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Chapter 2660: Sacred Palace Disciple

Her father gave such a precious treasure to Jian Yi who was standing before her?

Moreover, Jian Yi was not his personal disciple and they merely made a deal?

‘Is Father so trusting towards him and thinking he can really help me?’ Yin Su’er thought to herself before saying, “Father must have his reasons for willing making a deal with you using the Fengtian Scroll and have you help me, but your current abilities are still rather weak.”

Jian Wushuang was at a loss for words. It was undeniable that his current abilities would not be looked upon highly by Yin Su’er or any Grand Ultimate G.o.ds.

“How about this? Why don’t you stay here in the Sacred Palace since you’ve taken the Sacred Heaven Road and reached the summit? There are a lot of cultivation resources here for you to increase your abilities. I’ll ask Palace Keeper Si Zhen to grant you the convenience of obtaining whatever you need and ask for,” said Yin Su’er.

“There actually are items that I need,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Tell me.” Yin Su’er was rather calm.

“I need Divine Elixir Pills,” said Jian Wushuang directly.

“How many?” Yin Su’er asked.

“As many as possible. A few thousand would be best,” said Jian Wushuang.

“A few thousand?” Yin Su’er was shocked.

“Jian Yi, a few thousand Divine Elixir Pills? You really have quite an appet.i.te!” Palace Keeper Si Zhen also opened his eyes widely and stared at Jian Wushuang.

“Oh, is it difficult?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Not that it’s difficult but simply impossible,” said Si Zhen.

“It’s indeed impossible.” Yin Su’er nodded as well. “Divine Elixir Pills aren’t as common as Primordial Stones. Although Crimson Stone Fort is quite wealthy and that we do keep quite a bit of Divine Elixir Pills, most of them have their specific function with not many that we can actually use. Furthermore, the most important point was that Yun Shan guarded most of those pills which could be used. Do you know him?”

“Yes. The leader of another faction in Crimson Stone Fort—the Grand Elder of Crimson Stone Fort,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Exactly. Even though I’m the Crimson Stone Fort Master, there are quite many resources that I need to go through him if I want to take them. The Divine Elixir Pills are an example. I might not be able to ask for too many even if I personally requested the pills. I can’t guarantee how many I can obtain but I’ll do my best to request for you,” said Yin Su’er.

“I shall thank you in advance,” said Jian Wushuang gratefully.

He knew it would be difficult for Yin Su’er’s, but it was already very kind of her to agree with helping him as much as she could.

It was also because Crimson Stone Saint had personally sent him. Otherwise, he would never receive such special treatment from Yin Su’er was it someone else.

“Jian Yi, this is your Sacred Palace disciple’s token. Please stay in the Sacred Palace for the coming days. I shall inform everyone that all the resources in Sacred Palace are unconditionally open for your use.” Palace Keeper Si Zhen pa.s.sed Jian Wushuang a token.

Jian Wushuang accepted it and nodded slightly before leaving.

Yin Su’er and Palace Keeper Si Zhen remained in the penthouse.

“Fort Master, do you really think Jian Yi can help you change our current situation?” Si Zhen inquired.

“I don’t know.” Yin Su’er shook her head. “But my father always had a way to spot the right people. He must have seen immense possibilities in Jian Yi since he recognized that Jian Yi would be of great help for me and even made a deal with him using the Fengtian Scroll. I’ll naturally do my very best to help him grow since Father firmly believes in him offering me great help.”

Palace Keep Si Zhen solemnly said, “That’s indeed quite true. The Old Master was an Undying Saint and had seen things that our kind won’t possibly believe after all. Besides, Jian Yi is indeed extraordinary from the abilities he displayed. Jian Yi relied on his own strength to fight against three Heaven Ultimate G.o.ds a few decades ago when Scorpion King had fallen. However, his cultivation level was only at High-level Earth Ultimate G.o.d, yet could easily pa.s.s through the Sacred Heaven Road to reach the summit within an hour. These two instances are amazing enough!!

“I have seen many geniuses as the Sacred Palace Keeper such as some of the demons in Dragon Phoenix Pavilion. However, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to present a genius who is comparable to him even for Dragon Phoenix Pavilion who boast of accepting only the best.”

“No.” Yin Su’er shook her head. “Dragon Phoenix Pavilion is full of geniuses and those you normally see aren’t necessarily their best. I’ve at least heard of one person who’s regarded as the most extraordinary genius in Dragon Phoenix Pavilion’s history with talents that exceed our imagination. That person’s talent is probably even higher than Jian Yi.”

“Dragon Phoenix Pavilion has such genius?” Palace Keeper Si Zhen was shocked.

“I’ve only heard of this person but never the pleasure to meet her. She’s a woman who’s quite young,” said Yin Su’er before diverted back to their topic. “Anyways, this Jian Yi is worth our complete efforts to nurture. He can at least become of great help if he could grow stronger, even if he can’t become someone who can single-handedly change our situation in Crimson Stone Fort as my father expected.

“As long as he becomes a Grand Ultimate G.o.d in the future, the help he can provide will be even greater than Scorpion King’s!”

“Scorpion King…” As Palace Keeper Si Zhen fell silent as Scorpion King’s name was mentioned.

Scorpion King was absolutely loyal to Crimson Stone Saint just like him and gave his all to a.s.sist Yin Su’er. The two of them might as well be considered Yin Su’er’s left and right hands.

Scorpion King and he were like brothers who had been through so much.

However, the Scorpion King fell!

Most importantly, they knew how he fell and who had killed him, but had no ability to avenge him at that moment. It was truly their biggest regret.

“It’s only a matter of time before we avenge the Scorpion King, but our current urgency is to straighten out Yun Shan and the Blood Thunder King. Our resources were tight before, but having this batch of Blood Gems has bought us some time and slightly reduced the pressures I’ve been facing.” Yin Su’er’s expression was cold, but her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with a strange light of hope.

“As for the Divine Elixir Pills that Jian Yi needs… He probably uses them to increase his cultivation level. I’ll do my very best to help him get them while I’ll let you take care of the other matters. Try to provide as much as you can if he has other needs and report to me any time if there are any movements or increases in his abilities,” reminded Yin Su’er.

“Aye.” Si Zhen nodded respectfully.

Yin Su’er did not stay any longer and left after giving a few more instructions.

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