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First Time Gathering (5)

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"It's merely because I grew up in Jiangnan in the past and have a bit of understanding towards the teas from there, that's all." Fu Ya Lan smiled and looked to Du Xiao Li and them, "These three are?"

"Oh, let me introduce you. This is my eldest brother Du Xiu Heng. This is my third sister Du Xiao Li, and this is my fifth sister Du Xue Qi. Eldest brother and third sister just arrived at the capital the day before yesterday." Du Ke Xin said, "In the past, they lived in a farming village, and don't know etiquette too well, so if they slight Miss Fu, asking Miss Fu to please excuse." 

"They're the prime minister's long lost children?" Fu Ya Lan said. Afterwards, she smiled to Du Xiao Li and them, and said, "h.e.l.lo, I'm called Fu Ya Lan. In the past, I too grew up in the wilderness." 

Fu Ya Lan although doesn't normally interact with the young ladies of the capital that much, how could she not hear the meaning in Du Ke Xin's words. Thus, she introduced herself as such.

As soon as Du Xiao Li heard Fu Ya Lan's words and her manner of speaking, she immediately became fond of her. She sweetly smiled at her and said, "Miss Fu, nice to meet you."

A while later, several young masters and young ladies showed up. Du Ke Xin introduced Du Xiao Li and them to each and every single one of them. However, while introducing, she didn't forget to mention that Du Xiao Li was a village girl in the past. 

Du Xiao Li looked to the room full of young boys and girls, feeling this Feng Ming's customs were still very open, nothing like those past feudal societies, where it was very strict for male and female to meet one another. 

When some people heard that Du Xiao Li and them were from the countryside, they let out a contemptuous look in their eyes. Some even directly ignored them. After getting to know each and every one of them, she sat back down at her own seat again and continued happily chatting with Fu Ya Lan. 

"Little sister Ke Xin, right now, everyone should've more or less all arrived, right?" a.s.sistant Minister of War's daughter, Chen Yue said. She and Du Ke Xin's relations.h.i.+p was rather good, and normally addressed each other as sisters.

(T/N: To avoid confusion, in a previous chapter, it mentioned that the nephew of the step-mother was also the a.s.sistant minister of war, however this girl has a different surname so there's either another a.s.sistant minister of war, or author glitched again. I tried checking whether it was possible for there to be more than one a.s.sistant minister for each department, but I didn't get a clear answer so I have no idea either.)

Du Ke Xin looked around the room and said, "Still missing Princess Changle and Miss Ji. Additionally, there's also Gentleman Mo and Gentleman Shui."

"Probably don't need to wait for those four, that Ji Liu Xia has always been disagreeable with you. She probably won't come today either." Chen Yue said.

"Who said we won't come?" Just as Chen Yue's voice landed, Ji Liu Xia's voice came from outside the door. Next, the door was opened, and Ji Liu Xia and Han Ming Xiang walked in from outside. 

"Respectfully greeting Princess Changle." The roomful of people got up and bowed to Han Ming Xiang.

"You're excused. I've merely just agreed to Miss Du's invitation today, and is also considered a guest, everyone doesn't need to be formal, you can be a bit more relaxed." Han Ming Xiang said.

"Thanking Princess Changle." The people in the room all got up, sitting back down in their own seats.

Du Xiao Li looked to Han Ming Xiang and Ji Liu Xiang. After the two changed out of their riding clothes, they lost the heroic and valiant beauty from when they previously met, and added an air of composure.  

Han Ming Xiang glanced at Du Xiao Li and winked at her. She sat at the head seat of the guests, and Ji Liu Xia sat down at her side.

"Alright, now only missing Gentleman Mo and Gentleman Shui." Someone said.

"Those two probably won't come. When we gathered in the past, they've never come." 

Du Xiao Li turned to Fu Ya Lan at her said and asked, "Big sister Ya Lan, that Gentleman Mo and Gentleman Shui, who are they?"

"Gentleman Mo is the Xinan governor-general's son, and Gentleman Shui is Jiangnan Wu county's governor-general's son. Gentleman Mo and Gentleman Shui are Four Way Academy's students. They're both well known figures in the academy, but they don't often partic.i.p.ate in gatherings." Fu Ya Lan patiently explained to Du Xiao Li.

"Aren't they currently at school? How can they come to the gathering?" Du Xiao Li puzzlingly asked.

"Yesterday and today are public holidays." Fu Ya Lan said, "Else, why do you think there's so many people here?" 

"Are there people that are still studying?" Du Xiao Li asked.

"Aside from Princess Changle, they all are students of the academy." Fu Ya Lan chuckled.

"Those young ladies too? Aren't girls not allowed to enroll in school?" Du Xiao Li said in astonishment.

"Pfft, how told you girls can't attend school?" Perhaps because Du Xiao Li's voice was a bit loud, the girl next to her heard her and instantly burst into laughter. 

"Eh, is that not it?" Du Xiao Li asked. Because she'd never thought of enrolling in school before, towards this matter, she's never paid attention to before. She even thought that it was just like the feudal era from history, where girls were only allowed to stay at home, embroider some flowers, play some zither and whatnot. 

The people in the room all went silent for two seconds, and them simultaneously began laughing. Fu Ya Lan said, "No, Four Way Academy has a school specially established for girls. Official family's daughters, as long as not married, all can study there, studying the four arts, literature and poetry. After reaching marriageable age, one can choose to not go, or when one reaches the teacher's requirement, can also apply for graduation. However, although everyone all resides in one place, boys and girls attend cla.s.s separately, and girls can't partic.i.p.ate in the imperial exam either." 

"It's actually this progressive! Girls can even attend school!" Du Xiao Li said with a sigh.

(T/N: I just wanna facepalm---for a smart person MC's IQ sometimes isn't all there I feel---why do all the cliche transmig author go for the make MC dumb for comedy route------)

"Not just our country is like this. Other countries' Imperial Academy also have girl's school. Sometimes, between the countries, there's even some compet.i.tion."Fu Ya Lan added.

"My third sister just arrived in the capital, so everyone don't laugh at her anymore. Let's wait for Gentleman Mo and them a little longer. Since the time is still early, how about we play some games?" Du Ke Xin said. Afterwards, she glanced at Du Xiao Li with ulterior motives.

"Sister Ke Xin, what good ideas do you have?"

Du Ke Xin had a cup placed on the table, and then looked to everyone, asking: "Have you all noticed anything different about this table?"

T/N: I'm really glad there are more wholesome and nicer characters than the mean cliche villains. A few is enough to annoy me already. It makes me feel better that not everyone in the world is an ahole. I need wholesome content to fill my nonexistent heart. Anyways after next chapter the story improves when ML comes back. I'm so deprived of fluff right now. 

I've actually started listening to Mei Gong Qing's audiobook recently because I love ancient period political drama, but man that story is heavy. I'm not particularly a fan of petty backyard fights, but I love political schemes and tactics. It's why my all time favorite series till this day is still Nirvana in Fire, but a lot are super dark and depressing. ;;v;;)

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