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Chapter 18.1: Marriage Proposal

’s brain churned fast, numerous schemes flas.h.i.+ng through his head at once.

The door from the study room was shut tight, isolating him from the outside.

It’s to be expected. Count Jin would soon discuss important matters only insiders of the Jin Family are privy to. ’s an outsider. Try as he might, he’d have no chance of partic.i.p.ating in their conversation.


“Who did they send?” The Count questioned.

“The governor’s younger brother, General Zhulin of Pingnan!” Said the confidant anxiously as he read through the secret letter delivered by the lightning pigeon from Nujiang City.

The Count rummaged through the letter speedily. His countenance suddenly turned black and blue.

It’s General Zhu Lin! How badly do they want this marriage? This… this represents the will of the Zhu Family!

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History's Strongest Husband Chapter 18.1 - Marriage Proposal summary

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