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Chapter 505: Treating the Four Grandpas 

It was dawn.

Xu Cheng got into an extended sedan with a red-flag on the front and slowly drove to the Zhou Family in the same neighborhood.

When the Zhou Family's butler saw Elder Ye's car, he immediately told the guards to open the gates.

The four brothers of the Zhou Family were originally on their way out to work, but just as their cars drove out of the garage, they saw Elder Ye's car coming in. So, they immediately backed their car out of the front gate to make way.

When they saw it was Xu Cheng coming out of the car, they were a bit dumbfounded.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Uncles, I'm here to treat the old man.”

When the four brothers saw the vacuum-sealed box in his hand, their faces all lost color.

“Wel-welcome! Hurry, come on in!” The sixty-year-old eldest son of the Zhou Family immediately invited him in, exhilarated.

“I don't know what you said to the old man, but he couldn't sleep all night. He was just too excited,” the eldest son said as he walked Xu Cheng into the manor.

The other brothers, including Zhou Zheng, all didn't have the mind to go to work anymore. The focus of the entire family was obviously on the health and longevity of Elder Zhou. 

Elder Zhou's room was closed, he was deep asleep right now. He couldn't sleep for the whole night because of how excited Xu Cheng's words made him. But, in the early morning, his eyelids became increasingly heavy and he couldn't help it but fall asleep.

Xu Cheng went over and just shouted, “Grandpa Zhou, I'm Xu Cheng, I'm here with the meds. If you are still asleep, then I will come back later when you are awake.”

Within 3 seconds, the solid wooden door was slammed open by the old man, and his eyes were bloodshot as he scolded at Xu Cheng, “Get the fack in!”

Xu Cheng waved first. “But let me say this first, I don't need anyone's help during the process, and I'm not responsible for anything if something goes wrong. Also, I need absolute privacy and confidentiality. If you all can agree, then I will go in. If not, then you can decline the treatment.”

“Uh…” The four brothers of the Zhou Family were a bit stunned.

Such a high risk?

“You are a smart brat. If the risk is higher than the reward, then you definitely wouldn't use it to treat your grandpas. Come in, I believe in you,” Elder Zhou said.

Xu Cheng smiled and walked into the room. He closed the door behind him.

After half an hour, Xu Cheng opened the door, the four brothers of the Zhou Family all came up to him and asked, “How was it? Little Cheng, is your Grandpa Zhou okay?”

“It went well.” Xu Cheng smiled and then said to them, “Start timing now. After two hours, Grandpa Zhou's anesthesia will wear off. At that time, you guys have to carry him to the bathtub and let him soak in water. The process will be quite a torment for the old man, tell him that he must endure through it, because that's the normal sign of the medicine taking effect in his body. After he's able to endure through the pain, it will all be suns.h.i.+ne and rainbows.”

The four sons of the Zhou Family heavily nodded, and then they enthusiastically shook hands with Xu Cheng. “Thank you so much, Xu Cheng. In the future, if you ever need anything, just tell our Zhou Family!”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Alright. I'm in a hurry to go to the other grandpas' houses. Just remember what I said, the water can't be hot, just use tap water. Definitely don't try to heat it, just tap cold is fine.”

The four of them nodded and firmly remembered it in their heart. Then, after they watched Xu Cheng get into the car and leave, they finally returned to the room to watch after the old man and wait until the time was up.

“It's about 6 more minutes until two hours, are the tub and water ready?” the eldest son asked Zhou Zheng.

Zhou Zheng nodded. “All prepared, Big Brother.”

The four brothers then picked up the old man, whose body was very stiff and bones were very tough and heavy. They carried him to the bathtub that was prepared and slowly put him in. In winter, the tap water was freezing and was chilly to the bones.

When Elder Zhou's body touched the water, it began to struggle violently.

“Dad, hold on!” Zhou Zheng clenched his teeth and encouraged his dad, trying to cheer him on.

The four of them were trying their best to hold him down, but at the last moment, they were suddenly all pushed away by the old man's struggles.

They all fell to the ground and the eldest even fell back into a wall as he stumbled.

Immediately after, Elder Zhou let out a huge roar.


His originally hunched body was now standing upright inside the bathtub, and his neck was making cracking noises too.

“Dad, how are you feeling?” The four brothers all swarmed over.

Elder Zhou faintly smiled. “Now I can finally feel how Big Brother Ye felt! It really does feel awesome! I feel like I've relieved all the burdens off of my body, and now my body's just full of energy.”

Zhou Zheng hurriedly pa.s.sed over a towel to Elder Zhou, and Elder Zhou directly ripped open the clothes he originally had on him. His strength clearly had recovered to his prime.

Although there were a lot of wrinkles on his body, it didn't hold back the explosive power of this old man at all.

After getting changed into the Asian tunic suit, he said to Zhou Zheng, “That girl Ye Ting is very good, I don't want other people to s.n.a.t.c.h her away. Put your best effort in, put aside work stuff for now and spend more time with Ye Ting. It's best to go through with this marriage as soon as possible.”

Zhou Zheng quickly nodded. “Yes, Dad. But, I'm just afraid that she wouldn't think I qualify.”

Elder Zhou: “Your Uncle Ye gave the green light, and if you still can't successfully court her, then you would really disappoint me. Remember, Xu Cheng could save me, he can also save you guys. This is why I want you to marry Ye Ting.”

The four brothers all nodded solemnly, especially the eldest son. He was already sixty this year, already starting to feel fatigued more and more often recently. He knew what kind of effect it would have on the Zhou Family if Zhou Zheng could marry Xu Cheng's Auntie Lan.

“Zhou Zheng, if you need any help, just let me know,” Zhou Zheng's big brother said.

Zhou Zheng felt an enormous amount of pressure. It seemed like the whole focus of the Zhou Family now was to hope that he could form an alliance marriage with the family member of this G.o.dly doctor.

Xu Cheng's call finally connected. Inside Shen Yao's condo, the w.a.n.g mother and son duo came very early in the morning, all hoping that Shen Yao could try to call Xu Cheng a few more times.

This time, it really went through.


“Xu Cheng, are you alright?” Shen Yao asked anxiously.

“Oh, yeah, of course. I didn't have my phone on me yesterday so I couldn't pick up. My bad. Oh right, you don't have to worry about the w.a.n.g Family anymore. With the amount of dirt on his dad, he can spend the rest of his life in prison. Those in good relation with him are also being investigated, so don't worry about other people seeking trouble.”


w.a.n.g Ji and Mama w.a.n.g directly fell onto their knees as they cried and said in the background, “Young Master Xu, mercy, please! Forgive us once, please!”

On Shen Yao's side, Shen Wansan directly froze upon witnessing this.

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