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At this time, I smiled and looked at Li Long Fei, "Zhang Quan is in a relations.h.i.+p right now. I don't think he would explain this matter to you so clearly. There might be someone else who told you all the details. Beside, you are not here just to tell us the story, ain't you? You must have other matters to discuss with us."

"Hehehe, I can't hide anything from you. Your logical divination is truly amazing. You must teach me that in the future." Li Long Fei smiled shyly, just like the first time we saw him, "You got me. It was the Earthen Lord in Fu Tu Kang who told me everything of it. Zhang Quan only told me three things. Firstly, he asked me to give a bracelet to Zhou Yuan. Secondly, he asked me not to tell Li Xiao Hua that he had recovered. For the third thing, Zhang Quan told me that I can only do it with your help." After saying that, Li Long Fei looked at us with a wry smile.

"What is it?" Liu Shuai turned his head to me and shook his head, while asking curiously. "What can we do for you? It can't be that he wants us to make you a mobile software for you, right? It takes more than a couple of days, and we are very busy working in an internet company."

I couldn't help but laugh, "Liu Shuai, why do you oftern go wilder than me? What does Zhang Quan need a mobile software for? Fu Tu Kang can make any kind of software." After saying that, I turned my head to look at Long Fei. "Is this related to the Immortal Tying Rope?"

"Yep, exactly!" Li Long Fei slapped his thigh, laughed in surprise, and looked bitter. "The third thing this master wants me to do is to find him another Immortal Tying Rope. How did you know that?"

I took a sip of the drink. My throat was a little dry after talking so much. Seeing that Long Fei asking so seriously, I could only patiently explain, "From the time we met him until now, he only had these few hobbies. When he knew that the Immortal Tying Rope was faked out, he must have long been willing to make some research to see if he could make one as well. So he must be very disappointed when his only one exploded because of love. At that time you came out. You said that you bought the Immortal Tying Rope from Taobao, so there might be more in stock, hence he would definitely force you to get him another one. But you two are not related in any way. Even if he is powerful and resourceful, you don't have to listen to him like this. Since you are so obedient and chatting with us such pa.s.sionately, other than you being born talkative, it's very likely that …"

"It's very likely that he can negotiate for you, and release you from Zhang Chi Hang's place so that you won't have to chop bamboos in Mountain Lojia anymore!" At this time, Liu Shuai also came to an understanding as he looked at Long Fei with a mischievous smile, then looked at me, "Hao Ning, you're awesome! Long Fei, is that the case? "

"Well, I can't hide anything from you two," Long Fei smiled in embarra.s.sment. "Although not completely accurate, what you said is basically correct. I need your help to get out of this predicament!"

"Hahaha, you are not completely accurate. The reason you want to leave Zhang Chi Hang is probably not because he forces you to chop bamboos, but because you can't stand his lecture, right?" I really couldn't hold back my laughter. When Liu Shuai heard me, he also laugh out loud when thinking about how Zhang Chi Hang imparted to us whenever we were together with him.

"How could you figure that out." Long Fei didn't continue to laugh coyly as he turned to look at me in surprise, "Mr. Hao Ning, please tell me how you guessed it out?"

"It's very simple. You were so garrulous when you narrated the cause of Zhang Quan's injury. You've turn a simple matter into an adventure story," I endured my laughter and a.n.a.lyzed it. "So it's easy to tell that you are a wordy person. Zhang Chi Hang is also a person who can come up with a lot of grand principles in front of anyone he can impart. With the two 'chatterboxes' together, either he demotes you or you demotes him. While considering your mana, you are probably only be able to listen to him and must have long been mad. "

"Hehehe," Long Fei laughed embarra.s.sedly, then he immediately replied in a serious tone, "You said that, not me. No matter what, I still need your help to get another Immortal Tying Rope. "

"Get another Immortal Tying Rope?"I asked, "What can we do for you?"

"Huh?" Long Fei asked back, "Why can't you deduce it out this time?"

"..." I choked and retorted, "Nonsense, I deduced it based on what I knew just now. I don't know anything about Immortal Tying Rope, so how do I deduce it?"

"Oh, actually, it's not that hard, just a bit complicated to say—" Long Fei looked at the sky, "Let's go to my Dragon King's Temple tomorrow. How about I talk to you guys on the way?"

"Your Dragon King's Temple?" I recalled after heard Long Fei's words that when we first met, he did mention that he had donation. If he had donation, then he should have a temple. "Where is your temple? Isn't it too hasty to go tomorrow? "

"It's in S city. It's very close. We can leave in the afternoon." Long Fei thought about it and calculated the time.

"There's a Dragon King's Temple in our city?" Liu Shuai and I looked at each other. "How come I didn't know about it?"

"Yep," Long Fei forced a smile, "Look, you guys don't know about it, so you can tell how poor the donation I have is. Sigh, what a life in these years!"

"Alright! We' ll see you tomorrow. Where should we meet?" Seeing that Long Fei was about to recall his sweet nostalgia, I suddenly thought of my old mother in our hometown in distance. I knew that he would not stop talking in an hour, so I immediately interrupted him. Today, so many things happened together. I was almost dead from exhaustion.

"Right down your company." Long Fei replied instantly as he saw that I agreed. This brat actually came to torture us.

"You know our company?" Liu Shuai asked, and then suddenly realized something, "Did you know it from the Earthen Lord?"

"No, you did not get it this time." Long Fei said with a sly smile. "Master Zhang Quan told me that. I'll come pick you guys up tomorrow afternoon."

After saying that, without waiting for us to reply, he got up and left, leaving Liu Shuai and I behind.

I looked at Liu Shuai. "Are you relieved now? Zhou Yuan is fine, so is Zhang Quan. "

Liu Shuai said joyfully, "Yeah. It was just a false alarm. I have not gotten any leisure time today." After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something and frowned, "He said that he would come to us tomorrow, would that mean we have to take another leave of absence? It's not easy to deal with the director. "

"That's true." I also started to worry. Zhou Yuan was so inconsiderate when he applied for a week of leave as annual break, thus it was not appropriate for us to ask for a leave from the director at this time. As I thought about it, I suddenly recalled something. Then I asked Liu Shuai, "You told me this afternoon that Zhou Yuan complained about director wearing an Avalokiteshvara's statue on his neck, right?"

"That's right, it is said that men should wear Avalokiteshvara and women should wear Buddha," Liu Shuai answered, "The director seems to believe in this kind of thing." Liu Shuai seemed to have also realized it, "You can't be thinking this?"

"Yes, I do." I nodded my head, "Let's talk to the director that Zhou Yuan has a bad mood recently. He knows that he has too much pressure and cannot calm himself, so he went to the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou to calm his heart. At the same time, we heard from a grapevine that the Dragon King's Temple in S City is very holy, and most people do not even know about it. We are going to make a wish for Zhou Quan."

"It should not be a problem to say so," Liu Shuai thought for a moment, then slowly nodded his head. However, he was still unsure, "But if we tell the director about this, won't he laugh at our superst.i.tions?"

"We can only give it a try. Director is a nice person in heart. It should work."

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