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The Phoenix Man who Destroyed the Bridge After Crossing the River 13

Translator: Kies.h.i.+

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– Last chapter part 1~
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Yan Chu founded his own game company in his third-year university. The big IP[1] unprecedented novel became the rudiment of the game. After attracting a lot of original novel fans, he almost virally swept through most of China with exquisite and smooth action pictures and high playability.

The profit of the game company was very high, especially at present when top-up players[2] were increasing day by day. The game designed by Yan Chu's company paid great attention to the appearance of the characters' costume and props, even some female players who did not care much about the content of the game, collected those constantly updated beautiful clothes, they also constantly threw money into the game.

Although Yu Qiuyue was still in the stage of consideration for the boy her daughter liked, she was not stingy about investing in him, because a man like him would be a good partner and investment object even if he could not become a son-in-law.

It was precisely because of the escort of Yinhai Group that Yan Chu's entrepreneurial road could take some shortcuts in the early stage than others. Of course, his final ability was more important than his personal ability.

By the time he graduated, he had acc.u.mulated hundreds of millions of wealth earlier than he expected. It was also at this time that the students of Tianshui University realized that he had run ahead of most of them when he was silent.

Those who used to ridicule Meng Xinyin's bad eyesight and found an impressive-looking but useless man felt that their face was painfully hot. The 24-year-old billionaire who started from scratch and the discerning people knew that as long as he did not die, the continuous profit of the main game launched by his company was enough for him to live a comfortable life. Moreover, his achievements would never stop here.

Everyone who laughed at Meng Xinyin changed their tone and praised her for her eyes. Some of them had a good opinion of Yan Chu, but the girls, who started to talk because his background was not good, were very regretful until their intestines were completely green.

Of course, everyone's views were not absolutely unified.

Some people firmly believed that Yan Chu's achievements today were due to the help of Meng Xinyin's parents. They did not want their daughter to be ridiculed by taking a fancy to a man born of a poor boy, so they helped him find an excellent game design team to help him design the game, and then crowned Yan Chu's name, just to build momentum for him.

To put it bluntly, he was still a pretty boy[3], without Meng Xinyin, he was nothing.

Those people were firm in their opinions because, for them, a man with an outstanding career and excellent girlfriend was really enviable. They were more willing to make up various shortcomings for him based on their own conjectures, to make their hearts better.

Jiang Moli was one of them.

Because she did not dare to have too much contact with Yan Chu in the past two years, it also caused Yan Chu to start the company. She only knew it when the news report exported the new billionaire.

Her first reaction was, of course, not to believe it. After all, in her memory, Yan Chu had no such talent or innate skill at all, so when she heard the speculation above, she thought that was the truth.

Although she wondered why there had never been such a thing in the past life, she only thought that it was the b.u.t.terfly effect brought by her crossing. Instead of thinking too much, she was pleased with the abundant avenue laid by Meng family for Yan Chu, and Yan Chu's reputation and wealth would be hers in the future.

She waited for Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi to arrive.

Strange to say, for various reasons, it was two years later when Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi met Yu Qiuyue, a future family member, after Meng Xinyin graduated from University.

Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi heard from their younger brother about Xinyin's family. Before they came to see their soon to be relatives by marriage, both of them were still a little worried, and at the same time, they also accepted their fate.

The elder sisters remembered the old Daoist's words clearly, and the old Daoist said that their younger brother's future wife, a woman who would make her husband smooth and wealthy, would help him.

My brother's father-in-law was a great painter. A painting could sell for millions. My brother's mother-in-law was an entrepreneur. She ran a large company. The scale was hundreds of times larger than Yan Laidi's man. The profit was also conceivable.

This kind of woman was not a woman who would make her husband smooth and wealthy. Who was a woman that would make her husband smooth and wealthy?

Besides, before she set out, their younger brother told them that he could start such a large company because it was actually paid by her younger brother's wife and her mother. It could be said that his brother was raised by his prosperous wife. At that time, his brother did not have a girlfriend, yet that Daoist priest guessed that accurately, and his words were pretty close.

The only luck the sisters had was gone. They just wanted to coax the wife of their younger brother to stay together with him for a long time. Otherwise, their younger brother would die if she left him.

In this mood, when the two sisters appeared in front of Yu Qiuyue and Meng Guohua, they were less confident.

On this trip, the two sisters brought their children, but Yan Laidi did not bring her husband.

She knew what kind of character her man was. If he knew that his brother-in-law had found a daughter of a rich family, he would surely get involved. The joke, it was her younger brother's wife's money, that was her younger brother's money. Could other men touch it?

Anyway, before this marriage was ready, Yan Laidi was determined to hide it from him.

Li Xunzi also came today. He was wearing a fitted suit and mousse on his hair. When he first came to such a grand hotel, he was a little nervous.

At first, he did not want to come. After all, he was a lame man. It would be bad if he disgraced his wife and younger brother. But Yan Chu had to ask him to come, which made Li Xunzi happy and moved. He decided to treat his wife better.

Yu Qiuyue and Meng Guohua were originally very easy-going people with no preconceptions. Besides, they had been to many poor and dest.i.tute villages. When talking with Yan sisters, they were also very close.

This time, seeing Yan Chu's two elder sisters, Yu Qiuyue mainly wanted to see his two elder sisters.

As the saying goes, a sister-in-law was a mother-in-law, Yan Chu's parents died early, but he was brought up by two elder sisters. For my daughter's family, which equated to two mothers-in-law. If their temper was not good, my daughter would be wronged.

Yu Qiuyue first looked at Li Duomei, the only girl among the three children, when Yan sisters came in with her husband and children.

In rural areas, men were more important than women. She did not want her daughter to be blamed by her husband's family because she had a daughter, so she wanted to see the att.i.tude of Yan family towards girls.

Li Duomei was 12 years old this year. She was a very lively and charming little girl, had no stage fright because of her father's and uncle's doting. She was very courageous and clever. Her words made everyone laugh several times.

Yu Qiuyue was a little satisfied with looking at her like this. If they were a patriarchal family, they would not be able to raise such a clever and daring girl.

“Yan Chu, my Yinyin, this child and her father both like you. Now the two of us are old, just waiting to hold our grandson,” said Yu Qiuyue while sipping her wine and beaming at Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi.

“No matter a grandson or granddaughter, as long as it's their children.”

Yan Zhaodi was worried. It seemed that this daughter-in-law's mother placed a little emphasis on valued males and belittled females, ah. It was also true that such a large family business just had a daughter, maybe she still wanted to hand it over to her grandson. But the master said that her younger brother had only one daughter in his life, ah.

“Mother-in-law, I liked this girl the first time I saw Yinyin. How beautiful she looks, ah. If I can have a girl who looks exactly like her, her sister-in-law and I will love her dearly to the bone.”

Yan Zhaodi's words were very sincere. She had no nephew in this life and destined to be a niece.

For the sake of that niece's conscientiousness, they could not be the white-eyed wolf[4] who disrespect her parents in the future. Both Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi care for her to death. She could not be a white-eyed wolf, right?

Yu Qiuyue saw a person who said they did not lie, but she still saw it. Yan Zhaodi's eyes were firm. She was really a girl who liked the little daughter. No wonder her family's daughter was so lively and witty.

In this way, Yu Qiuyue was in a much better mood. She felt that she should not have believed the materials given by Song Kun. It was complete nonsense.

Speaking of these two years, Yu Qiuyue was also a bit cold to Song Kun.

Previously, Song Kun secretly, privately investigated Yan Chu's affairs, although she was a little unhappy, she did not think it was a problem of Song Kun's principle. After all, the starting point of the other party was good. She really changed her view on that child when she heard her secretary and a.s.sistant gossiped.

She did not judge the private life of the company's employees, but then, he drove the young lady out of the room, which was a character problem.

Yu Qiuyue feels that Song Kun did not seem to be an upright and steady child as she imagined. After that, when Song Kun came to see her in private, she could avoid him.

She did not overthrow Song Kun openly. After all, the other party's workability was still pretty good. However, the other party seemed to have noticed the change of her att.i.tude and resigned after half a year.

Some people said that he was now speculating in stocks and making a fortune. Yu Qiuyue forgot when she heard it. Presently for her, Song Kun was an irrelevant person.

This time, the parents' meeting was very successful. Both sides discussed the venue of the wedding, the guests to be invited, and the wedding banquet menu, drinks, and other things. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

The wedding ceremony of Yan Chu and Meng Xinyin was held in a five-star hotel under the name of Yinhai Group. There were not many guests. Apart from their close relatives, they were their respective good friends.

Although Jiang Moli once had many inappropriate behaviors, she had known her place in the past two years. Besides, she who lived hard knew all Meng Xinyin's preferences better this time, so although their relations.h.i.+p was not as close as before, she was still a good friend.

She sat on the banquet and looked at the newly-wed couple on the stage. It took a lot of perseverance to control herself from showing jealousy.

Her eyes turn to Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi, the sisters sitting at the main table. They still looked as she remembered. As long as his sisters were here, everything Meng Xinyin had now would be hers sooner or later.

Her wealth, her man, was only lent to her for the time being.

Jiang Moli drank up the red wine in the cup in one sip, and her cheeks dyed with a flush of excitement.

Although the scene protection was very strict, some photos of the wedding scene had spread out. After all, as the host, they could not check everyone's mobile phones.

The two main characters of the wedding, one was the youngest billionaire, the inspirational young man with gra.s.sroots counterattack halo, the other was the art young lady who stood behind the Yinhai Group and inherited her oil painting master father's innate skill. On top of that, the campus love story of a young rich lady and a poor boy after artistic rendering became the focus of discussion on the Internet once published in the newspaper.

In the photo, the groom's handsomeness was no less than any currently popular traffic superstar, coupled with the name of the talented student and an unusually lucky person[5]. When he looked at the girl in the photo affectionately, everyone felt that this was true love.

And the girl he was looking at was charming and beautiful, with water in her eyes, sparkling under the reflection of crystal lights, such a pair of standing there, everyone suddenly believed that the fairy tales of the prince and the princess might really exist.

Before his marriage, Yan Chu paid a lot of money to buy a villa less than 10 minutes by car from Meng family. The small house in Chunjiang, which the witness of their love, was not sold but stayed in. There, everything remained the same, and for fun, they often went back to live for a few days.

At that time, Yan Chu's company was just in its infancy. Every furniture in it was bought by Meng Xinyin after careful selection and comparison of prices, everything in it had their beautiful memories.

Not long after the wedding, Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi also came to Jins.h.i.+, and now they live in their younger brother's villa. They were not planning to go back for the time being.

When Jiang Moli came to visit with fruit, Yan Chu and Meng Xinyin happened to go back to their original house to pick up something. Only Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi were at home.

“You are Moli, right?”

Yan Zhaodi, who ran a small restaurant, must be good at recognizing people. When she saw Jiang Moli, she recognized the other person. It seemed that she was a friend of her sister-in-law.

“h.e.l.lo, Big Sister. Are they not home?”

Jiang Moli came to see their car leave the villa area, but now she just asked for some reason.

“Just went out. What do you want to do with them? Should I call them?”

Yan Zhaodi found a pair of clean slippers for her, and then asked Aunt Liu, the nanny, to cut the fruit and poured the tea.

“Come in, come in. What are you doing with the presents?”

Yan Laidi gave Aunt Liu the fruit basket brought by Jiang Moli. It seemed that the fruit by this girl was the cheapest fruit basket on the side of the road. She was reluctant to entertain the other side with the high price fruit bought by her sister-in-law. The fruit in the basket was just right.

“Xinyin grew up pampered. She doesn't know anything about cooking and cleaning, but she lives happily. It's not like me. If I don't do these things myself, my home will become a pig's nest.”

Jiang Moli seemed to be teasing herself, but in fact, she actually made people angrier[6] on Meng Xinyin.

As Meng Xinyin's best friend in her last life, she knew that these two elder sisters-in-law and she had the most trouble. Except that the other party only had one girl, she did not do housework and was not a qualified woman.

“The little girl is industrious and charming.”

Yan Zhaodi thought Jiang Moli's spoken words were quite right. Her younger brother's wife had a good life, ah. She could make her younger brother prosperous, ah. As for housework, you let a little girl, who drew a picture and sold several ten thousand for a painting at will, to spoil her hands, was this suitable?

But in front of Jiang Moli's face, the sophisticated elder sister Yan naturally would not say that.

“I'm as old as Xinyin, but I haven't even had a boyfriend. Eldest Sister and Second Sister, you are experienced and knowledgeable. If there is a good boy in the future, please pay attention to him. I'm not asking for an outstanding person like Yan Chu, and satisfied with one-tenth of him.”

The nanny was still cutting the fruit in the kitchen, and the kitchen was far from the living room. She had no pressure to say these words to Yan Zhaodi and Yan Laidi.

“It's funny to say that when I was a kid, a fortune-teller pa.s.sed by my house and said that I would be sure to have a boy in this life. What era is this? Can I believe the fortune teller's words? I prefer girls. Girls are more adorable, ah. The boy's skin is rigid.”

“Moli, ah, Sister tells you that sometimes the fortune-teller's words can't be trusted. Do masters understand the human world? Some of the masters are well hidden.”

Combined with her own experience, Yan Zhaodi sternly pointed out to Jiang Moli.

How could this girl's life be so good? She was guaranteed to have a son. Unlike her brother, he could only have one daughter. If he had a son, he might be killed.

Thinking of this, Eldest Sister Yan had a sudden attack in her heart and mutually looked at Second Sister Yan.

What did the fortune-teller say at the beginning? He said that their younger brother would look for a mistress outside. The mistress would give him a son and then kill them all.

In this period, even houseflies were common in their younger brother's company, and there were no other women besides his wife. Thought it over and over again, those friends of younger sister-in-law were the most suspicious.

At present, this little girl was going to give birth to a son, who was certified by the fortune-teller himself. Was it her who their younger brother had an affair with later?

The two sisters calmly endured the unpleasantness in their hearts. After Jiang Moli had finished what she wanted to say this time and left, their faces pulled down.

“No, we can't let this dangerous person appear again next to our Gouzi.”

Yan Zhaodi felt that in this kind of matter, she preferred to kill ten thousand by mistake rather than let one go[7]. The two sisters discussed it. When Yan Chu and Meng Xinyin came back, they immediately complained.

“Xinyin, that one called Jiang Moli, is she your friend?”

Eldest Sister Yan asked when she was eating.

“N? Yes, ah.” Meng Xinyin distracted for a moment and nodded.

“That child feels a little wrong, ah. Today, as soon as you left, she came carrying a fruit basket on foot. Then she talked strangely, which makes people feel strange and disgusted.”

Eldest Sister Yan frowned: “She is your friend, but in front of outsiders said you are pampered and spoiled since childhood and let us forgive you if you can't do any housework.”

“She also said that it was her fate to have a son. If you have a daughter, let's not blame you.” Second Sister Yan added details[8] on the side, and tampered Jiang Moli's words.

“Yes, she also asked us to introduce people, saying that we try to find someone similar to our family's Gouzi. How can you hear that? Xinyin, ah, we two sisters are honest people. Since you are this one sister-in-law, nothing will change. Don't listen to your friend's nonsense in the future. You are a lady of a great family. Isn't there a maid to do the housework? Besides, it's all fate to have a son or daughter. You see how wonderful us two sisters are to Duomei, ah. We are not people who value males over females at all.”

Yan Zhaodi then patted her chest and ensured her sister-in-law. Li Duomei, who was eating delicious cola chicken wings, quietly rolled her eyes. She was caught in the act by her uncle on the opposite side and naively stuck out her tongue.

“Eldest Sister, I understand. I won't be with Jiang Moli again in the future.”

Meng Xinyin was also angry. Of course, she would not think the two sisters who had no grievance or hatred with Jiang Moli would wrong her. She could not understand why Jiang Moli had to carry her and said so many strange words in front of Eldest Sister and Second Sister.

Fortunately, Eldest Sister and Second Sister were open-minded, magnanimous people. Otherwise, they would have been hara.s.sed by her drivel talk and tricky mind.

She was a bit chilly and thought of the incident two years ago.

Did Jiang Moli like Yan Chu? That was why she kept in touch with Yan Chu on her back, and after they got married, she denounced her to Eldest Sister and Second Sister?

Meng Xinyin was shocked and felt that she had kept in touch with the other for the past two years, which was tantamount to asking for trouble[9].

Fortunately, Yan Chu was a reliable man, or she would be too late to cry.


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Li Duomei, who was eating delicious cola chicken wings, quietly rolled her eyes. She was caught in the act by her uncle on the opposite side and naively stuck out her tongue.

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[1] Intellectual Property (IP) is the exclusive right to the fruits of intellectual labor created by human beings in social practice, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. The most well-known types are patents, copyrights, and trademarks

[2] 氪金玩家 [kè jīn wánjiā]: krypton gold players; top-up players; players who spend money on in-game purchases

[3] 小白脸 [xiǎobái liǎn]: little white face; attractive young man (usually derog.); pretty boy; gigolo

[4] 白眼狼 [báiyǎn láng]: white-eyed wolf; thankless wretch; an ingrate

[5] 天之骄子 [tiān zhī jiāo zǐ]: the pride of heaven; an unusually lucky person; a metaphor for talented and influential people/outstanding people

[6] 浇火 from 火上浇油 [huǒ shàng jiāo yóu]: pour oil on the fire; a metaphor of to make people angrier or make the situation worse

[7] 错杀一万,不可放过一个 [cuò shā yīwàn, bùkě fàngguò yīgè]: kill ten thousand by mistake rather than let one go, the meaning is that the people who need to be caught are too great for his prestige, so long as he is suspicious, he can't let it go

[8] 添油加醋 [tiān yóu jiā cù]: lit. to add oil and vinegar; fig. adding details while telling a story (to make it more interesting)

[9] 引狼入室 [yǐn láng rù shì]: to lead the wolf into the house (idiom); to leave oneself open to attack; to act imprudently, asking for trouble

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