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Published at 17th of May 2020 11:38:16 AM
Chapter 50

Translator: Kies.h.i.+

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Editor/Proofreader: Mona

Status: Edited

Warning: A little torture in the cell scene; footnote #3 not reversed


Kies.h.i.+ (10-05-2020): Sorry for the not neat translation, having a headache lately, and didn’t realize I pressed ‘schedule/publish’ rather than ‘save draft . ’ This update actually waiting for MonSan to edit it, so I change it a little for now until it edited

Mona: i am so sorry . I thought i had already edited it as it said published .

Kies.h.i.+ (13-05-2020): After some reading at the Three Kingdoms, I changing ‘dynasty’ to ‘the state of’

“Ding, complete the Main Mission 1, reward 800 points, complete the Main Mission 2, reward 800 points, purchase looping talisman, deduct 200 points, plus the remaining points in the previous period, the total amount is 3,600 . ”

007 was obviously busy, and this time it did not appear at the end of his mission . Yan Chu looked at the personal panel . Now, in addition to 3,600 points, the only ability he had purchased for permanent use was super hacker skill .

It was not that he did not want to spend those points, but the things coming out of the system mall were too unreliable . Most of them were for the female hosts . Male hosts could use only a small number of goods . If they wanted to spend those points, they had to depend on their luck .

Because 007 was not there, it seemed too lonely to stay alone in the system s.p.a.ce, so Yan Chu directly threw himself into the next mission world .

“My Yan family sacrifices themself for the country . Since heaven wants to exterminate my Yan family, then I will destroy this world . ”

This roar was unsophisticated and mournful, and the first sentence he heard in the body that had just entered the world was this .

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There seemed something wrong with spatial transmission . Yan Chu felt that his head was very dizzy and dropsical, and countless incomplete information crammed into his brain . Before he could digest and absorb all the information, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, which suddenly pulled him out from the deep s.p.a.ce of consciousness .

“How was it? Has he confessed?”

Yan Chu raised his eyelids difficulty . In a dim prison cell, in front of him stood two men dressed as warders . One of them had a branding-iron in his hand and looked at him with disgust .

The severe pain he felt came from this tool and smelled the burnt taste because the owner of the body seemed to have not eaten for a long time, hungry, Yan Chu swallowed, and felt that he was abnormal .

“What’s more to ask about the sinner who betrayed his country and his soldiers like this? He should be put to death by slow slicing, cut into thin meat slices, or split into five parts, and then dampen his bone and scatter his ash . ”

The slightly senior jailer seemed to hate him, and as he spoke, he picked up another iron from the charcoal brazier and burned it directly to his left chest .

It was impossible to describe this pain he had never experienced . Although Yan Chu could not bear to scream, his whole person almost fainted like a fish out of water .

He felt the rusty smell coming from crunched his back molar . He laughed bitterly . What the h.e.l.l did the original body do to let these two hate him deeply?

Because of the interrupted memory transmission, now he only knew that this state’s name was the state of Zhou, but not the Great Zhou that had existed in history .

In this s.p.a.ce, the state of Zhou, Ming, and Jiang, the Three Kingdoms had a tripart.i.te confrontation . Among them, the state of Ming and Jiang had the strongest national strength and the vastest territory . The state of Zhou was relatively weak, but the state of Zhou’s geographical position was exactly between the state of Ming and Jiang . At any time, no matter which state was fighting against them, another state would not sit idly by .

Unless one day, the state of Ming and Jiang were ready to fight each other .

The pattern of this s.p.a.ce was not always the same . There were seven states at the earliest . Now the pattern of tripart.i.te confrontation had been the result of years of war .

These states had been fighting for many years, and people were dest.i.tute[1] . In some villages could not even find a young man, all widows . Even for the sake of recuperation, it was no longer time to experience war .

The original body was from Yan military family that served the state of Zhou’s royal family for many generations, and many men died on the battlefield to protect the territory .

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There were five uncles together with his father in a war in the va.s.sal state of Yan, which were now destroyed because of an accident . Their bones buried in a foreign land . Now, apart from Old General Yan, the Yan military family had him as the only male . The rest of the relatives either had not had any heirs yet or only had daughters .

It could be said that Yan Chu was the only successor of Yan military family in the future and the hope of Yan family .

He began to practice martial arts at the age of 5, followed his grandfather to the battlefield at the age of 12, and made outstanding achievements .

When it comes to the little general of Yan family, who did not boast? In that battle of Chijin River, at the age of 16, he led several hundred infantry, dauntlessly resisted thousands of enemy troops, guarded the small city and village behind him, rather like those women who were not bullied and humiliated .

In that war, he was cut 17 times, one of which went through his sternum and almost stabbed his heart, and the other from his forehead to his left brow and eyebrow bone, which almost punctured his eyeball .

But when the reinforcements arrived, he was only a b.l.o.o.d.y man . He took Lingxiao the sword, the heirloom of Yan family, and still fought with the few remaining enemies .

This war was achieved by the original body . Everyone knows that Yan  family had a successor . He had lived up to the hopes of the state of Zhou’s people and was a man of lofty and unyielding character .

Yan Chu’s memory stopped here . He did not know the direction of this world or what the original body experienced after that battle .

In short, it must be something bad . Looking at the environment he was in at this time and the experience of the original body, it was somewhat irritating, ah .

“Take your time . I’m afraid that Your Majesty will bring him to trial in a few days . The pitiful Yan family sacrifices themself for the country but produces such an unfilial son . Old General Yan is dies from an excess of anger while still alive . Fortunately, General Fu tries hard to save a desperate crisis[2] . Otherwise, this time, we in the state of Zhou will welcome the cavalry of the state of Ming and Jiang! It’s hard to live a smooth and steady life . My woman gave birth to a son not long ago . I don’t want to fight anymore!”

A junior jailer did not let the senior do too much . After all, the sinner had just gone through barbaric torture beforehand . Because of what the other party did, there was no doctor who would prescribe medicine for him . If he was killed before His Majesty summoned him, none of them could escape .

“I think it’s those women of their Yan family who have problems . Have you heard that Old General Yan is dies from an excess of anger with this unfilial grandson? The elderly lady of the Yan family with several widowed daughters-in-law and granddaughters kneeling outside the palace, request His Majesty to note clearly and research what? That many people see with their own eyes can still be fake .  A loving mother will lead to a useless son[3], and those Yan family’s maidens are not good things . ”

The senior jailer spit in the direction of Yan Chu . Fortunately, he did not really spit on him .

“Who said no? The relatives of the soldiers who were killed by him are now rus.h.i.+ng outside the palace gate to smash rotten eggs and rotten leaves! I don’t know whether or not Old Conferred Lord Yan is dotard! He also implicated several unmarried girls hard times . I’m afraid that after this incident, the marriage decided before should have been withdrawn!”

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If the two jailers had no one else to talk with, Yan Chu now had no memory at all, and could only judge his current situation according to these words when they chatted .

“Withdrawn! The eldest lady was driven back to her mother’s house . The second lady and the third lady followed their biological mother and Yan family and went back to their grandparents’ house to escape calamity . Apart from this, the remaining young ladies returned their original contracts of marriage! At this time, who dares to get involved with Yan family, those sinners?”

The senior jailer said without thinking, “In fact, in the beginning, His Majesty didn’t mean to implicate the Yan family’s womenfolk . After all, Old General Yan and the few major generals who sacrificed themselves for the country . How could they not let their widows be disillusioned, ah? Who let them not be tactful? Kneeling at the gate of the palace and requesting His Majesty to investigate thoroughly . Isn’t that to scold His Majesty for being muddle-headed?”

The two chatted, seeing that Yan Chu was still silent when he had just gone through the hot iron torture, thinking that he was unconscious in pain . They had little interest in torturing such a person, who was tied to a wooden frame . They put down the man tied on the wooden frame, leg-cuffed him, shouldered and threw him into one of the cells at will, then left him .

After they left, Yan Chu slowly opened his eyes, felt the sharp pain all over his body, and put out his heart to sit up, so he laid on the haystack and sorted out the information he just got from those conversations .

Listening to the conversation between the two, the crimes committed by the original body were not small . The crime of treason was enough for nine familial exterminations, but they did not know whether it was true or framed . The jailer said that his grandfather was angry with him . But if this was the case, would his paternal grandmother have kneeled at the gate of the palace with his family womenfolk and request His Majesty to re-investigate this case?

At present, Yan Chu felt that the possibility of being framed was higher .

Although in so many worlds where he carried out his missions, he was either a sc.u.m man or was on the road to becoming a sc.u.m man, but based on his only memory, he saw the battle of Chijin River, barely 16 years old at that year, and the performance of a little general who was a child was better than in modern times, so he did not believe that the other side would do treason .

Even if it was true, he also thought there might be something hidden in this .

The most important thing was to know what was the main mission and side mission this time . He frantically called 007 in his heart, hoping that it would appear to help him out .

In the past, 007 would appear in his heart, and did not know why he lost the response . Yan Chu did not know whether or not this was related to the accident that occurred during his transmission . He nervously opened his system panel . Fortunately, all the data was normal, just that taskbar, which seemed to be covered with a shadow, making people wonder who this wisher was and what kind of wishes he made .

At this time, he could only go step by step . Yan Chu smiled bitterly and saw that he did not have a good body . Now, he was afraid that even now, it was very difficult for him to survive .

He opened the system mall and wondered if there was something suitable for him this time .

Trauma panacea, return your milk-like skin, three in a bottle, 200 pointsInternal injury panacea, essential for life-saving, three in a bottle, 200 pointsTen times a night, be the bravest and fiercest man, three in a bottle, 200 pointsHuman skin mask, ultrthin and breathable, for your personal enjoyment, permanent, 1,500 pointsInedible ??? variety, incubation period, permanent, 100,000 points

When he saw the first two pill-medicines, Yan Chu was very pleased . As for the latter two, he had been used to the irregularities of this system mall, which not only aimed at mere commodities but also the introduction of commodities . What surprised him was the last commodity, which was the first time he had ever seen the system could not distinguish, or deliberately did not distinguish it .

100,000 points . He had only acc.u.mulated 3,600 points for four world missions . He could not even afford a piece of eggsh.e.l.l . Otherwise, he was very interested in this unknown variety of eggs .

Yan Chu sighed, he exerted himself to raise his hand and clicked on the void panel a few times and bought a share of Muscle Growing Pill and Internal Building Pill . These pill medicines could be stored in the system storage and used in any world .

Yan Chu hesitated and chose to buy that human skin mask with a price of 1,500 points .

Perhaps it was because of his shaking hand, Yan Chu’s fingers, which were supposed to be pressed on the kaleidoscopic point, were accidentally placed on the top of money . His face changed, looked at the small porcelain bottle that suddenly appeared in his system’s storage bar . He wondered if the system had the function of returning goods .

Obviously, there was none .

He could only choose to pretend that he could not see it and then click on the kaleidoscopic panel again . Four things came down and deducted his whole 21,000 points . The remaining points on the system panel were only 1,500 left .

After all the purchased items were put into the system storage, Yan Chu immediately took out and consumed the Internal Building Pill .

A cool and comfortable feeling came from every viscera in his body . The efficacy of this pill medicine was quite overbearing . Yan Chu vaguely felt that in addition to the internal injuries after this torture, even some former afflictions of the original body seemed to be cured .

As for the Muscle Growing Pill, he would not use it at this time . Otherwise, if the person who had been injured suddenly alright, he dreaded he waited in vain to carry out the tasks, and then he could directly return to the system s.p.a.ce!

Yan Chu was very tired after doing these things . He closed his eyes, and some worry for 007 in his heart suddenly disappeared . He did not know what happened to it .

On the other side, old madam Yan, with her white hair, knelt straight at the gate of the palace . Behind her were all the womenfolk of the Yan family .

The dignified old madam of the past, at this moment, her hair was covered with rotten vegetable leaves and viscous rotten egg liquid . She cut a sorry figure . It was not only her but also the other womenfolk of the Yan family . Some younger women secretly wiped their tears and wept, but looked at paternal grandmother’s stern expression, could only bottle it up . They extremely hated that younger/older male patrimonial cousin who had been in bed for being a catastrophe[4] .

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