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The seafloor of the Calm Belt is very deep.

Because there are large and even supergiant Sea Kings here, the average depth can be described as the deepest sea in the entire world, and in this deep water, Ross is sneaking alone.
Thanks to the ability of Light Distortion, Ross can still see far ahead even in the deep sea where there is nothing but darkness, not to mention that his Observation Haki can also be used in the sea.

Although Ross's Observation Haki does not have the same kind of effect that Hajrudin's does where he relies on Rumble-Rumble Fruit to expand the range to a great extent but there is no problem in covering three to four kilometers.

That is.

Ross's search range is a ball with a diameter of 3-4 kilometers centered on himself.

“This is the bottom of the sea …”

After sinking to unknown depths, Ross landed on the ocean floor, which he estimated to be at least a few tens of thousands of meters deep.

The mud on the seafloor is silent and unmoving, the whole seafloor looked dead, no one has reached this place for thousands of years.

Ross didn't stop at the bottom of the sea and he quickly floated a few kilometers and then began a carpet search.

His movement speed on the ocean floor is not slow. Occasionally, he will encounter the supergiant Sea King, but because Ross 's body is too small for the supergiant Sea King, he is not even as big as their single hair, so he will not be noticed.

One hour……

Two hours …

Three hours……

As time goes by, Ross searches continuously on the bottom of the Calm Belt, but he still found nothing. The most he sees are those Sea Kings swimming around.

And just as Ross was wondering if he had made a mistake and the Secret Base was not here just as Laffitte had expected, he sensed something strange ahead.

Sneer! Sneer! Sneer!

A Sea King, nearly a kilometer in size, was swimming by when all of a sudden its body split and was torn to pieces and then dragged away by something.

Ross blinked and immediately followed.

The Sea King is cut into pieces of meat by some kind of mechanical thing. It looked a bit like a rough version of a large Pacifista.

“The first generation of Pacifista?”

There was a hint of thought in Ross' eyes.

It is not laser power that cuts the Sea King into pieces of meat but a special kind of silk thread. It seems to have a strong tenacity, comparable to the thread fruit capability of Doflamingo. The head of the Sea King b.u.mps into the silk thread and cuts itself into pieces.

Following this weird machine, Ross sneaked under the sea and finally came to a base hidden deep in the mountains below the sea.

This can be regarded as a bulging mountain range on the bottom of the sea, which is extremely wide in Ross's perception. Due to the darkness, it is even difficult to see the overall appearance.

This position should not reach a depth of 10,000 meters from the sea surface.


Ross followed the weird machinery that dragged a lot of meat into the interior of the mountain, through a strange cave, to a gate made of steel.

A cursory glance revealed the World Government logo on the door, while in one corner was the Scientific Force Base number zero was written.

“Base Zero …”
Ross watched the door open and watched as the machine dragged the pieces of meat into the base with a wistful look.

There are probably more than one Scientific Force Base, and this one is probably the most secretive of them all, hidden deep under the Calm Belt.

Without making a sound.

Ross used his Distortion s.p.a.ce and Distortion Sound abilities and sneaked into the door as soon as the door closed.

The inside and outside of the base are very different.

Outside is a quiet mountain range, and in the dark, without any light, full of ancient and desolate, but inside the base, everything suddenly became a scene taken out of a sci-fi movie.

The white lights are inlaid on the ceiling, making the entire base bright. The entire base seems to be made of some extremely strong ore, most of which is second only to Seastone.

“Number Nine is back.”

“The meat looks pretty good this time.”

Two people wearing World Government Scientific Force Base uniforms stepped out and watched the huge machine pull the pieces of meat over with a smile on their faces.

And just as they inspected the pieces of meat, one of them looked stunned and he felt weird for some reason and he said to his companion:

“Did you feel … anything by us?”

“There's nothing there.”
His companion glanced around strangely and smirked: “Are you not sleeping well these two days? This is the bottom of the Calm Belt!”

“Well, it should be my Misconception.”

The man also shook his head, thinking that this is the bottom of the Calm Belt sea and it is needless to say that there are Sea Kings everywhere. Except for the submarines designed by Vegapunk that can reach here, this place is almost isolated from the rest of the world.

Secret Base Center.

In one of the deepest laboratories, there are a lot of strange peoples, they seemed to be human but they have animal arms or teeth.

Some even have half of their body as some kind of crustacean, while the other half of their body looks like a mix between lion and tiger and looks extremely scary.

“Biological modification … Is this the end?”

Vegapunk held up the reports, frowning.

This is not a base for making the mechanical transformation, nor is it a place for making artificial Devil Fruit, but it is the Base Zero used for biological transformation.

In fact, artificial Devil Fruit also originated from here, and SAD that is used for making an artificial Devil Fruit is also an important raw material for biological transformation.

“Whew, but it's now possible to create Artificial Devil Fruit! Why bypa.s.s Devil Fruit to directly transform it! If we make Artificial Devil Fruits, we will have an unlimited army of people.”

Caesar stands beside Vegapunk with his arms outstretched and an excited smile on his face.

Vegapunk dropped the file and said:

“Artificial Devil Fruit … My original intention was to detach the Devil Fruit and get straight to the essence of its life, but are you going back to the Devil Fruit again?”

“What are you talking about? It's …”

“Don't mention it again.”

Vegapunk continued to look down at the file.

Caesar's face changed for a while and he was feeling very annoyed and he quips: “But the only thing you can test now as a semi-finished product is that Marine Vice-Admiral.”


Vegapunk turned the file to the last page and narrowed his eyes. “His inner will is beyond my imagination. It can't be said to be a semi-finished product anymore, it can be regarded as the only finished product!”

“Your transformation was successful?”

Caesar's eyes widened instantly.

The experimental bodies they can capture here are basically not very strong. Occasionally, some strong ones are caught and once they are transformed, their bodies will reject the transformation and they will even lose all the desire to survive in the process of transformation. Eventually, all the experiments failed.

But just a while ago, a Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral volunteered to partic.i.p.ate in the transformation, and in the process of transformation, he displayed a strong will and desire to survive, supporting two consecutive transformations!

There are three rounds of Vegapunk transformation, which are divided into three stages. Now it seems that the third round of transformation has also succeeded!

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