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Chapter 17.2: Oh My G.o.ddess

Such an important bargaining chip used only to eradicate his crisis, it was too cheap.

What he wanted, what he longed for was to stay in the Earl's Palace.

He'd use his charm to grow close to Jin Mulan. He'll constantly be around her presence. She'd fall for him. And then… and then… finally, they marry. Two birds happily in love. She would become his garden. He'll take care of her well. He'll make sure she grows, blooms so brightly. She will become his wife.

And whoever dares to harm him, his G.o.ddess will take care of them.

G.o.d honest truth, he swears to the heavens that with his wits, talents, and handsome features, he's sure to cause a deep impression in the back of the G.o.ddess' mind. She'd think about him before going to sleep. She'd replay their memories together time to time in her head like a rolling film.

He would leave her in awe of his mere presence alone.

He needed only half a month to accomplish this goal of his…

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History's Strongest Husband Chapter 17.2 - Oh My Goddess summary

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