty-eight years was nothing for Jian Wushuang in his previous life but was considered a long time in his current life.

In a vast void, dozens of guards were slowly moving forward while escorting three people seated on a huge beast. They were very young and dressed in luxurious clothes—obviously coming from rich families.

The dozens of guards were powerful with many of them being Earth Ultimate G.o.ds and the rest were above the Ultimate G.o.d realm.

Among these guards stood a cold and proud man in a black robe.

The cold and arrogant black-robed man was skimming forward with his eyes closed.

He was meditating at his own pace.

“The world evolves, life evolves… This is the essence of the Principle World!

“It’s the same with the Sword World!”

Jian Wushuang mumbled in his heart and very slowly he opened his eyes.

The Sword World coming from his body had made great changes the moment he opened his eyes.

The change was unnoticeable on the external but its internal and essential structure was no longer the same.

“I’ve understood the Profound Sword World!” Jian Wushuang was beaming.

He had achieved Merit Sword World a long time ago. He had been meditating on his way from Northern Darkstar Territory up to where he currently was and spent most of his decades in learning the Laws and Sword Principle. His understanding of s.p.a.ce-time and Transmigration Laws had greatly improved. Finally, he made a breakthrough in Sword Principle and achieved Profound Sword World.

All the little signs of progress he made had contributed to a huge improvement to his overall strength.

“Brother Su Han.”

A handsome young man who was walking beside Jian Wushuang looked over. “I see you’re smiling so happily. Did something good happen?”

“No, nothing. I just happened to understand something.” Jian Wushuang smiled.

The handsome young man smiled and said, “That’s something good, isn’t it? I really admire your cultivation progress and strength improvement obtained amidst our travels.”

Jian Wushuang replied with a wide beam.

Without warning… Boom! Boom!

A scary burst of aura emerged from the void in front before a large number of people started charging toward them at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

The escort team was in chaos.

“What’s the matter? Is it a robbery?”

“Would ordinary bandits have the guts to rob us? Besides, we’re already on the edge of the Danyang Continent. How can there be any bandits?”

“Who are these people?”

Hundreds of people appeared in front of the escort team amidst the sounds of anger.

Among the hundreds of people, there were more than twenty Earth Ultimate G.o.ds with the remaining being powerful Ultimate G.o.ds. The most important matter was the opponent even had three Peak Earth Ultimate G.o.ds. Such a powerful lineup could ravage the entire escort team at any time.

“Haha, the young man from the Mu Clan. Don’t think that we can’t find you if you hide in an escort team. We’ll send you to h.e.l.l,” sneered the Peak Earth Ultimate G.o.d who was leading.


A scowling handsome young man moved forward while shouted sternly as he stared angrily at the hundreds of cultivators arriving in front of him. He was none other than the young man talking to Jian Wushuang. “Can’t that person let me go, since I’m already in such a miserable state?”

“Haha, the Master has ordered us to bring your corpse back so you must die.”


Those people immediately attacked.

Jian Wushuang who was among the escort team rolled his eyes slightly as those people made a move. He knew what was happening in front of him.

He had experienced the same event way too many times in his previous and current life.

“I’ve achieved the Profound Sword World and the Danyang Continent is just upfront. I should leave now,” murmured Jian Wushuang.

The next second… Hum!

A shocking wave of sword intent swept across as a Profound Sword World appeared and pressed down on the hundreds of cultivators before him.

Although the hundreds of cultivators were Earth Ultimate G.o.ds with some being Peak Earth Ultimate G.o.ds, they went wide-eyed after feeling the pressure on them! Numerous apparitions started appearing at the same time.

There were at least a few thousand apparitions!

Each of those apparitions looked the same from their bodies’ divine power breath to even their sword holding postures.

Thereafter, only their sword shadows were visible among the crowd as no one could single out the true person’s form from those few thousands of apparitions.

Everything was back to normal again in less than a breath’s time.

The Sword World with sky-shattering sword intent receded alongside the few thousand apparitions’ disappearances. The hundreds of cultivators had astonished expressions on their faces as the lively gleam in their eyes faded away as their bodies fell—dead at that moment.

On the other hand, the person who attacked already disappeared.

The escort team members as well as the handsome young man froze at the spot in horror.

“Su Han. Brother Su Han?”

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