Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 504: Are You Going To Die If You Don't Show Off? Part One

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Chapter 504: Are You Going to Die If You Don't Show Off? (Part One)

Xu Cheng first looked around at this temporary laboratory of his for any hidden cameras.

Fortunately, these five old men had principles and gave him enough respect and privacy. There were no cameras spying on how he made the medicines.

In fact, refining the serum had become an easy task for Xu Cheng, since he had already familiarized himself with all the techniques necessary.

Outside, Ye Ting just needed to take care of Xu Cheng's needs and treat him with various fresh food, fruits, and drinks.

As usual, after Xu Cheng expanded the drop of blood he took out, he mixed it into five tubes with the other nutrient solutions.

After entering the lab, it took him about a day to finish making the antibody serum. When he was done, it was already late into the night. After he was done refining the antibody serum, he forgot that the sea turtle genes in Professor Koman's inventory had run out.

He opened the window and said to Ye Ting, “Auntie, go and tell those old men, right now I need a very important ingredient.

Ye Ting asked, “What is it?”

Xu Cheng: “I need a hundred-year-old sea turtle. Remember, it must be alive.”

Ye Ting nodded and immediately went to tell the five elders about this.
Zhou Zheng immediately pulled his connections and had someone s.h.i.+p over a giant sea turtle that was over a hundred-year-old. It arrived in a big truck that was filled with water.

Xu Cheng had them carry the turtle in, and then after extracting enough DNA, he made sure the turtle didn't lose too much blood and had them transport it back.

Since it was already so late into the night, members of the other four elders' family all had been here once, they all visited to ask their elder to go home and rest, yet those four elders all refused to leave. They all just stared at Xu Cheng's room with great focus, as if it could speed up the whole process.

In the end, those family members were ordered to go back home by the elders.

“I'm pulling an all-nighter tonight,” Elder Guo said.

Elder Ye replied energetically, “I will accompany you guys then. We will see who's the last one standing.”

Indeed, by about 1 o'clock in the morning, the other four elders seemed to be in a bit of a torment.
“If you can't hold on, just go back. That brat said he's making the medicine for you guys, it's not like he won't give it to you unless you stay for the whole night,” Elder Ye mocked his four old friends.

The four elders' faces turned a bit red. Elder Guo snorted, “Big Brother Ye, seeing how energetic you are is making us want that medicine even more! How come it feels like a lot of your wrinkles have disappeared over the past few days?”

“Yeah, now that Guo mentioned it, you do look a bit younger,” Elder Zhou said.

“Yo just stop talking, I ain't leaving until I get my meds,” Elder Xin shamelessly said.

At that moment, they just saw Xu Cheng's room's light suddenly go out.

The elders thought he had finally ended the long day of work and were waiting for him to come out and tell them how it was going.

But who knew, after the lights went out, Xu Cheng didn't come out. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

When the four elders approached the wall of that room, they could hear Xu Cheng snoring from inside.

At that moment, the four elders were about to explode and almost wanted to blow this place up!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Holy fack, we've waited for you for the whole day into midnight, yet you just turned off the lights and went to sleep?

Just when the four elders were about to explode, Xu Cheng surprised them by shouting from inside the room. “You can't eat tofu when it's hot.” (TL note: it's a saying that means you gotta be patient)

“You were even teasing us with that fake snoring now?” Elder Zhou almost laughed.

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Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 504: Are You Going To Die If You Don't Show Off? Part One summary

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