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Episode 02IF - If the duel with the two adventurers ended with a draw - The 1st Floor Bar

//Author’s Note : This is an If story where MC made a different decision in episode 1.  The story takes place after MC went out from the Adventurer Guild to duel the two adventurers.//

The wind, bearing the smell of blood, brushed through my cheeks. It’s the kind of wind that makes you sick in the stomach. My bangs which are slightly blocking my line of sight are swaying thanks to the wind. With my hand thrusts into the coat of my pocket, I tilted my neck up slightly to look at the starry sky.

Small buildings made of stone are lined across the street in front of the Adventurer Guild. From the river-like s.p.a.ce between the roofs of those buildings, I could see the night sky of this different world which is beautiful to a surprising degree spreads endlessly.

I unconsciously let out a sigh of amazement. On the dark blue sky with a tint of purple, whitish small stars are s.h.i.+ning like they’re going to rain down to the ground. Next, I lowered my head back and looked at the dirty sight in front of me.

I take a better look at the two adventurers’ faces.

Aah, what awful faces.
I decide the people I like and dislike the instant I saw their face. For the people I dislike, I’m going to hate them the moment I saw their face.

The big and buff looking one has a gorilllike face, while the skinny one has a frivolous looking face. They had this disgusting look of someone who likes to makes other people submit by using force. I can tell that much, not from the kind of face they have, but from the ugly expressions they’re making. It’s the expressions that I hate the most.

After listening to the conversation between the two, I somehow recalled the events from that night a few days ago.
“Two people, huh……”
I muttered in small voice and then looked at the adorable face of Yuela who had been staying quietly right next to me.

Few days ago, I visited my first inhabited village in this different world. Yuela performed a special kind of part-time job under the pretext of a ma.s.sage in that village, and her partner at that time job were two people.
“Hm……? What is it……?”
Perhaps noticing my gaze, Yuela tilted her head and asked while wearing a puzzled expression. After that, she narrowed her big tsurime eyes and stared at me with an affectionate gaze.
I called the name of my beloved girlfriend.
“This duel, if it ended with a draw, what’s going to happen?”
When she heard my question, Yuela leaked out a surprised voice.
“The conditions that were decided before the duel, the reward”
While saying that, I used my right hand to hold Yuela’s delicate shoulder, and then just like a couple would, I pulled Yuela’s feminine figure close into me.
“Will everything become annulled?”
I brought my lips closer to Yuela’s ear and whispered there with a small voice.
“I don’t know……”
“Or perhaps, a new compromise reward will be made instead?”
The breath I let out brushed against Yuela’s black hair and her ear, and as she listened to my voice, Yuela’s charming eyes were opened wide in surprise.
“Just for today, Yuela will become their friends tonight, and then to deepen your friends.h.i.+p with each other, you can do stuff like ma.s.saging or some skins.h.i.+p”
“N……? NNh, Nn……?”
For a short moment, Yuela’s eyes were closed in an instant like she’s in some kind of pain. It seems a s.h.i.+ver went through her as she imagined the content of my proposal and put her in throbbing mood. Both of her arms were crossed to embrace her body, and her delicate shoulder can be seen trembling slightly.
"What do you think, Yuela?"
As I whispered, I brought my face even closer until my lips nearly touched Yuela's ear.
It felt as if [Likes NTR] skill is telling me to whisper that to Yuela.
After all, it's a given right? That night, when Yuela did her first part-time job, I couldn't see Yuela's appearance with my own eyes and only heard the sound she made and her voice instead.
The sounds that I heard were graphic sounds of bed moving intensely and sensual sounds of bodies. .h.i.tting against each other, while Yuela kept letting out moans that were filled with the tone of pleasure.

No, it’s not only that, there’s also those extremely lewd conversation too I guess. It sounded like Yuela was smiling lewdly as she said inviting words toward those villagers. Yuela from that night sounded really erotic.

Those voices and sounds alone were surprisingly good. It was a situation that stimulated various kinds of imaginations in men.
However, since Yuela is already going out of her way to get ma.s.saged, I would like to see her with my own eyes instead of just hearing it if possible. For example, seeing Yuela’s whole appearance as she shakes her waist on top of those adventurers.
“Ah…… That……might be so, probably……”
Yuela opened her eyes and answered with small, fragmented words, and her long eyelashes looked as if they’re s.h.i.+vering as she spoke.

After that, Yuela turned her adorable face away with her cheeks flushed red and stared at the ground bashfully.
Yuela understood the meaning of the words that she just said herself, and she seems to be embarra.s.sed at the fact that she answered with those words.
I put more strength into my right arm and hugged Yuela more tightly yet gently.
A small cry escaped her sakurcolored lips, and her strong eyes that are turned up at me looked moist.
Yuela might have recalled the excitement from her part-time job with those villagers back then, and just now, she definitely had imagined herself doing the same erotic ma.s.sage to those two adventurers too.
I kissed Yuela lightly on the cheek, and then on her lips next. Yuela’s small lips are finely shaped, and they feel soft and plump to touch.
Yuela is responding to my kiss pa.s.sionately. She brought her right hand up, and then after holding my left hand gently, she intertwined her long slender fingers around mine.
“-chu­-……, n, -chu-……”
Yuela. The truth is, you want to use your whole body to service those annoying adventurers plenty don’t you? And you want to do it in front of me.
You want to taste the pleasure of the immorality, and then be excited in the lewd mood, right?
That night, you sounds like you were really absorbed by the charm of the [Immoral] skill Yuela, and I too, was absorbed by the charm of [Likes NTR] skill.
I truly love that kind of lewd and perverted Yuela.

Then, while holding the shoulder of my beloved Yuela, I thought to myself.
I have one other choice in here. I think it’s a big and important one.
My options are a win or a draw. Losing is not a not an option. I can’t bear to lose Yuela.

I can control the result. I can decide whether I want it to be a win or a draw, I have the power needed to do so.

Now then, I wonder which one is the right choice?
Normally, it should be obvious to pick “Win” for a duel. But in my case, I don’t think anybody could know which one is the correct choice until after the final moment is there, that’s an absolute.
And so after gathering my courage, I made my decision.

“Ooi—-…… Let’s start the duel already—……”
The buff looking one out of the two adventurers, the one with gorilllike face, yelled out loudly from the distance. It seems it’s about time for the duel already. After this, a duel with Yuela as the bet is going to start.
“Alright, I’ll be off then”
I spoke to Yuela with a neutral voice. My tone is easy-going as if I’m telling her that I’m only taking a walk.  Yuela also responded back to me while smiling and tone filled with confidence.

I walked toward the direction of the two adventurers in the middle of the street with casual gait.

The two adventurers are standing all with their arms folded.
I stopped for a moment and turned around toward Yuela.
“What is it……?”
Yuela answered me with a gentle voice.
Her big tsurime eyes are narrowing down slightly, and she’s looking at me with a gentle and affectionate gaze.
“Truth is, those guys really p.i.s.s me off”
I told Yuela my honest feeling.
“I wonder, how it’s going to feel when Yuela is being ma.s.saged by people like them? Perhaps it’s going to be very exciting, more so than the usual”
And then I asked that while smiling thinly.

I’m standing in the middle of the street in front of the adventurer’s guild. The distance between me and those two guys is probably around 10 meter.
I scanned my surrounding with a quick glance. Light is leaking from the window of the surrounding building, and the surface of the road look unexpectedly bright.

The guild manager Jii-san is standing in front of the adventurer guild building with a dumbfounded look on his face. There’s also the guild staff onee-san beside him, together with some adventurers and curious onlookers. It seems when they heard that there’s going to be a duel, a lot of this city’s inhabitant had gathered in this place.

I frowned unconsciously.
It felt as if I had become an object of attraction.
While feeling a little fed up, I moved my line of sight across the onlookers face one by one until I could see Yuela’s adorable face among them.

Aah, Yuela is cute as expected. When she was mixed among the crowds like this, her beauty stood out more conspicuously. Even if she’s judged with the common sense of the world I was born from, her beauty would still be on the level of a miracle.

I let out a sigh.
I desperately want to take a smoke before my duel, but there’s only a crushed empty box of cigarette in the pocket of my coat. It’s been quite some time since I had run out of my cigarette.
d.a.m.nit. I thought I have already given up on smoking.
“You two can come at me together. I’ll take you on at the same time”
While feeling irritated, I said that to the two of them.
“Stop kidding around, just me alone will be enough for you”
Hearing my words, the buff looking guy responded while shaking his head to the left and right.
He had a long sword hanging on his waist, but that’s it. He doesn’t seem to have any intention of wearing something like armor. Apparently, I’m being taken really lightly.
“I wonder now……”
I muttered so while opening my Item Window. For the time being, I took 12 bullets into my left hand and poured it into the pocket of my coat.
“Ahahaha…… Boy, shouldn’t you surrender instead?”
The skinny guy said so while laughing. His tone is obviously making fun of me.
“Then, let’s start from gorillface”
I ignored him and said that while looking at gorillface.

I thrust my left hand inside my coat. After sliding my arm around my left waist, I confirmed the presence of a wooden grip, and then I pulled out the lump of metal at once.
Developed by Colt’s Manufacturing Company in the world I was born from, a lovely revolver that some people even called as the Rolls-Royce of revolver.
On the barrel of the gun, the words PYTHON.357 can be seen engraved proudly.

It’s the gun that I love from the world I was born from, which is also a mysterious existence in this different world with RPG style. When I was summoned here, the G.o.ddess of Darkness gave it to me together with some skills.

I gazed at the Python in my left hand quietly. The color isn’t dark gun-blue, and the material is also a strange metal that I have no idea about. It’s a different world Colt Python that s.h.i.+nes in brilliant blue.
As I pressed the belly of my left thumb against the hammer to pull it back, I could feel cold metal sensation being transmitted to my fingertip.
“What should we do for the duel’s starting signal?”
This is my first official duel, I wonder if there are general custom for it or not.
“Anything is fine……”
The buff guy has thick arms just like a gorilla, but I guess that was obvious, his face is like a gorilla after all. After holding the handle of the western sword in his big hand, he pulled it from his waist in one stroke.
Ah…… This gorillface, he had the look of someone who is going to kill another human being for real. The eyes of a murderer are really creepy, I wish they can just disappear from this world in this instant.
"Then, let's use a coin to signal the start"
I paid no attention to gorillface's gaze and answered calmly.
I proposed a method of duel that I once saw in television. I think I have gotten used to the murderous gaze by now.
"When the thrown coin hit the ground, the duel will start. Will that do……?"
"Whatever, just hurry……"
Gorillface sounds irritated now. Does he want to kill me that badly?
"Got it. Coin right"
When I called her name, Yuela immediately understood my intention. Yuela was made as the reward, so she should have the right to decide the start of the duel.
"Will this one do?"
Yuela is calm even at times like this. She took out a piece of silver coin while wearing a cool expression and showed it to us by putting it on the palm of her hand.

I took a good look at Yuela's face and nodded. Yuela's serious face looks really lovely and unbearable.
It's alright Yuela. I'm strong, I'm not going to lose to the likes of these guys. I have that much power at the very least, including the weapon and skill needed to do that.
"I'll throw it then……"
Yuela said that and then took a deep breath.
"Here I go……"
After that, she swung her right arm and flicked the piece of coin high toward the sky.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at the dark blue sky.

The silver coin should be spinning on its way to fall between me and gorillface, however in a dark environment like this, such small silver coin can hardly be seen at all.

I lowered my line of sight from the sky and turned it toward gorillface direction. I focused my concentration on my dominant left eye, and use only that to see ahead. My right eye might be open, but it's merely reflecting the surrounding scenery on its own accord.
If I have to describe this state in words, it would be me "killing my right eye".

I raised my left hand quietly and set the revolver in place, after that I brought my right hand and made it overlap at the grip. Just like doing a clay shooting, I adjusted my center of gravity a little forward.

My heartbeat is rising rapidly. I listened to my surroundings carefully and tried to follow the location of the silver coin by using my ear.
The silver coin then made a noise, it clashed against the stone pavement and bounced upward.
At that moment, I pulled my index finger and made the pull iron dropped mechanically.
Recoil is pa.s.sing through my left arm, and the barrel of the revolver jumped like a spring.
Beyond my sight, I could see gorillface staring dumbfounded with his eyes wide open.

Gorillface was about to move the moment the silver coin hit the road, but I shot toward the s.p.a.ce beside his face faster than that.
"What's wrong?"
I asked while smiling thinly.
I raised my left thumb and pulled the hammer once again. The cylinder can be heard rotating smoothly.
"Have you ever heard the sound of bullet pa.s.sing beside you?"
Actually, I haven't heard such sound either. The country I was born in is one of the most peaceful countries in the world after all.
Gorillface's shoulder let out a twitch after hearing my words. I put more strength into my left index finger.
A high pitched scream came out from gorillface's mouth. This time, I aimed at the spot just right beside his ear. Even if he doesn't understand what's happening, he seems to instinctively realize that he's in danger.

I smiled thinly. I lowered the gun barrel and aimed at the s.p.a.ce between gorillface's legs next. I don't need to use [Sniping] skill to deal with guys like these.
I think a loud sound just echoed, it's probably my gunshot sound.
When I shot a gun at someone, I can't perceive the sound of my gunshot because of my increased concentration.
Beyond gorillface's legs, I can see a white smoke rising from the stone pavement which confirmed my shot.
"Hi— Hyiii—……"
Gorillface sounded like he's going to cry, but he looked as if a gorilla is trying to laugh instead. I chuckled, this guy really have an ugly face, poor him. I guess I'll shoot above that ugly face next.

A white smoke rose for a short moment on the wall behind gorillface, the bullet had bounced and flew to somewhere else. Ah, that was dangerous, a human could easily die from that bullet.
After taking a glance behind me and stepped backward slightly, I shoot my 5th and 6th shots in quick succession.  I took caution to not fall backward and shot at gorillface near his body so as to not kill him.

From the corner of my sight, I could see the gathered crowds are scattering away. They seem to be afraid of getting caught in my gunfire. After slightly smiling by raising the edge of my lips, I replaced my grip into my right.

I pulled the cylinder latch with my thumb and shake the gun gently. The cylinder moved to the left side, and as I raised the muzzle upward, the empty cartridge slide out smoothly.

I deftly collected the falling cartridges inside my left hand. I don’t want the cartridge to be scattered around, it’s a habit from doing clay shooting.
“My gun runs out of bullet”
While storing the empty cartridge into the pocket of my coat, I said so casually. After that, I carefully clenched 6 new bullets into my hand.

I like the moment when you’re inserting new bullet into a gun. It’s fun to see the empty holes in the cylinder get filled by bullet one by one.
“I only use six bullets per person in a duel”
I lied flatly. I don’t have that kind of creed whatsoever. If they were seriously trying to take Yuela, I’ll be doing anything I could to stop them.
“What will you do?”
Finished loading all six of them, I used my palm to push the cylinder back. The cylinder fit snuggly into the middle of the gun while making a click sound, no useless gaps can be seen from between the parts. This old gun by Colt is truly packed with a man’s dream.
“Still want to continue?”
Hearing my voice, gorillface swung his head to the side vigorously.
“Alright, next is that onii-san’s turn then”
I said that while smiling thinly.
The skinny man screamed nervously. He’s staring at the gun in my left hand with pale blue face.
“You’re not going to draw your weapon?”
In order to fuel his fear further, I engaged him in some useless conversation. The skinny man has daggers hanging on both side of his waist, but there’s no way he could win against gun just with that.
“Hi-……, Hiiii—……”
The skinny man starts to tremble.
I wonder if this guy is knowledgeable about gun. He only saw gorillface being shot one sidedly, yet he seems to know about the fear of confronting one for real.

Tears of horror start to float on the skinny man’s narrow eyes.
The hammer of my gun is raised, and the muzzle is pointed at s.p.a.ce next to the man’s face.
It seems we’re not going to need a coin for the starting signal this time.
I let out a deep breath. Beyond my line of sight, the skinny man is crying while holding his head. What a coward…

While I was firing all my six bullets, the skinny man stood in his unsightly state all the time.
If we’re talking about their standing moment only, gorillface performed better than him. It feels good seeing their face get distorted with terror.

I sensed something and turned my eyes to the side. Yuela is walking toward me slowly.
Yuela’s sakurcolored lips opened, she’s calling out to me with her usual husky voice.
“You’re hopeless……”
Yuela said so while entwining her long arms around my neck. The long sleeves of her kimono are fluttering on the air like they're dancing on the air all fluffy.
“Against people like them, you can actually win easily……”
Continuing her speech, Yuela brought her adorable face so close to my face that I hold my breath spontaneously.
“You want me to…… do something like that part-time job from back then, right……?”
After that, while looking at me with upturned eyes, Yuela asked me that with fragmented words.
“If Yuela wants to, then…… Nn……?”
I plan to leave the final decision to Yuela, but I couldn’t finish my words because she suddenly kissed me.
“Nh……, -chu­-, n, Nh……”
Yuela’s soft lips are pressed against mine with surprising strength behind it for many times. It was a hot and pa.s.sionate kiss.
When she finally released her lips, Yuela let out a deep, s.e.xy sigh, and her big tsurime-eyes looks really moist too.
“I’m going to…… do that kind of stuff after this…… So you have to…… absolutely take responsibility……”
Yuela’s face is completely flushed red. It’s the most adorable face of her that I’ve had seen since we first met.
“Yeah, of course Yuela”
Then while holding my gun in my left hand, I hugged Yuela’s body tightly into me.

I turned my eyes toward the guild manager Jii-san next. He was standing still with dumbfounded look on his face, it must be his first experience witnessing a gun in action.
"Jii-san, It's a draw"
I declared the result of the duel toward the supposed-to-be witness who is just standing still.
"No one ends up dying, so we can't draw any conclusion from this. The duel is a draw, that's fine yeah…?"
Hearing my question, the guild manager Jii-san nodded his head for many times in a hurry…

"Well, let's reconcile shall we. Some drink?"
After arriving at my small table seat, I grabbed a bottle of light alcohol and poured the content to a gla.s.s while saying some words that I think would fit the situation.
"S-, sure……"
"F-fine by me……"
Hearing my question, the two adventurers responded with the bravest voice they could muster. It seems I managed to teach them the extent of my strength. The gorillface then sat to my right side, while the skinny one sat to my left.

While sipping the light alcohol, I surveyed the inside of the adventurer guild. There's no other customer beside us inside the bar. I wonder if it's the closing time for this place already.
The guild manager and the waitress onee-san are currently cleaning the place while trying to make as little noise as possible. The atmosphere of this wide and s.p.a.cious adventurer guild feel so calm and relaxing

Despite that, our group was drinking alcohol like it's the most natural thing to do. We don't pay any mind to the store's closing time, and the guild manager Jii-san hadn't been saying anything either.
I'm in no position to say this, but our duel was started because of something small and ridiculous. I'm sure they thought of us as bunch of crazy people and don't want to be involved as much as they can.


Gorillface and skinny guy is drinking their alcohol while keeping their awkward silence. They sure had become very docile now. I guess it's obvious when you consider that they were almost killed before this.
Because the two have nothing else to do besides drinking, the liquor in their gla.s.s is going to dried up anytime soon.

For some reason, I turned my line of sight toward Yuela in front of me.

Yuela is keeping her usual cool and expressionless face, but she might be actually nervous. I thought so because the liquor that she has right now is the strongest stuff that this store have.
When her eyes met with mine, Yuela turned her adorable face away with a pout. She seems to be trying to show her unwillingness by slightly curling her lips in dissatisfaction.

However, in spite of that, Yuela's cheeks are also flushed in bright red. It seems the thought of what's going to happen from now on is making her a little excited too.

"Onee-san, later is fine, can you bring these guys more drinks?"
Raising my hand, I ordered more drink to the waitress Onee-san. I added 'later is fine' to avoid disturbing her work as much as possible, I don't think that will mean much though.
"So, about our duel just now"
I continued talking to the two adventurers straight to the main subject. Without this reason, I won't be drinking together with these two in the first place.
Hearing my words, the shoulders of those two trembled, and the expression of fear can be seen appearing on their faces. It seems I have reminded them of their shooting experience not long before this.
"I said this before right, it's a draw"
I stated the fact simply. The result was controlled by me, but the result of that duel is indeed a draw.
"So. One, there won't be any reward that was declared beforehand, everything is going to stay the same as before"
I said that while sticking out my index finger.
"Two, We're going to think of a new reward that both parties can agree to"
Then, I said that while raising my middle finger.
"The first and the second, which one do you think is better?"
While showing the two of them my raised fingers, I presented the adventurers with a choice.
Both of them let out a stupid voice after hearing my question, and gorillface even has his mouth opened widely. It seems my statement came out as surprising for these two.
"But……new reward that both parties can agree too is……"
The skinny guy said so while making a confused expression. But still, this guy's eyes, they sure are squinty. People called guys like him fox eyes don't they?
"Ah, umm…… We……, will be fine without reward……"
Gorillface looks puzzled too and refrained from asking a reward. It seems they really understand that their lives were spared in the duel just because of my whim.
But, you know, I'm in trouble now. The story won't move forward like this.
"You both can pay our expense in this adventurer guild"

Then suddenly, Yuela intruded in our conversation.
"In exchange. Me, and my boyfriend, will join your party just for tonight only"

I was surprised, really surprised. I never expect Yuela to suggest something like this herself.
"Since it's a draw, I think it would be fine for both parties to get their reward. The bill for our food and drink, I think it would go around this much"
"Ah, Oh……"
"Yeah, that amount sounds correct……"
Gorillface and fox-eyes nodded and responded vaguely to Yuela's statement. It seems they were confused and cannot understand the meaning behind Yuela's proposal. Seriously, these guys are really stupid.

Yuela's line of sight met with mine, and then she immediately turned her face away to the side.

When I called out to her, Yuela didn't turn her face back and only turned her black eyes toward my direction.
"This is all for you okay……"
And then Yuela spoke in small voice.
"It's because you like this kind of thing……, I'm……, I actually don't want to……, but you'll be happy about this, so, it can't be helped……"
While beating around the bush in small, fragmented voice, Yuela said that to me.
The truth is, you had come to like this kind of thing too, right Yuela? But you can't be honest about that. I like this side of you Yuela, and I find them cute as well.
"Yeah, I understand. Thank you Yuela"
After I smiled and thanked her, Yuela once again turned her face away from embarra.s.sment.
"Hmph……, I'm your girlfriend after all…… I'll do whatever it is that you want……"
And then Yuela responded back while her face is blus.h.i.+ng red.
It's alright Yuela, I understand. Girls need their excuse don't they.
It's like how I can't ask someone chaste like Yuela with 'I want to watch you have s.e.x with these guys'.

"Well, that's what Yuela said"
I spoke toward the adventurers again.
"Both of you Onii-san fine with that?"
"Oh, uhm…… I don't mind……"
"I'm fine with that much……"
Both of them responded to my question with the same vague voice as before. These guys,  they really don't get the meaning behind me and Yuela joining their party for tonight only don't they?
"Alright, that will be it then"
I confirmed their decision with a short reply.
"We will stay at this adventurers guild tonight, we're part of the same party now after all, if I recall correctly, It's on the third floor right?"
I made a confirmation to gorillface. When they were approaching us, they said they were staying at the third floor of this adventurer guild.
"Alright, let's drink a little bit more before going to our room then"
I held up my gla.s.s and watched how the scarlet colored liquor inside it is being divided by water. I said it out loud that we're going to stay in the same room as them tonight.
"Since we're staying at the guild, I guess we'll have some procedure to do"
For example, we'll need to write our status in the guest book, and also made secret arrangement for some contraceptives.
"After going to our room, I think it would be nice if we can deepen our relations.h.i.+p with each other, like with some ma.s.sage for example"
I said so while sipping the scarlet colored drink. Rather than liquor, this is closer to something that 'taste like an alcohol'
Fox-eyes then is looking at me with a suspicious gaze.
"Yeah, ma.s.sage. Yuela is really good at it'
When she heard my words, Yuela averted her eyes down in embarra.s.sment.
"She uses her hands, obviously, but sometimes, she would use her whole body instead, and her hands would be lifting her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s while holding them tight"
Yuela's slender shoulder let out a visible twitch, but she's keeping her gaze down and didn't make any reb.u.t.tal.
"On top of that, Yuela is also very good at ma.s.saging with her mouth. You can say that she's an expert at using her tongue. Well, basically she's very amazing, and she also doesn't hate swallowing either"

Yuela's long eyelashes tremble in their place like they're fluttering, and her expression can only be described as striking.
"But if you ask me, I think what Yuela's really good at is ma.s.sage where she's shaking her hips fiercely on top of a man. Yuela would gave her all into message until the very end, no……, until the man is satisfied"

Yuela is staying silent while trying her utmost to keep up her indifferent expression, however as she continue to listen to my speech, Yuela's adorable face can be seen turning redder with each pa.s.sing time.
"The other day, Yuela performed a ma.s.sage for a part-time job at a certain village, and it seems the two villagers who served as her partner claimed that Yuela's special ma.s.sage was really amazing"
While smiling thinly, I tell the two adventurer about the event with those villagers.
Gorillface gulped his saliva, and the sound can be heard clearly even from my position.

As for Fox-eyes, he's staring at Yuela's direction with a look of disbelief and his squint eyes opened wide. It seems he can't connect the words that I said with Yuela's prim and proper appearance in front of him.
"Yuela, It's just as I said right?"
Turning my line of sight toward Yuela, I asked her for a confirmation.
"Yes……, it's just as you said…… They seem to be satisfied……"
Yuela lowered her eyes, and then she answered while her cheeks is flushed red. Her slightly husky voice also trembles, and I can tell how embarra.s.sed she is as she gave her answer.
"But, these two onii-san don't seems to believe it though. How about showing it to them a little Yuela?"
Hearing my suggestion, Yuela's body jerked upward and she raised her line of sight toward me.
"In this place……?"
Yuela asked in small, trembling voice and her eyes narrowing down in embarrasment.
"Yeah, I think it would be great if you do"

And I responded Yuela back with neutral and casual expression.
That's right. What Yuela is going to do will be just a mere ma.s.sage.
It doesn't matter even if the ma.s.sage is going to be a lewd and perverted one.
I'm going to call this kind of act as NTR play.
Then while her cheeks are still flushed red, Yuela answered with a single nod.

Without saying anything, Yuela spreads both of her arms toward the side.
The sleeves of her kimono moved according to the direction of her hands, and the way they're spread is like a reminiscence of beautiful b.u.t.terfly spreading their wings.

Her small hands then disappear under the table seat which had a round shape. I couldn't see what's under the table from my point of view at all.

In the meantime, Yuela kept staring at my face with an earnest look.
Then suddenly, the two adventurers let out a silly sounding cry. Apparently, Yuela's trial ma.s.sage seems to have begun.
Gorillface is staring at Yuela's face with his eyes opened wide.
While fox-eyes had his head turned down and is staring at Yuela's hand which is located somewhere in the area between his crotch.

From below the small round table, I can hear some kind of noise that sounds like a fabric being rubbed.

An obscene act being hidden under the protection of a cover is something that would excite any man.
I can't help but wonder about  what kind of stuff is going on under the table at this moment, and on top of that, Yuela is also acting familiar with what she's doing too.
The two adventurers opened their mouths, and then their waist spontaneously moved backward while their upper body are slightly bowed. Also, a look of exhilaration can be seen appearing on their face.

Yuela didn't say anything. She is staying silent while proceeding with her unseen act under the small round table.
But then at the next moment, Yuela's big tsurime eyes are narrowing down in an instant.
I wonder why.
Yuela's small throat moved like she just gulped her saliva. If I had to make a guess, this might be a moment where Yuela had decided that she's going to do something.

Immediately after that, I noticed that I couldn't hear the rubbing noise from before anymore. Instead, I heard a rough sound that is unfamiliar to my ears from under the table.
Suddenly, gorillface let out a surprised voice that has a hint of happiness mixed in it.
And fox-eyes, while looking down at the area between his crotch, is laughing while making the expression of smiling mixed with disbelief.

Then from under the small round table, a different kind of rubbing noises began to echo.

The noise isn't one that comes from fabric being rubbed. If I have to put it into words, it sounds like something that is more fleshy and raw being rubbed.
A seductive sounding breath escaped Yuela's nose, and after that the rubbing sounds start to become more faster and louder.
Gorillface and fox-eyes raised their head straight, and then they stared at Yuela's beautiful face while sneering pleasantly. Thanks to this dirty voice of them, I can finally imagine what Yuela is doing.
Yuela's big tsurime eyes narrowed down, and then her black pupil glanced toward her left and right as if she was trying to confirm the expression of the two adventurers.
"N, n……"
After that, Yuela's body slightly tremble as she averted her gaze down. Yuela seems to understand about the reason why the two adventurers sneered at her, and yet, her indecent act under the round table isn’t showing any sign of stopping.

Even right now, the rubbing sound that best be described as fleshy and watery can be heard echoing from right under the table with a constant rhythm.

When seen from my point of view, Yuela’s upper body that was visible above the table doesn’t appear any difference compared to before. However, her cheeks are flushed red, and her sakurcolored lips are opened slightly. The only thing that can be seen moving would be just the upper part of Yuela’s arms only.
“Fu……, Haa……”
As her arms were moving busily, Yuela let out another seductive sounding breath, and I can’t help but furrow my eyebrows unconsciously while looking at the expression in her face.

Perhaps, no, most likely, Yuela had managed to take out those two people’s c.o.c.k from under their pants somehow. Which means, with both of her hands right now, Yuela is rubbing the two c.o.c.ks directly.

“Excuse me—, thanks for waiting……”
At this moment, the guild waitress onee-san appeared, bringing our ordered drinks to our table. Because I was busy imagining what Yuela is doing, I didn’t manage to notice her presence in the slightest. I should’ve remembered that I asked the waitress onee-san to bring our drink later when possible.
Yuela also seems to be completely taken by surprise.
I could see her body jolted when she noticed the waitress onee-san had appeared beside our table, and after that she turned her face down in a hurry and hides her expression. The fleshy rubbing noise also had stopped at the same time.
Suddenly, fox eyes laughed out loud. That surprises me a little.
"Onee-san, Are you worried? Relax, it's fine"
He then peeked at Yuela's face while moving his right hand under the table.
"Come on, let's continue……?"

As fox-eyes urged Yuela, a small -nichi­- sound then echoed from under the table.
"Here you go—……"
The waitress onee-san perhaps doesn't want to get involved much with us, she brought our drink in the form of bottles instead of it being poured into a gla.s.s.
"U-, uooh……"
The waitress onee-san placed a bottle into our table while wearing an indifferent face, and it made a loud thump sound as it was placed, but then her gaze moved to the area between fox-eyes' crotch.

From that area, -nich -nich sticky wet sounds can be heard echoing repeatedly. If I have to describe it even further, the sounds feels as if they were created dutifully and also in finesse.
"Ou, there's nothing to worry about"
Gorillface rested his elbow on the back of his chair, posing like he's some kind of bigshot, and said some vague words, and the waitress onee-san reflectively turned her face toward his direction.
"Nee-chan, you can stroke it harder, right……?"

While facing toward Yuela, gorillface asked her to stroke it harder.

As expected, Yuela seems to be holding their c.o.c.ks in her hands. The waitress onee-san turned her head down to look at gorillface's crotch, and then her eyes were opened widely.
Gorillface suddenly laughed pleasantly.
And the waitress onee-san responded with a giggle-like voice while still looking at the area around gorillface's crotch. Perhaps, Yuela had resumed giving him a handjob right on front of the waitress onee-san.

From under the table, I can hear the -shuu- -shuu- sounds of c.o.c.ks being rubbed echoed once again.
-shuu- -shuu-…… -shuu- -shuu-……
"Uwahh……, amazing……"
The waitress onee-san said that with a straightforward att.i.tude.
-shuu- -shuu-…… -shuu- -shuu-……

Her head kept moving from the left to the right slowly, but her gaze were always locked on the two adventurers crotch alternately.
-shuu-…… -shuu-……
"Oh, that's right…… Customers, this will be the last order for today, will there be any……?"
As if she just remembered that, the waitress onee-san said that to us.
-shuu- -shuu- -shuu-……
"Oh……, gh, Well, I'm good already"
Gorillface slightly groaned, and then he answered while looking at the bottles on the table.
"Hh, Yeah, I don't need more drink either……"
Fox-eyes answered while keep grinning all the time. It seems he finds his current situation to be unbearably enjoyable.
-nichinichi-……-nichiii-……-shuu- -shuu-……
"How about you customer……?"

A light smile appeared on the waitress onee-san's face as she turned toward Yuela.
Yuela then raised her face that she's been keeping down since earlier slowly.
"I'm, fine too……"
Yuela's face is bright red. She turned her face away from the waitress onee-san gaze awkwardly and answered her with a trembling voice.
-shuu- -shuu-……-shuu-……
"Wahahah…… Rather than drinking, I think she prefers this instead……"
Gorillface's lips twisted into a smile, and then he said that while turning his face down to his lower body and his gaze focused into a single point.
Hearing gorillface's words, the waitress onee-san followed his gaze toward his crotch, and then she smiled softly while looking at Yuela's face.
-nichi- -nichi-……-nichii-……
"I, guess so……"
Yuela didn't deny gorillface's words. She merely averted her gaze down and responded embarra.s.singly.
-nichi- -nicha -nicha -nicha……

The two adventurers then turned their gaze toward me. I think they were wondering whether I want to order more drink or not.
-nichi- -nichi- -nichi- -nichi- -nichi-……

Yuela also turned her adorable face toward me. Her appearance looks so sensual when her big tsurime eyes were distorted from the embarra.s.sment.
-nichaa…… -nichu- -nichu-……
"Ahaha……, that's quite the amazing hands……"
As she's watching the movement of Yuela's hands, the waitress onee-san said that while smiling softly like before.
-nichuu- -nichi- -nichii-……-nichi-……
"I've drank enough too, I don't have any more order"
I responded to the waitress onee-san and refused her offer for a last order.
-nichuu-……-shuu-……-shu- -shuu-……
"Got it, no more order it is……"
The waitress onee-san nodded and replied to me with a listless tone.
-shuu- -shuu-……-shuu- -shuu-……
"Ahaha…… customer, you're really skilled aren't you……"
While smiling lightly, the waitress onee-san said that while looking toward Yuela's direction.
Yuela didn't say anything back to her, but her cheeks can be seen flus.h.i.+ng red from hearing those words.
"Then, customer, please enjoy your time……"
After that, the waitress onee-san brought her face closer to Yuela's face and said parting words that can be interpreted in many different ways.  Her words also made Yuela's body shuddered slightly.
"Yes, thank you……"
Yuela seems to be far too embarra.s.sed to look at the waitress onee-san in her face, however she still managed to replied back with a small, whisper like voice. And then, there's also the fact that the sounds coming from direction of Yuela's hands never stopped during that whole time.

The waitress onee-san is returning toward the counter. I start to think to myself while looking at her back.

Surprisingly, that onee-san with listless atmosphere possessed quite the interesting character.
It was amazing how she could look at Yuela directly and then smiled afterward. I doubt there are many things in the world that would be able to shake her.
I think those loose smiles indicated that the waitress onee-san saw through Yuela's perverted side.
Yuela was, right in front of her boyfriend, gave the two guys who insulted him a handjob instead.
She was also in position to stop her act if she wanted to, however she didn't because the situation is making her excited. The waitress onee-san smiled because she saw through all that.

Also, it's possible that Yuela might have a little m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic side to her.
When the waitress onee-san found her out, Yuela looked like she get turned on instead.
It felt as if her existence had become a spice to fuel the immoral situation even further.
That onee-san noticed it too, and that's why she left that special message for Yuela before she left.

I looked toward the counter at this moment.
The waitress onee-san is currently wiping the store's floor with a mop, while the guild manager jii-san is polis.h.i.+ng a gla.s.s inside the counter.

That jii-san is polis.h.i.+ng the gla.s.s while trying not to look toward my direction as much as possible, however I noticed it. Jii-san, that gla.s.s is already extremely sparkly.

I smiled thinly.
That's nice. I like it.
I don't hate that kind of principle, and it's also making this very convenient for me.
"Jii-san, excuse me"
I raised my hand and called for the guild manager Jii-san.
"We're going to stay at this guild too. Could you bring the guest book later?"
If it's this Jii-san, I'm sure he's going to pretend like he doesn't see anything even if something were to happen at this guild tonight.

After gulping a little more alcohol, I exhaled a deep, warm breath.

Still, the situation from before, they were really nice weren't they.
Yuela was conversing and responding normally across the table, but beneath that, she was rubbing the c.o.c.ks of men who challenged her boyfriend to a duel.
I was surprised that the sound of her handjob never stopped regardless of what happened.

Truly, my fated girlfriend is such a naughty girl. Even thought I couldn't see it directly, Yuela must be doing her best with her technique.
Judging from the sound, she must be handling the c.o.c.ks with quite enough speed. She probably made a ring shape with her thumb and index finger, and then she focused her rubbing movement around the glans area. I think the ident.i.ty of the wet sticky sounds was the prec.u.m that get mixed along the way.

I wonder, what did Yuela feel back then?
She was looking at the face of her beloved person, but her fingers were busy making gorillface and fox-eyes feel good by entangling around their c.o.c.ks.

While holding the thrills inside me, I turned my line of sight toward Yuela's face.
I called the name of my beloved girlfriend.
"N, fu……, What is it……?"
Yuela answered after exhaling a sensual breath from her nose.
Aah, this is so thrilling. Yuela right now is holding a c.o.c.k in both of her hands.
"About your part-time job from before"
Yuela's strong eyes look really charming. It's a beautiful and big tsurime eyes that I really like, and those beautiful eyes are now moist from the current lewd situation.
"That time, I recall those villagers were also giving Yuela a ma.s.sage. I think they were doing it on your b.r.e.a.s.t.s. What do you think about that Yuela? Does it feel good?"
Yuela's movement stopped after she heard my voice. I couldn't see what happen under the table, but that's the impression I get from her.
"I think it's…… just so-so……"
"That so?"
Yuela responded while blus.h.i.+ng, and I nodded back with a composed face.
I knew from the beginning that during time like this Yuela will respond with her pet phrase "so-so".
"Well, that's not good then. I think a ma.s.sage should be pleasant above all else"
But the truth is, I want to hear Yuela answering with something other than so-so.
"Hey, onii-san"
I called out toward the two adventurers.
These guys have truly become obedient aren't they. Fox-eyes even screamed instead of answering.
"It seems Yuela received a not-so-comfortable ma.s.sage before this. Are you two confident with your technique onii-san? Do you think you can make Yuela feel good?"
The two adventurers made an audible gulping noise after hearing my words.
"O-of course…… Le-leave it to me"
Gorillface stuttered as he answered me, then while still sitting in his position, he dragged his chair with both of his hands to the side. He stopped after his seat was perfectly aligned next to Yuela.
"Onee-san, you can count on me……"
It seems fox-eyes is suddenly feeling a lot better.  While staring at Yuela with a meaningful gaze, he also brought his chair right next to her side.
Suddenly, Yuela let out a slightly high-pitched voice. Perhaps one of them has touched Yuela under the table, perhaps around her thighs.
Gorillface's lips are twisted into a lewd smile. His head is so close to Yuela's face that its irritating, and his gaze is fixated around Yuela's lower body.
Yuela glanced at gorillface for a short moment, and after that she exhaled a sensual sounding breath.
"Ahaha…… Onee-san, you didn't wear any from the beginning?"
Fox-eyes also has his gaze locked around Yuela's lower body, and he asked that to her with a somewhat ridiculing tone. This time, Yuela turned her face to take a glance at fox-eyes' face.
"I don't……, , nh……, like underwear……"
Yuela gave an honest answer to fox-eyes' question. These two adventurers made their move faster than I expected, it seems they were already touching Yuela around her place down there.
"Ou……, I can take this off right……?"
"Aah…… You can, do as you like……"
Yuela gave a slight nod to gorillface's question. There's only one possibility for gorillface's question, he want to take off the hem of Yuela's kimono and see her place down there directly.
Together with clothes sound, a small cry escaped Yuela's mouth.
And then with their gazes fixated toward the bottom of the table, the two adventurers laughed happily.

Yuela let out a slightly high pitched moan at the same time her eyes were narrowing down.
Yuela usually speak with a somewhat low-pitched and husky voice, but when she was having s.e.x, her moans are girlish and high pitched. It seems Yuela has started to feel good right now.
Fox-eyes called out to Yuela, and then he slowly raises his right arm from under the table.
His index and middle fingers are wet up until the fingertips, and when he touched the two fingers against each other, sticky looking threads were drawn between them.
Aah, that's Yuela's love juices. Yuela's love juices are thick and sticky, so I can identify them immediately.

Embarra.s.sed, Yuela turned her face toward the opposite side.
"Ahaha…… Onee-san, so you can get embarra.s.sed too"
Fox-eyes sneered at Yuela, and then he lowered his right hand toward the direction of Yuela's place down there once again.
"Nhah……? , Aa……, Nh……, Ku, fuuh……"
As soon as his hand disappears, Yuela reacted as if a fire has been lit inside her body.
Her cherry colored lips were opened naturally, and a voice that can't be mistaken as anything but moans of pleasure resounded clearly inside the guild.
"How's my finger? It's great right?"
Fox-eyes asked that while taking a glance at Yuela's erotic expression.
"Nh……, You're just-…..,. Hyah……? Nh, Aaahn……"
Yuela tried to answer, however she couldn't finish saying her words until the end.
And from under the table, I could hear sticky, wet ­­-kuchuuu-……-nichuuu-…… sounds which gave off a sensual atmosphere.
"Hmph, really now?"
Fox-eyes seem to be dissatisfied with Yuela's response. It seems he wanted Yuela to answer with how amazing his fingers are.
"I'm very confident with my finger technique you see. I guess I'll just have to show you my serious side, Onee-san"
Speaking as if he can't accept being made fun of, fox-eyes then lowered her body and disappears under the table.

Meanwhile, gorillface is finding himself at a loose end now.

Currently, he just kept staring at Yuela's finely shaped b.r.e.a.s.t.s which are swaying due to her breathing.
Yuela is currently dressed in a light-blue Kimono with only one layer that is similar to a Yukata. Its light-blue fabric is sticking to the surface of her body perfectly and accentuates the roundness of her bowl-shaped b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Gorillface then extended his right arm behind Yuela's back, and then he grasped the two swaying b.r.e.a.s.t.s within both of his hands. His thick fingers can be seen digging into the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that is covered under the blue-colored fabric.
Yuela looked at gorillface's direction for a moment, however she didn't say anything to him.
Rather, after that, Yuela made a small nod that can be noticed by him instead.
Gorillface's big hands then moved until they looked like they're going to completely cover Yuela's b.r.e.a.s.t.s within its palms. The ten fingers moved, digging into the light-blue fabric, and it resulted in an erotic view of small, light-blue protrusion overflowing from the gap between his fingers.

"Nh, Aa……, Ah……"
The atmosphere in this 1st floor of the guild is apt to be described as quiet, and among the few sounds that can be heard inside, only Yuela's high pitched moans were echoing louder than the other.
"N, Ku, uh……, Ahn……"

The next moment, I noticed the guild manager Jii-san is approaching our table while carrying a book to his chest. It seems he wants to register my and Yuela's status just as I asked him to do earlier, however he's hesitating to do so.
"Nhaah……? Nn, What is it……?"
When I called out to her, Yuela was quick to respond to me.  It's really adorable how her face had a hint of impatience in it.
"Jii-san is coming to record his guest book"
"Nn, Kuu……, Is, that so……"
One of Yuela’s eyes was closed as if she was enduring something, and she answered while letting out a small moan. Even at a time like this, Yuela is being fingered continuously in her place down there and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were being ma.s.saged non-stop.
The gazes coming from me and the guild manager Jii-san are making Yuela all self-conscious, and a sigh that is filled with a hint of embarra.s.sment can be heard escaping from her lips.
“Yuela, you should open your Status Window”
“Nh, Yes, alright……, A, Nn……”
I urged Yuela to open her Status Window and show it to guild manager Jii-san.
“Nha……, A……, Nn, U……”
After placing the guest book on the table, Jii-san tried his best to write our status in the book as fast as he can. He seems to want to escape from this place as soon as possible.
Well, I understand your feeling Jii-san.
I and these guys started a duel soon after we encountered each other, but then the next thing you know, we’re doing all this indecent act inside your bar. It’s crazy isn’t it?
“Ah……, N, Aanh……”
The two adventurers are focused in indulging themselves with Yuela’s body. I couldn’t see what fox-eyes is doing under the table, but as for gorillface, he continues to fondle Yuela’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s as he likes while breathing really roughly through his nose.
“Nh……, Fu, Aah……”
With her face dyed in red, Yuela peek a glance at my face and the guild manager Jii-san alternately like she's trying to check our expression, and sometimes, she would also stare directly at me while her face is covered in shame.
I called out to Yuela at one point, it was on the same moment when gorillface is pinching Yuela’s nipples with his fingers. From the light-blue fabric, small protrusion can be seen sticking out on the place where Yuela’s nipples are, and gorillface is pinching them both at the same time with his thumb and index fingers.
“Nh……, Fu, What is it……? Aa……, Nhah……?”
Yuela replied to me while holding back her embarra.s.sment, but then at the next moment, gorillface pinched her nipples strongly and made Yuela spontaneously closes both of her eyes from the pleasure.
"Nh, Oi……, Fuh, Just now……, that won't do, okay……"
While her nipples are being squeezed and twirled around by gorillface's thick fingers, Yuela turned her face to the side and protested to him with sweet voice that is mixed with sensual sounding breaths.
"So, what's wrong……? Nh, Haah……"
After that, Yuela returned her face toward my direction and inquired me back once again.
Conversing with your girlfriend as her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were being groped all over has a special kind of excitement to it. Gorillface's big hands are covering Yuela's big b.r.e.a.s.t.s from the bottom side as if he was trying to lift it from their position, and everytime he put more strength into his hands, light-blue fabric would protruding out from the gap between his fingers.
"You look like you're burning up Yuela. Perhaps it might be better for you to take it off a little"
When she heard my suggestion, Yuela's eyes narrowed down in an instant.
"Is, that so……"
Yuela answered back with small voice.
"Nh, Well……, I think, it does feels a little hot……"
Aah, Yuela is truly the best girlfriend.
She responded just as the way I expected her to.
"Wahaha……is this really fine……?"
My conversation with Yuela was fully heard by gorillface.
He had a dirty smile plastered on his face as he's looking at Yuela with perverted gaze, and even before he finished his 'is this really fine' confirmation, his hands had already moved toward the collar of Yuela's kimono.
"Yeah…… My body, Nh……, feels like it's burning……"
Yuela looked at gorillface directly and then gave her confirmation with a small nod.
She gave gorillface her approval to expose her b.r.e.a.s.t.s right now in this place.

Gorillface is grabbing Yuela's kimono on their seam, and then he spread both of his arm to the side. The light-blue fabric is pulled to the left and right while stringing Yuela's b.r.e.a.s.t.s beneath it, and then before long, the cleavage of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s is exposed to plain view.

The hem of Yuela's kimono kept spreading out toward the side. In the moment that I noticed her sakurcolored nipples are finally visible, the rest of the light-blue fabric then slipped from the surface of the round, bowl-shaped b.r.e.a.s.t.s all at once, and Yuela's big b.r.e.a.s.t.s now are completely visible in plain view.

When gorillface was pulling the hem beyond the shoulder, Yuela looked as if she had loosened her shoulder so that her Kimono can be taken off more easily, and that seems to be the moment when gorillface had pulled the rest of the kimono in one stretch.
With his palms facing upward, Gorillface grabbed Yuela's big b.r.e.a.s.t.s from below.
The soft meat in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggles like a pudding, and Yuela's whole b.r.e.a.s.t.s then are being lifted upward. Ten thick fingers are digging into the surface of the white skin, and every time gorillface is putting more strength into his hands to squeeze Yuela's b.r.e.a.s.t.s, the rest of the meat would be pushed upward and distort the shape of the b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Yuela's eyes are narrowing down in embarra.s.sment. After taking a glance at my face, Yuela would immediately avert her eyes while shaking her head sideways. It seems having her raw b.r.e.a.s.t.s being groped right in front of me is especially embarra.s.sing for Yuela.
"Nnh…… N, Ah……, A……, Ahn……"
Gorillface fingers are pinching Yuela's nipples directly this time. His thick fingers are coiled around the nipples that are swollen and erect while also pinching and twirling them sometimes.
"Ah…., Unh, h……, Nhah……"
While Yuela was moaning, she would occasionally steal a glance at the guild manager jii-san who is busy writing in his guest book. It made Yuela looked like she was using his presence to increase her excitement even further.
"Onee-san, lift your legs"
The next moment, I could hear fox-eyes' voice from under the table. Yuela seems to be a little surprised too, and she turned her eyes toward the bottom of the table slowly with her eyes opened wide.
"Put your legs on the table and keep it open yourself. I'll make you feel even better afterward"

Yuela didn't reply.

However, her pure white legs are moving up slowly.
"……Like this?"
With her legs spread open, Yuela rested both of her feet on top of the table. Her lace-up boots let out a thud sound when they touched the table surface, and just as what fox-eyes said to her, Yuela is keeping her opened on her own so that he can make her feel even better.
"Ahaha…… Well done……"
"Nh……, A……, Nnh……"
Fox-eyes is laughing under the table, and moans start to escape from Yuela's mouth.
"Jii-san, over here over here. Take a look"

For some reason, Fox-eyes called for the guild manager Jii-san. He was busy writing notes with the fountain pen in his hand, however he followed suit and leaned his body to look at what's under the table.
"Ahaha…… Here, look. This onee-san is completely wet. Can you see?  It looks so sticky and soft right?"
Apparently, fox-eyes is spreading Yuela's place down there and showed it to the guild manager Jii-san.
Yuela averted her face down. She seems to be very embarra.s.sed by it.
"It seems she also like it in the c.l.i.toris……"
"n……, A……, Nh, nn……"
Her full body weight is pressing against the back of the chair, and each time her slender shoulders trembled, her hunched face are rising slowly little by little.
"Her reaction is better from the inside, here, watch—……"
"NhAahn……, Ah……, u, Nnh……"
Yuela's upper body bends and looks like they're going to curve into an arch, but because gorillface seems to be holding her firmly, Yuela's body stayed in its position while her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s are bouncing and jiggling inside gorillface's hands.
"Next, here. She made a good voice if you touch her here—……"
"Hyahn……? Ah-, that spot—……, N, u, Nh, Aahn……"
Wet and sticky -guchu- -guchu- sounds can be heard from under the table, and the reactions that Yuela make has changed compared to before.
"Nh……, A, Aa……, nh, Haa….., Nh, a……"
It's a very stimulating sight.
Yuela's Kimono is hanging from around her waist. Her exposed b.r.e.a.s.t.s are being continuously groped from behind, while her feet that she'd been keeping open herself are strewn across the table. All of them combine into one extremely erotic view, but as for what's under the table, I can only imagine what's currently being done to her.
"N, Unh……, n, Don't-, at this rate, I'm-, ……, NhAahn……"

The guild manager jii-san is watching the perverted act being done to Yuela directly.
He doesn't attempt to avert his eyes, however he also made no attempt to get any closer or taking a better look either. He might be a cowardly old man, however his existence is very useful as an instrument to increase Yuela's excitement. Then while I was checking the Jii-san, Yuela shook her heads to the left and right like she was trying to refuse something.
"Humm? Onee-san, your p.u.s.s.y is getting tighter. Are you going to c.u.m?"
"Nha, AaNh…..,. n, Nh……, A, Ahn……"
Yuela's strewn legs are slightly closing from an unconscious movement.
The sounds of something wet being stirred continuously by fingers can be heard from the location of Yuela's place down there, while she herself had her eyes moist in tears and face twisted in pleasure.
-biku-……-biku- -bikubiku-……
"Ah……, Aa, a……., c.u.mming—……, AaaaNh……!"
Yuela's face is tilted upward. I can only see her pure white throat in place of her adorable face.
The next instant, Yuela's whole body convulses as she reached her climax.
"A, a……, Aa, nh……,a……"
Her upper body is arched backward, and Yuela looked like she's being overwhelmed by pleasure.
I can only see her jaw and swaying b.r.e.a.s.t.s from my position, but even though I cannot see Yuela's face, on the contrary, it only makes her figure looked far more erotic.

"Haah……, haa……"
Still in the same posture as when she reached her climax, Yuela is repeating some rough sounding breath.
When she finally raised her head back, I can see her face, filled with s.e.xy atmosphere peculiar to after climax.
Meanwhile, fox-eyes' hunched back can be seen rising from under the table slowly. His head then appeared right next to Yuela while making the expression of someone who had just finished his job.
While saying that, Fox-eyes brought his right hand closer to Yuela's face. His index and middle finger are drenched with Yuela's love juices.
"Lick it"

Hearing his words, Yuela didn't say anything back and just stares at his fingers.
But then Yuela slowly opened her mouth and swallowed fox-eyes finger that are wet with her love
"So, my fingers feels good don't they?"
"-churu-……, -chu-, -chup -chup……"
Fox-eyes is asking her, but Yuela didn't answer and continue to lick his fingers.
With her small mouth, Yuela swallowed to two fingers that are wet with her loves juices up until their base.
"-rero-……-rero, -rero-……"
Having licked all the love juices from the two fingers, Yuela finally pulled her mouth away from fox-eyes' hand.

Then, Yuela turned her gaze toward the two adventurers.
"You guys are……just so-so-……"
And answered with her usual 'just so-so-'.
"Wahaha……, so-so huh……"
"Ahahaha…. She sure told us……"
The two adventurers laughed after hearing Yuela's answer, but they might have noticed that Yuela's 'just so-so' answer is actually a compliment, or at least I thought so.

At this point, I noticed that the guild manager Jii-san is trying to leave the place silently. It seems he had finished writing our status in the guest book.
I called out to the jii-san who is showing his back to me as he's making his escape.
Jii-san's shoulder twitched when he heard my call. I still have some business with you Jii-san.
"Jii-san, do you have something we can use to write? Not that fountain pen, but something that can be used to write on human skin"

Hearing my question, Jii-san went into thinking with his back still facing to me.

Before long, he pushed his hand into his pocket and took out something that looked like a black crayon from it. Why does he have something like that I wonder?

"Y-, yo……"

Gorillface suddenly spoke in loud voice deliberately, did he called out to me I wonder?
I turned my face toward his direction.
"What is it?"
"O, ou…… Should we, start in here……?"
Hearing my question, gorillface answered while tapping the table with his hand.
By 'in here', does he meant that he wants to ma.s.sage Yuela on top of the table, or that he wants Yuela to press her hands on the table with her a.s.s sticking out I wonder.
My heart slightly raced from that attractive proposal, however I shook my head.
"Anymore than this and we'll end up disturbing the store. Let's just get to the room soon"
I gave a suitable-sounding reason. The truth is, I couldn't care less about disturbing the store.
I just thought that it would be far more enjoyable if we went to these guys' room.
"Yes……, You're, right……"
Yuela lowered her legs that were strewn across the table after she heard my words. Her laced-up boots are lowered toward the floor one by one in order.
Aah, it's slightly regretful I guess. I really like that embarra.s.sing pose too.
"Well, shall we head toward the third floor?"
Pressing his hand on the table, fox-eyes stood up from his position slowly.
His pants is still attached properly, however its front side is opened and his c.o.c.k is sticking out from it.
"Ou. The rest will be in our room, right……"
Gorillface also stood up from his chair, and just like fox-eyes, his erect c.o.c.k is also sticking out from it.
So, that's how Yuela were treating those two earlier.
"Ah….., Hey……"
Glaring at the adventurers, Yuela shouted with a slightly angry tone.
"This is in public……, put that back……"
Yuela said that while blus.h.i.+ng from looking at their c.o.c.k. Though, Yuela is not in any position to say that considering her own kimono is disheveled and her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and upper body are exposed to plain view.
"Ahaha…… Onee-san, mind lending a hand then?"
"……What a hopeless guy"
After saying that, Yuela extended her right hand downward, right below the fox-eyes'

Then while holding his c.o.c.k with her left hand, her right hand moved as if it's in search for something. Before long, Yuela's right hand is holding a small metal zipper in it.

Peculiar sound can be heard as Yuela's right hand is rising slowly. At the same time, her left hand is pus.h.i.+ng fox-eyes' c.o.c.k into his pants carefully.
Metal zipper seems to be a thing in this different world, I guess I shouldn't underestimate their industrial level too much.
"There……, that will do right……?"
"Ahaha…… Thanks Onee-san"
Yuela said that while looking upward at fox-eyes' face. Even though she is my girlfriend, Yuela being asked to give a humiliating service like that is making me very excited instead.
"Ou, let's go then"
"Ah-……, Oi, wait……"
Perhaps not being able to wait any longer,  gorillface grabbed Yuela arm and raised her up while his c.o.c.k is still dangling out in the open.

I also stood up from my seat following behind Yuela. The stairs toward the upper floor should be located near the counter.

In front of me, those three people are walking together right next to each other.
Gorillface is standing on Yuela's right side with his left arm encircled around Yuela's slender waist, while fox-eyes is in Yuela's left embracing her small shoulder toward him.
"Hey, how about holding on to this……?"
"Hmph…… pervert…… There, that's enough right……?"
Apparently, gorillface wanted Yuela to hold his c.o.c.k while they're walking.
"Wahah…… I didn't expect you to really do it……"
Laughing cheerfully, gorillface pulled Yuela's waist even closer to him. Behind her exposed back, Yuela's long black hair is swaying from the sudden movement of her body.

Near the counter, the waitress onee-san shouted while holding her mop with one hand after seeing Yuela's shameful appearance.
"Customer……, you're really bold aren't you……"
"Uu……, Is, that so……"
Yuela sounds really embarra.s.sed from hearing the onee-san's remark, and her long black hair tremble following her reaction.
"Wahaha…… This nee-chan just won't let go. Look at it, what an amazing service right?"
Even though he was the one that asked her to, gorillface purposely said that Yuela was the one holding on to him and picking up remark that would humiliate her even further.
The waitress onee-san is lowering her eyes and seems to be staring at Yuela's right hand.
"Ahahaa…… I guess she likes to rub it, right……?"
"I….. guess so……"
While smiling gently, the waitress onee-san asked that to Yuela.
Apparently, Yuela seems to be still stroking gorillface's c.o.c.k even until now.  For the evidence, when I look at her closely, I could see Yuela's long black hair moving with a vibrating-like movement.
"Are you going to enjoy your time in the room……?"
Still keeping her smile, the waitress onee-san stare at Yuela's face with meaningful gaze and asked that and causes Yuela's shoulder to trembles.
"Yes…… that, would be the plan……"
Yuela responded with small, quivering voice.
"Ahaha…… Customer, you're really beautiful, but contrary to your appearance, you're a huge pervert aren't you……"
The waitress onee-san then said her impression of Yuela while laughing.

Looking really embarra.s.sed, Yuela didn't say anything back toward the waitress onee-san.
"Well, customers, please relax and enjoy your time……"
"Yeah…… thanks……"
Toward her parting greeting, Yuela can only answer with a whisper-like voice.

As Yuela pa.s.sed by in front of me, I called out toward the waitress onee-san.
She replied to me with her usual listless voice.
"Does this guild sell contraceptives? The medicine kind that is safe even if taken later?"
"We sell them"
I breathed out in relief. That's great, they're selling one even though they're not a pharmacy.
"Can you deliver it to us later, but at the appropriate time"
The waitress onee-san smiled softly after hearing my words. It seems she immediately understood the meaning behind my order.
"If possible, I want you to hand it to Yuela directly"
"I understand~…… When those customers are having a good time, I will come and deliver it~"
Well, I guess this onee-san really understood. She has a nice smile on her face as she answered me.

Standing on the stairs, Yuela turned backward toward my direction.
"Hey……, is it really fine……?"
She asked that while turning her adorable face downward toward me from her elevated position.
"Are you…… really fine, with these guys ma.s.saging me……?"
Her big tsurime eyes are narrowing down as she's voicing her doubt out loud while looking at my face.
"Of course Yuela"
I gave my honest reply and nodded.
"You don't need to hold back, the same just like before. I want to see Yuela's appearances as you're being ma.s.saged"

Yuela didn't say anything back to my response. She just keep staring at me with her face that is dyed in embarra.s.sment.
"I want to know about Yuela. I want to see you being earnest, I want to see you shaking your waist on top of these guys. I want to know everything about Yuela including your perverted side"
I borrowed the waitress onee-san remark from earlier, and Yuela gasped when she heard my words.
"Alright, but…… I'm not a, pervert, okay……"
While still looking really embarra.s.sed, Yuela returned her face to the front, and then her long legs began to climb the stairs slowly…

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